An Online Resource to Show Off Your Portfolio and Sharpen Your Writing Skills

Have you heard of Medium?

On the surface, it’s a community blogging platform that describes itself as: “Ideas and perspectives you won’t find anywhere else.”

But peel back the layers, and you’ll see some compelling opportunities emerge.

Here’s the deal:

First, it’s easy to get started with Medium.

Create a basic profile, upload a photo or avatar, then start clapping, commenting, and contributing.

As a reader, you can show support for the stories you connect with. Clap anywhere from 1-50 times, comment, and even become a fan of the writer.

And get ready … authors here are very invested. They’ll likely respond to your thoughtful comments, and spark a lively debate, or even a friendship.

For writers, Medium is a land of wide-open spaces.

Sure, there are people writing about writing and telling personal stories.

But business, entrepreneurship, and technology are some of the top categories too.

If you’re a beginner, Medium is a safe place to find your voice and sharpen your writing skills.

For everyone, it’s a great place to show off your writing portfolio and grow your audience.

Headed by Ev Williams, Co-Founder of Twitter, Medium describes itself as a platform for original ideas, engagement, and a clean reading experience.

It’s not a place for sponsored content, clickbait, or pop-up ads.

It works like this …

You can be a free subscriber or a member.

As a free subscriber, you’re able to read, clap, and comment on the stories that Medium authors publish for everyone.

You’ll also be able to read a certain number of member-only stories each month. Currently, even as a free subscriber, you can read three stories reserved for members.

After that, you’ll see excerpts of member-only stories and be asked to sign up if you want to continue reading.

Don’t worry, though; membership is only $5 per month, or $50 if you choose to pay for the whole year up front.

That’s pretty painless for just about everyone.

Writers Rule on Medium

As much fun as it is to read and interact … it’s when you contribute as an author that things get really interesting.

As a writer, you can set your stories to be free for everyone. Or you can set your posts to be “locked” as part of the Medium Partner Program for paying members only.

Medium takes the pool of funds paid by members, and shares them with the authors who have stories in the Program.

That’s right. Medium pays you for creating engaging, valuable, member-only content.

For even more visibility, write for a Medium publication and take advantage of that publication’s readership. For example: Both The Startup and Personal Growth have over 400,000 subscribers. That’s a lot of eyeballs on your locked post.

So your free stories get you exposure to audiences who would otherwise never find you.

Your stories for members can earn you cold, hard cash.

And writing locked posts for publications gets you the best of both.

Now, of course, there’s an algorithm — the details of which Medium keeps confidential.

But we do know that payments are based on the level of claps and comments you get for your member-only stories. Which means the more engagement your posts create, the more you earn.

Want to know how you’re trending? You’re in luck. Just go to your stats page and see how many people have viewed, read, and become fans from each of your stories.

Medium even keeps a running tally of how much your stories are earning each week. Just check your dashboard and watch your cash add up.

Payments are made through Stripe via direct deposit straight to your bank account on the last Wednesday of each month.

Sure, you’ll start out small. But the more you contribute articles that inspire, the bigger your payments can grow to be.

How’s this for incentive … the top earners on Medium are making several thousands of dollars each month. And many authors have posted screenshots confirming hundreds earned in a month.

Here’s Why Medium Matters to You

When you’re a beginner, just getting started is one of the biggest hurdles.

You need confidence. You need practice. And you need to have a place where other writers will find and support you.

So if you’re brand-new, Medium is a great place to get comfortable writing in public.

Then there’s the how-do-you-get-samples-without-clients question.

Simple. Just start writing for your target audience on Medium.

No more waiting weeks or months for Google to deem your blog content relevant. Medium’s already got that covered.

Even if you already do have your own blog, you can re-post articles on Medium by using the easy import tool. Just import, edit if you want to, publish, and take advantage of Medium’s distribution reach.

Now, that’s some nice exposure for something you’ve already written and the website where you originally published it.

Already have a following on Facebook or Twitter? Excellent!

When you publish a story, Medium can create a post for your social media accounts announcing your new title.

And … if you authorize it, Medium can cross reference your connected users on Facebook and Twitter. Then those friends and followers will be linked to you on Medium as well, giving you an immediate audience with a few easy clicks.

And don’t forget to connect with your favorite Medium friends on LinkedIn so you can support each other there as well.

You may even meet potential clients on Medium. Write about your niche and prove yourself to be the likable expert that businesses need.

If that’s not enough … and you’re feeling ambitious … you can start your own publication on Medium. Invite other writers to contribute, grow a niche readership, and earn even more.

So you see … Medium is about so much more than “Ideas and perspectives you won’t find anywhere else.”

Big things can come your way when you:

  • Create great content that inspires claps and comments
  • Contribute to big publications
  • Catch the eyes of potential clients
  • Earn exposure from your free stories
  • Earn cash from your Partner Program stories

So if you’re looking for another springboard for your B2B content growth, go ahead and take a look at Medium.

Hope to see you there soon.

This article, An Online Resource to Show Off Your Portfolio and Sharpen Your Writing Skills, was originally published by B2B Writing Success.

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Published: May 30, 2019

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