Hook, Line, and Sinker:
How to "Fish" For More Email Copywriting Clients

The word client caught on a fishing hook

Are you ready to break down barriers and make some real money from writing? Well, that all starts with getting more clients.

But how do we do that exactly? We'll get there in a second. But first, let me tell you a quick story …

When I was a kid, Dad and I did a lot of fishing. Many Summer Saturdays were spent sitting in a boat casting lines … making up silly song lyrics … and getting sunburned.

Sometimes we came home with a cooler full. Other times not so much. But we always had fun, and I wouldn't trade those days for anything.

So, what does my trip down memory lane have to do with you and your copywriting marketing efforts? PLENTY …

Because amazingly enough, the process used to achieve fishing success is VERY similar to how you should be marketing your services.

It's true — catching a fish and catching a client are not that different. You just need to focus on these three crucial factors …

Crucial Factor #1 — Fish with the Best Bait

Before Dad and I even started packing the truck for a fishing trip, we made sure we had the right bait for the job …

Because you rarely catch a crappie with a big, juicy earthworm. You need minnows or a small jig to entice those monster slabs to your hook.

But catfish and bluegill? They love nothing better than a nice, fat night crawler. So, we always made sure we had the right bait for whatever we were fishing for.

Same with your marketing. If you're going after email clients, you don't want your marketing materials to talk at length about how great of a content writer or article writer or sales page writer you are.

You want everything to be about EMAILS. Your experience, your training, and any samples you might have — they all need to be email-focused.

Because let's face it — does someone who desperately needs help with their email marketing care that much about how many blog posts you've written or your killer case study testimonials? Not really — so why even go there?

Fish with the best bait and you'll catch all the clients you want.

Crucial Factor #2 — Fish in the Best Water

Having the perfect bait is one thing. But when you cast that bait into a bathtub, your chances of success are pretty much nil (unless you have a REALLY strange bathtub) …

That's why Dad and I always had certain waters we would fish for certain things. One lake was always a winner for thick, chunky red ears (especially during the spawn), while another was where we caught most of our crappie and the occasional striper. For lunker cats, we headed to swift, muddy rivers in our area.

Same goes for your marketing. Once you have your bait all set, you need to start looking for the perfect fishing waters. And in the search for email clients, that all starts with an opt-in form.

Because the very basis of email marketing is — you guessed it — getting an actual email from a prospect. So when you're seeking out new prospects, look for an opt-in form on the homepage.

Usually it's some sort of valuable content like a report or a free e-book. But it could also be a newsletter, coupon code, video series, white paper, case study, or a variety of other spiffs to entice someone into giving up an email address.

But regardless of the tool used, one thing is for certain: they're trying to build a list of prospects to sell to. And the way they'll do that selling is through a well-written and engaging email series.

Gee, do you know anyone who could help them with THAT?

So, look for an opt-in form, first and foremost. When you see one, you'll know you're in the perfect water for an email copywriter.

Crucial Factor #3 — Cast as Many Lines as Possible

This one may be the most important of all, yet I see so few copywriters following through with it …

It's like this — with Dad and I in one boat, the most we could handle is maybe two poles a piece, meaning we had four lines in the water. If we had any more, it would turn into a tangled mess.

And when you're sitting on a lake that's several hundred acres in size, four lines covers a pretty small footprint (and an even smaller chance at catching a lot of fish).

Now, let's apply the same principle to your marketing efforts …

If you have the right bait and the right water, but only cast out a line or two, your chances of landing a big client are pretty slim, right?

But what if you cast out a HUNDRED lines? What do you think would happen then?

Right! Your chances go up exponentially!

When marketing your email copywriting services, it's all a numbers game. The more people you market yourself to, the more chances you have at getting a bite — and hauling one in.

But don't think you need to cover every investment firm or alternative health provider in one day. Just focus on five different businesses a day, five days a week.

When you do this, you'll cover more than 100 new prospects every month — and out of those 100, somebody is bound to say, "Yes! I'm interested! Let's talk more." Right?

So don't cast a line or two and expect to land a state record. Cast a BUNCH of lines and expect to land a new (or even several new) clients.

See how this all works?

When you fish the right water using the right bait, and you're consistently casting into those waters on a daily basis, you'll soon find yourself reeling in as many email copywriting clients as you can possibly handle.

Because once they see the results you can bring them, they'll gobble you up — hook, line, and sinker!

If you have any questions about getting started as an email writer, please let me know in the comments below.

Editorial Note: “Casting your line in the water” as an Email Specialist is great for new and experienced writers alike …

If you’re new, writing emails is a great way to get your foot in the door with clients. Companies can test you with little risk.

And if you’re an experienced copywriter, emails can add an additional $1,500 to $3,000 to every project you take on. It’s definitely a worthwhile specialty to offer clients.

Go here now to get up and running as an email writer the fastest way possible.

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Published: October 11, 2018

4 Responses to “Hook, Line, and Sinker: How to "Fish" For More Email Copywriting Clients”

  1. yes I signed up with AWAI in april and I still consider myself a newbie. I will like to start with emails. Your suggestion will be very much appreciated.

    Guest (Jemima Otubuah)

  2. Hello, thanks for this life-changing copy. My question is, what are opt-in forms and how do I get them. I would like to start these emails as soon as today. Many thanks

    Guest (George Munyasia)

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