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Picking a name for a business usually takes some effort.

After all, you want it to be a name that people will easily remember but also one that has meaning and makes your brand stand out.

But in 1994, when Jeff Bezos was deciding on the name for his new internet-based company, he decided to pick one that started with the first letter of the alphabet.

And because he had big dreams for the company, he also wanted a name that was associated with something huge.

So he settled on Amazon.

His idea was simple … sell books online. But because there were already websites doing the same thing, such as Book Stacks Unlimited and Computer Literacy, Jeff figured he could make his company stand out by offering to deliver any book to any person anywhere in the world.

Experts were skeptical if this idea would work. In fact, financial journalists and Wall Street analysts often referred to his company as the “Amazon bomb.” They figured it was just a matter of time before his company would go under for lack of customers and profits.

For a time, they weren’t too far off base. Amazon wouldn’t begin to post any kind of profit until sometime in 2001. Boy, have things changed since those early years.

Today, Amazon ranks as one of the world’s most valuable companies with a net worth of more than $1.7 trillion. And, of course, their dominance was strengthened during the pandemic.

As for profits … well, I’ll tell you how much it made in a few minutes, but first let’s talk about a unique way you can make money helping people buy products that are sold on Amazon.

Let’s face it. These days there isn’t anything you can’t find on Amazon. That’s because the company’s catalog of products is huge … really huge.

I’m talking 12 million products to pick from. And if you add in sellers on Amazon’s Marketplace, that figure mushrooms to 350 million products.

With so many products to pick from, sometimes customers need a little help in deciding which one to buy. And that’s where you come in.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about getting paid to write honest and authentic product reviews.

And it all starts with your own Money-Making Website. Because it’s here on your website that you write up a review on an Amazon product or service.

With so many products being sold on Amazon, people need help figuring out which ones are worth buying. And what helps them make that decision is reading reviews.

Think about it? What’s the first thing you normally do before purchasing a new product or service that is being sold online?

Well, if you’re like 81% of shoppers, you do research and read reviews. This means every four out of five people look for reviews online before buying. That’s also a lot of searches where people are primed to buy if they find the information they need.

You can be the one to provide that information by writing reviews and posting it on your own product review website. And the review doesn’t have to be just on products offered through Amazon … it can be any product or service that you like and use.

For example, web copywriting expert Nick Usborne created his own Money-Making Website writing about coffee. And over the years, he’s built it into a reliable passive income stream.

To date, he’s made more than $450,000 from his website. He earns that money on commissions he’s paid for promoting other company’s products that are related to coffee, his niche.

But also, as he built up more traffic to his website, he started receiving free products like coffee brewing machines from manufacturers asking him to review them.

Receiving freebies is one of the “side” benefits of having your own product review website. Companies will send you samples to try out so you can make a true and honest review.

You can also create “Top 10 or 20” type of posts where you rank products by different criteria from ease of use and easy to order to least expensive and most expensive. These kind of posts draw lots of attention from potential buyers because it presents the information they are looking for in an easy-to-digest manner. But also by including a link to the products included in your ranking, each time a customer buys, you earn a commission from that company.

To get that commission, you simply sign up to the company’s affiliate program. An affiliate program is an arrangement in which an online merchant pays you a fee anytime a customer buys a product or service via your website.

Or a company might pay you an advertising fee and you agree to include a banner for their product or service on your website. And each time a website visitor clicks on that banner, you get compensated.

Getting paid to write product reviews is one of the simplest ways to earn extra income. And the steps to creating your very own money-making product review website are just as simple:

  1. Choose a niche.
  2. Use your copywriting skills to write targeted, concise and convincing product reviews.
  3. Include a company (affiliate) link in your review and or website content.
  4. Attract visitors to your website with relevant, useful content.

The other thing about creating a Money-Making Website is that you only need to write the review once. And you’ll continue to get paid each time a visitor clicks on the company link you include.

And since you already know how to write persuasive copy, writing a review should only take you an hour or two.

I can’t promise your website will outperform Amazon in size and scope, but done right, a Money-Making Website generates reliable steady income … sometimes to the tune of $2,800 a month — or more.

Jeff Bezos turned his idea into a billion-dollar website. The Wall Street naysayers never expected Amazon to make money at all. In fact, most thought it would disappear from the internet within a few years. But Jeff Bezos proved them all wrong. Amazon has made so much money, they recently blew past Wall Street’s expectations, posting a mind-boggling profit of $5.2 billion in 2020.

At this pace, the company is on track to surpass Apple and Google, which have been at the top of the list of most valuable companies for the past few years.

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Published: December 21, 2020

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