How to Use a Free YouTube Account and PayPal Address to Create a Million-Dollar Clientless Copywriting Business

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If the idea of having a clientless copywriting business that (1) is (virtually) free to start and run, (2) can be a lot of fun, and (3) potentially make you six, and possibly even seven-figures over time appeals to you, then the following is a proven way anyone reading this can do.

Here’s what it’s all about:

About six years ago, I stumbled onto a site that is a great model for a clientless copywriting business that is almost genius in its simplicity (which is probably why you will never see anyone doing it).

It works like this:

The guy who runs it is a podcaster, author, and business coach. And what he has is a YouTube channel where he posts semi-regular (maybe two or three per month) “podcasts” on YouTube, talking about current events, culture, politics, relationships, and topics he describes as “afro-centric.”

Here is how his business model works:

  1. He posts his show on YouTube — it includes opinion and ranting about the above topics, with no actual “product.”
  2. The video is just rotating images (he’s not actually on camera), and you only listen to his voice.
  3. When he posts a new video, he mails his “list,” which is all in his native email program (Outlook, or whatever he uses — this is not recommended, by the way, it’s much better to use a reputable email broadcast service).
  4. The list gets a link to unlisted new content whenever he uploads it (i.e., it is hidden from YouTube’s search, only someone who is sent the link can view it).
  5. He collects payment via PayPal subscriptions (he doesn’t even need a bank-issued merchant account).
  6. From his show, he promotes his business consulting, life coaching, counseling, and other services, as well as his books as his back-end.

As you can see, it’s an extremely simple business model that requires zero investment (financially, at least) on his part. Again, I am not a fan of using your computer’s email program to distribute content to the names in your address book. But, other than that, it’s a great example of how to put together a clientless copywriting business.

And the following is a way to “adapt” it to whatever kind of topic you want, and monetize it better, bigger, and more efficiently.

First, come up with a topic. It can be anything you are passionate about (provided there are sufficient number of other people passionate about it who would be willing to pay to hear your topic).

So, for example, it could be about gardening.

Or diet and weight loss.

Or investing.

Or pets (dogs, cats, whatever you want to focus on).

Or business and marketing.

Or anything you want — again, as long as there is a big enough “gene pool” of people in the world (especially on YouTube) who are interested in it enough to want to pay for more info on the subject.

Next step is to figure out how to monetize it.

The guy in the above example monetizes his via a $30 per month subscription. It should also be noted, he has a very polarizing, but charismatic, personality. If you don’t, this may not work as well for you, depending on the topic you pick. Think talk radio personalities. The ones who are most successful are almost always (there are exceptions, of course) polarizing and controversial. So that is something to keep in mind.

Another way is to also take paid ads. So in addition to collecting money up-front each month (and it can be anywhere from a few dollars per month to $100 or more, it all just depends on your topic, your market, your marketplace positioning, etc.), you could get other companies to pay you to sponsor their ads on your show.

Finally, you want to figure out a back-end offer (or series of offers).

Again, in the example above, he back-end sells his consulting, books, speaking services, and counseling.

Another option is Facebook.

One of the things you could also back-end is a paid Facebook group, which Facebook is starting to test. This would mean you charge folks to get a private, unlisted link to your YouTube content each month for your front-end offer. And then, you would back-end another continuity (what I call “stacking continuities” — which makes your business twice as secure and potentially twice as profitable) in the form of a paid Facebook group. This is where people would get way more access to you with their questions, ideas, or just to be more entrenched in your world. And, of course, they can interact with the other members, too.

Finally, you could sell the people in your private Facebook group some kind of coaching or consulting about what you do. Something high ticket so you only need a small handful of customers to make a good living on top of your main offer.

So let’s look at how this could potentially look financially:

(Randomly picked numbers, this is just an example.)

  • $30 per month for access to your YouTube content
  • $15 per month for those buyers to join your private Facebook group
  • $5,000/month for coaching on your topic to a small handful of people (however many you can handle, which would all depend on what you are selling and coaching them on)
  • Any other ancillary products and services you can think of — like events/workshops/seminars, informational programs, and the list goes on

Potential profit?

This can easily go from $0 to six-figures, and even seven-figures, given enough time.

Your total investment?

The cost of an email broadcast service. YouTube is free, and so are PayPal and Facebook. But, again, I do not recommend just using your Outlook or Mac Mail (or whatever email program you use) address book to distribute links to your content, so it’s worth paying the small monthly fee for a reputable, CAN-SPAM compliant email service.

Moral of the story?

You can start, run, and have a very comfortable life with essentially a YouTube account, PayPal address, and a subscription to an email broadcasting service.

I used to think it was a mild exaggeration when guys like the late, great success teacher Earl Nightingale said we live in a time that mankind has worked towards and dreamed of since the dawn of humanity. But, when you see how simple it is to start and run a clientless copywriting business, if anything he was under-reporting just how amazing a time we live in for making a living without a boss, client, or anyone else with their thumb on you.

If you want more information about how I built my 10-Minute Workday, you should check out my program. I go over all the details to help you build a successful business, without clients.

What would you write about for your clientless business? Let us know how we can help you get going by posting a comment below.

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Published: August 15, 2018

3 Responses to “How to Use a Free YouTube Account and PayPal Address to Create a Million-Dollar Clientless Copywriting Business”

  1. Intriguing article! It may be apparent, but can you explain why you do NOT recommend using your computer email address book to distribute links to your content. You seemed quite adamant, and so I'm assuming there are very good reasons why you feel this way. Would love to hear your input! Thank you!

    Guest (Ess)

  2. Taking Paid adds on different platforms sound interesting as well.

    Guest (Timothy )

  3. Love YouTube, hate being "on camera", but willing to "put a face on" if that helps me be successful! Thanks!


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