Get Fat Paychecks … And Two
Other Reasons You Should Be
a Social Media Expert

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I’m a HUGE fan of social media as a way for freelance copywriters to either launch or dramatically expand their careers.

But people still ask me, “But, Nick, isn’t it too late to get into social media marketing? Aren’t there too many social media experts out there already?”

Absolutely not!

In fact, I believe the opposite to be true.

The massive and ongoing growth of social media has created extraordinary opportunities for writers and copywriters.

And there are a ton of reasons why now is absolutely the BEST time to hang out your shingle as a social media writer and marketer.

Here are just three of them …

Reason #1: Because you’re already an expert on the biggest skill you’ll need.

Something else a lot of people say to me goes something like this: “But Nick, the whole social media thing sounds so technical and fast-moving. I’m not a tech person. I could never handle that.”

No worries.

You don’t have to be the technical person. You don’t have to handle absolutely everything. Unless you really want to!

If you prefer, you can focus just on being an expert at social media writing … creating the updates, posts, and tweets sent every day.

And this is a skill you already have. And it’s a skill 99% of companies out there DON’T have.

What do I mean by that?

Well, I’m assuming you spend a little time on social media yourself.

You know how to write a post on Facebook, or to add a comment to a friend’s update. Or to add a comment on YouTube. Or to Like a tweet. Or upload a photo to Instagram. And so on.

In other words, you’ve developed an instinctive ability to interact with other people on social media. You know how to be social online.

Well … companies aren’t very good at that. They know how to pitch their latest sales and discounts through social media. They know how to use it as a marketing channel.

But they’re really bad when it comes to being truly social or being engaging. Businesses — your future clients — are terrible at the whole word-of-mouth thing.

And that’s where you step in to help them.

The best part being, this is a writing skill you already have!

Reason #2: Because social media has taken over the Web!

Social media channels used to be just new and interesting places to go when you went online.

Then they grew bigger and bigger and bigger.

Today, Facebook alone reaches over 2.41 billion people.

Add in YouTube, Twitter, Instagram — plus dozens of other sites and apps — and hundreds of billions of updates are being shared around the world every day.

Hundreds of billions?

That’s right. According to Forrester Research, there are approximately 500 billion word-of-mouth impressions created every day on social media.

All that social activity has a powerful impact on marketing online.

Actually, it has a massive impact on the economy overall.

Management consultancy McKinsey and Company estimates that TWO-THIRDS of the U.S. economy is now driven by word-of-mouth.

So yes, social media has become a VERY BIG DEAL in the world of marketing.

And the faster it grows in size and impact, the more it needs trained social media writers and marketers.

Reason #3: Because your clients want to offer you fat retainer deals!

Companies and organizations need help with their social media on a regular basis, week by week, if not day by day.

And they need that help indefinitely.

That means instead of paying by the project, they want to pay you a retainer.

That’s a regular, monthly fee they’ll pay you in exchange for an agreed scope of work.

That contract could be for just $2,000 a month … or a lot more. It all depends on how much they want done.

But here’s the best part. Because this is a retainer deal, with no end date, you can count on that $2,000 or more coming in like clockwork, every single month. (After all, social media isn’t going anywhere!)

And that’s just from your first client!

There’s no way one client is going to take up all your time. So you can reach out and get a second and a third.

All of the sudden, those monthly fees are adding up to a very attractive income for you and your family!

Not many writing gigs attract retainer deals, but this is the new normal with social media writing and marketing.

Wrapping it up …

I could go on and on about the benefits of working in social media. And I usually do!

But for now, I think these three reasons should be more than enough to pique your interest!

This really is a fast-growing opportunity for freelance writers, new and experienced alike.

It’s super-flexible too … allowing you to choose how much work you want to take on.

So … out of the three reasons I have given for why NOW is such a great time to become a social media writer and marketer … which reason strikes you as being the most compelling?

Let me know by adding your choice in the comments. And let me know why!

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Published: October 2, 2019

5 Responses to “Get Fat Paychecks… And Two Other Reasons You Should Be a Social Media Expert”

  1. Am I the first to add a comment? Cool!

    Retainers is the reason most attractive to me. Starting my business while still working a day-job, retainers fit the feel of a day-job and can ultimately anchor my income while I take on single assignments. That's not to say the other two reasons aren't too shabby either.

    Sandra K Lynne

  2. I choose #1, because it gives me confidence that I can do it.

    Of course, retainer fees is a good choice too.

    As far as a lot of web traffic, it's okay, but not the main reason.

    Clara Mae

  3. Choice #3, the option for monthly retainers. It would be wonderful to have a steady, constant, and reliable source of income... and to know that my income is limited only by the number of clients I choose to take on.


  4. Nick, Hello, I have never done any Facebook stuff before, is there something I can use to teach me how this is done? Don't want to make a fool of myself. I am VERY VERY interested in this Social Media Marketing and would like to Jump in and Socalize for some Clients. Thanks Mike

    Guest (Educated Solution)

  5. I think I could be really good a freelance copywriting. I want to be. I am so in need of Choices # 1 & # 3. I just need a definitive roadmap complete with well-produced video tutorials and articles and confidence-building insights on writing all the most popular copywriting products (ie, emails, articles, SEO, blogs, ebooks, books, newsletters, whitepapers, case studies, B2B, B2C, Social Media, etc.) and on starting, running, and managing my freelance copywriting business. I've taken and started lots of copywriting programs but they all seemed to miss something I seemed to need. I think, and hope, this one has it all!!

    Guest (J Allen)

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