7 Writing Opportunities for Web Writers to Cash In On

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Being a web writer is an exciting ride. When I first started as a web writer 15 years ago, I had no idea where that ride would lead.

The changes that have taken place since then are mind-blowing. Every year without fail there’s something new. New social media networks. Better tracking. Easier video production. A resurgence in podcasting. Easy infographic creation tools. The explosion in mobile marketing.

Learning all of these new things is fun. But better yet, each one is a new opportunity to grow. And the respect for the work web writers do has matured. Which means the fees you can charge have gone way up … and they’re still rising.

The truth is, we’ve reached a point where you can custom craft a web-writing business that’s well-suited to your personality. That’s never boring. That pays well.

You can work anywhere there’s an internet connection. And you can develop a local, regional, national, or global client base.

Just to give you an idea of scope of the opportunity, let me share some of today’s top web-writing possibilities.

Web Writing Opportunity #1 — The Traditional Route

There are over 1.9 billion websites online right now. Billion! It’s obvious there is NO shortage of websites needing to be written or rewritten.

Some companies have a well-planned strategy for maintaining their online presence. A lot of companies don’t. And believe it or not, some companies still haven’t yet made the leap online.

The one thing they all have in common is the need for good web writers.

Companies doing it right need writers to help them keep doing it right.

Companies wanting to do better need writers to help them do it better.

And companies that are finally ready to make the leap online — well, they desperately need good web writers to help them get started.

As a traditional web writer, you could focus on writing websites. You could write content pages and blog posts. Or sales copy like landing pages and product descriptions.

Web Writing Opportunity #2: Bite-Sized Copy Equals Big Money

It wasn’t long ago that serious marketers would snicker at the mention of using social media. To many, it seemed like a waste of time and money.

Boy, has social media grown up.

It’s become an essential marketing tool for both B2B and B2C companies. The copy is short. And writing impactful short copy takes special skills. In fact, writing short-form copy is a superpower today. That means these companies need especially talented writers to keep them at the top of their game.

In social media, you work with companies to set up optimized profiles, to monitor social media networks and engage followers, or to create targeted social media campaigns. All highly profitable for the online copywriter.

Web Writing Opportunity #3: The Fast and Easy Route

Email has been around a long time. Long enough that people love to proclaim it’s dead anytime something new comes along.

But email is still the hub online marketing revolves around.

And no wonder. Currently, the average email marketing strategy delivers a 3,800% Return on Investment. If you could spend a dollar to earn $38, wouldn’t you?

So, as a web writer, there’s no faster way (in my experience) to land clients and start getting paid than writing emails. Companies need web writers to write e-letters, email lift notes, Welcome emails, stick email messages, and autoresponder series … just to name a few.

An added benefit: most clients have weekly projects for you, so these gigs readily turn into retainer arrangements.

Web Writing Opportunity #4: The Evolving World of SEO

Whatever kind of web copy you write, you can add value to your services through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Getting found via the search engines is a HUGE priority for businesses.

When you write copy that your audience loves and that’s easily found by search engines, it’s a winning recipe. And because you’re increasing the value you deliver, you can increase the fees you charge.

Web Writing Opportunity #5: Mobile

You can’t ignore mobile if you want to write for the Web … because chances are high that your reader will be reading your words on a phone.

More and more, people are managing email through their phone, they’re making purchases from their phone, and they’re surfing the internet from their phone.

And businesses are catching on. In fact this year, 70% of all the money businesses spend on digital advertising is being spent on mobile advertising specifically, according to eMarketer.

That means that companies are interested in working with writers who understand how writing for mobile is different. (Think shorter copy!) This is a growing opportunity for web writers that will continue to explode.

Web Writing Opportunity #6: UX Copywriting

The internet is a crowded place. There’s a lot of information, all vying for the attention of your reader.

And it’s one thing to grab your reader’s attention. But where the battle is won is in how well you hold it.

User experience copywriting — often referred to as UX copywriting — takes a user-centric approach meant to keep the reader engaged, coming back for more, and so thrilled with their experience that they tell their friends, family, and social media networks.

Companies like Apple and Amazon have been tapping into user experience for more than a decade … and it’s a big part of why they’re so successful. Other companies are growing wise and turning their attention to their own users’ experience.

And they need writers who understand UX principles to help them deliver a better experience to their prospects and customers.

More and more companies are seeking copywriters who specifically have UX skills … but right now, there are not a lot of writers positioning themselves in this way. So, like mobile copywriting, you have the opportunity to get in early in the game.

Web Writing Opportunity #7: Carve Your Own Path

Being a web writer puts you in the ideal position to create multiple income streams.

One way is writing a topic-based website — a Money-Making Website — where you write about something you enjoy. Over time, you build an audience. The site earns you money through Pay-Per-Click advertising and affiliate arrangements.

Or you start building your own email list, and then directly market your own products or services to the audience you’ve built.

Both can be very profitable. And both boost your financial security and freedom.

There’s No Better Time Than Now

Whatever kind of writing you enjoy — short or long, sales or editorial, formal or casual, with clients or without — you can earn a wonderful living as a web writer right now. And next year will be even better!

Do you have any questions about these seven in-demand web-writing opportunities? Comment below to let us know.

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Published: November 7, 2018

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