Top 20 Writer’s Life Articles of 2020

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If you’ve been reading The Writer’s Life for even a little bit of time, you know there are SO many paths to making great money as a writer …

Emails, case studies, white papers, web copy, sales letters, chatbot scripts, newsletters, blogs … the list goes on and on.

But sometimes having many options can become overwhelming … Even paralyzing.

In the end, though, your success as a well-paid writer comes down to two things:

  1. Getting “set up” to be a professional writer

And …

  1. Understanding the “rules” of the game.

So, in each issue of The Writer’s Life, we share valuable insights to help you achieve those two objectives. Plus, we share tips and strategies for how you can get started on your path to well-paid writing, outline opportunities for you to make good money, and highlight resources that will help you on your copywriting journey.

Here are the Top 20 articles of 2020, so you can revisit and rediscover the information readers found really helpful.

  1. FREE TRAINING: Simple “Research” Pays Writers Big Bucks

    We hosted an online training session with Russ Henneberry — one of the world’s TOP SEO copywriting experts! Learn about this in-demand skill.

  2. 30 Thriving Niches for B2B Copywriters in 2020

    Succeed faster as a B2B writer when you focus where demand is highest. Check out 30 thriving niches where you can look for writing jobs in the B2B market.

  3. How to Plan Out Your Freelance Website Content in Under an Hour

    Successful writers must have a website, your piece of internet real estate. Here’s how to plan site content that shows prospects who you are and what you can do.

  4. Is Fear Holding You Back from Your Writing Dreams?

    If you want to make money as a copywriter, but you feel stuck in a loop of preparation, you may have a hidden fear holding you back. Here’s the solution …

  5. How to Harness the Shocking Amount of Power You Have as a Persuasive Writer

    Use your writing skills to stand up for what you believe in. You have the power to help those who aren’t being heard, when you write for the greater good.

  6. Yes, You CAN Launch a Writing Career in a Crisis

    Skilled writers are in demand all over the world. Those willing to get to work right now will find opportunities in markets like the five outlined here.

  7. How to Differentiate Yourself Using Only Your LinkedIn Title

    Catch the eye of prospective clients with a powerful, attention-getting LinkedIn title. Discover 17 ways to make your title stand out to marketers looking for a copywriter like you.

  8. How Creating a Money-Making Website Can Make You Feel Good During Hard Times

    One of Nick Usborne’s favorite ways to get creative (and boost his spirits) is by writing a website. Here’s how to make money writing about a topic you love.

  9. 6 Reasons Every Writer Should Offer Social Media Services

    Being a social media writer offers six important benefits that help you land more clients and make you an integral part of their marketing campaigns.

  10. Top-Paying B2B Copywriting Gigs in a Down Economy

    What are top-paying B2B writing gigs in this changing economy? Steve Slaunwhite lists seven opportunities to make good fees writing for 5.7 million B2B clients.

  11. 8 Quick-Start Writing Projects to Learn and Earn Fast!

    Start earning money now with one of these eight quick-start writing projects. A small investment in yourself will get you started quickly on a new career — writing from home.

  12. Are Your Plans Derailed? I Don’t Think So

    The entire planet has been thrown a curveball this year, and how you respond is up to you. Here are some suggestions to help you move forward productively.

  13. The ONE Thing You Need to Succeed as a Writer

    You can’t get to the writer’s life without this secret, and taking the steps along the way. Eliminate three roadblocks in your way with these tactics.

  14. How Long Does It Take New Freelancers to Earn a Living Wage?

    How long it takes to make a good living as a writer is a common question. With four decades of experience, Bob Bly offers his answer so you know what to expect.

  15. The 3 Biggest Reasons Why Email Copywriting Is a Big Opportunity for Making Six-Figures as a Writer in 2020

    Now is the best time to hang out your shingle as an email writer. Email expert Jay White looks at three reasons why this opportunity has never been bigger.

  16. LinkedIn Prospecting: Here’s H.E.L.P.

    Discover a natural approach for client outreach. No “cold” sales messages. No hype. See how you can use LinkedIn prospecting to grow your client base.

  17. 7 Short Copy Projects to Kick-Start Your Writer’s Life … Even When You Have a Day Job

    Discover seven writing projects and the fees you can earn when you write short-form copy. These projects can be handled outside standard business hours.

  18. A Tale of Two Crises: 2001 and 2008, and How to Make the Best of 2020

    B2B expert Gordon Graham has been through two world crises, so he offers nine tips for writers on dealing with COVID-19. Build a solid business to weather storms.

  19. How to Get Started Making Money as a Writer

    There’s a reason Nike’s “Just do it” has resonated for so long, not just for athletes but for anyone who wants to achieve a goal. Here’s where to start.

  20. “How Do I Get Started as a Web Writer?” Try These 10 Projects

    Writing for the Web brings a huge opportunity in any niche. To build a solid and enjoyable career, start with these 10 web-writing projects.

Here at The Writer’s Life (and AWAI), we want you to get your writing business up and running, so you can stop thinking about making money as a writer and start making money as a writer.

We’ll continue to share insights, tactics, and opportunities to help you start and level up your writing business.

Do you have any topics you would like to see covered in a future issue of The Writer’s Life? Or questions about how to get started as a copywriter? Please share in the comments.

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Published: December 7, 2020

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