October 2018

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The True Story of How Social Media Can Alter Your Life and Your Freelance Writing Career

Social media can have a far-reaching impact on your life and writing career, and put you in the ranks of an in-demand copywriter.

Get Fat Paychecks… And Two Other Reasons You Should Be a Social Media Expert

Now is the best time to be a social media expert, and Nick Usborne offers three good reasons why social media can expand your career.

Massive Opportunity Alert for Writers – New Study Reveals 90% of Businesses Desperately Need Your Help

Companies reach more potential customers faster using this one form of media. For a writer like you this is a massive opportunity.

Live: The Barefoot Writer October Issue

Mindy explains what your self censor button is and how you can pause it so you can focus on fun and creativity.

This A-List Copywriter Writes World-Class Control-Busting Promotions In One Week! Now You Can Learn To Do It Too

This A-List copywriter takes you step by step how to write world-class control-busting promotions in just one week!

Solve these Problems for Your Clients and Make More Money Faster

Solve these three common problems for copywriting clients, and you can get your foot in the door with dream clients. Here are the strategies you can use.

Strange New Writing Service is Taking the Business World by Storm

This unheard of new writing service can put you in high demand. Casey Demchak is sharing his field-tested strategies, tools and insights in a one-of-a-kind training program guaranteed to turn any writer – even complete beginners – into coveted masters of this lucrative writing form

7 Reasons Not to Discount Your Copywriting Fees

When you discount your copywriting fees, you sell yourself short. Here’s why you should be raising — not lowering — your fees.

Key Message Copy Platforms: 5 Lines that Close the Deal on High-Paying Assignments

Discover how to make $200 to $300 per hour or more on Key Message Copy Platform copywriting projects using these five closing lines!

Four Secrets Profitable Freelance Writers Use to Generate Income

Profitable freelance writers practice a few common sense secrets to make sure they get more done, keep projects lined up, and steadily increase their income.

One of the Fastest Ways to Get a “Yes,You’re Hired!” From New Clients…

This writing project is one of the fastest ways to get a “yes, you’re hired” from a new client. And the best part… it can bring you in six figures with just 3 of these projects a month.

Key Message Copy Platforms: A Vital Copywriting Service Every Business Needs

When a company writes their marketing materials based on this vital report you can offer, their content will have a very consistent message. Learn more here…

How to Make Money Fast as a Writer

There’s a secret to making money fast as a writer. Take this one step, and you can start getting paid and quickly recoup your investment in yourself.

These Copywriters Earn $75,000 to $125,000 a Year Writing Web Copy

Web writing has evolved into one of the hottest niches, and writers who know how to write web copy can earn as much as $75,000 to $125,000 a year.

Writing for Mobile — Think Shorter

Businesses know to succeed in today’s marketplace, they need to provide one thing. And it’s creating a massive new opportunity for writers who start now.

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