Pay Yourself to Bring in Clients

What will you write about or cover in your next blog post, video, or email message for your inbound marketing?

Do you find yourself unable to come up with topics or the time to really sit down and write 1,000+ words of valuable content?

As copywriters, many of us excel at helping our clients create top-notch content to bring in new buyers and customers.

But, when it comes to our own marketing, we often struggle.

What should I write about?

What topics do potential clients want to see?

Am I giving away all of my secrets?

Where should I start?

If you have a busy workload, it can seem hard to dedicate a few hours to creating your next piece of content.

What if you could skip the guesswork and speed up the creation process for your own marketing? What would that mean for your business and peace of mind?

3x Your Personal Marketing

Creating completely new content on a regular basis is difficult for large companies, much less for a person running a copywriting business.

Repurposing can help.

Many companies turn their featured presentations or industry discussions into countless blog posts, white papers, webinars, and videos.

You can do the same!

Even if you’re not planning to speak at a top-tier conference, you do talk to your clients about their projects. You can use those conversations to create valuable original content for your website and social media channels.

I call this 3x-ing your marketing.

You’ve already been paid once to do the project. That’s 1x.

Now, you’re going to repurpose the content to create a blog post or a video. That’s 2x.

You’ll then use the same presentation to create an email encouraging people to check out your newest piece of content. And that’s 3x.

You’ve created three uses for your content from one discussion.

There are two keys to making this work:

1. Be a specialist. While you may be able to offer 15 different projects to any person who wants to hire you, you want to stand out. So, your personal marketing should focus only on the projects you do best and enjoy the most.

2. Narrow your audience. Can you write for and help all small, medium, and large businesses? Yes. However, not every business is a great fit for you. Narrow down the exact type of companies or individuals you want to work with.

This helps you create detailed, informative and relevant content for a specific type of person. And, when it comes to repurposing your work, it means you’ll have a tight focus, which will build your credibility and authority.

Reuse Your Own Advice

Many of us use calls and screen share software to present our copy, suggestions, or strategies to our clients. (If you’re not, consider it! It’s another way for you to show value and expertise.)

Now, you’re going to take the advice you give in those calls — advice you’ve already been paid for — and use it to write your own materials.

When you can offer in-depth and information-rich consulting calls — even if they take only 30 minutes or less — you’ll come away with a lot of material you can use.

Whether it’s a new prospect call, a project discussion or a final presentation of your copy, get in the habit of recording your phone calls.

Of course, the most important part of this method is to Ask Permission!

Each state and country has rules and laws about recording calls. I’m not a lawyer, and you should consult a legal professional for verification of the laws that apply to you. But, gain permission before you record anything.

When you jump on a call or presentation with a prospect/client, simply ask …

“Do you mind if I record this? I’ll refer back to it during your project, and this cuts down on back-and-forth messaging.”

You phrase the request as a benefit to your client.

I’ve never been told no.

(You might also consider adding a section to your contract that lets you use material you create for a project for self-promotion purposes.)

Get Automated Help

You’ve hopped on a call with a client or prospect and given a lot of valuable information about a specific topic. You aren’t thinking about what to write or say. You’re a specialist … you’ve said this dozens of times before and can just give the advice.

Now, it’s time to turn this call into marketing for yourself.

You’re going to create a transcript of your discussion. In these types of calls, where you’re presenting detailed advice on a certain topic, you do most of the talking. This makes your audio ideal to be transcribed by a robot.

You can get a basic transcript for $0.01/minute with an AI robot. My favorite service is Temi. It continues to improve the more you feed it your own audio.

Now you can use the transcript as an outline for a new piece of content.

Add the Details and Generalize

If you want to create a blog, use your transcript as an outline and add details and subheads where needed.

For example, if you talked for five to seven minutes about a topic, such as the top three things most websites are missing, you’ll remove any company-specific information from the transcript and replace it with generic information many of your clients can use.

Then, add more details where needed.

Break up your content with headings and add a call-to-action to create the full piece of content for your marketing purposes.

After that, create an email to promote the new piece of content, getting a third use from the call.

You can go a step further and combine several top ideas to create a valuable download to encourage people to join your email list.

You’re already giving top advice to your clients — advice that many of your future clients would benefit from.

Repurpose your client calls for just a very small investment, and you’ll always have some information in front of you to create your next top piece of inbound marketing material.

This article, Pay Yourself to Bring in Clients, was originally published by Wealthy Web Writer.

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Published: May 1, 2019

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