3 Ways to Use AI to Help You Create Your Money-Making Website — Plus a Big, Fat Caveat

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The arrival of ChatGPT in late November of 2022 was like a bomb going off.

It felt like 10 years of progress in AI had taken place in the blink of an eye. Within one week, over one million people were using ChatGPT. By January 2023, that number had jumped to over 100 million.

Today, it’s being used every minute of every day by copywriters, coders, students, scientists, entrepreneurs, authors, politicians, and regular people at home wanting to find a quick recipe for mushroom stroganoff.

How about me? Do I use ChatGPT to help me with my Money-Making Websites?

You bet I do! I have ChatGPT open on my second monitor all the time. I use it every day for my Money-Making Websites in particular.

I’m going to walk you through three ways I use ChatGPT. And then I’m going to follow up with something just as important … which is a big, fat caveat.

But first, let’s look at the three ways AI can help you.

#1: Use ChatGPT as a brainstorming buddy

When I’m wondering about what to write next for my mushroom site, IncredibleMushrooms.com, I might ask ChatGPT something like this:

1 chatbot1 MoneyMakingWebsiteAIExample

(I always say please and thank you, so that when AI takes over the world, they’ll remember me as one of the good humans!)

And here’s the reply:

2 chatbot2 MoneyMakingWebsiteAIExample

Look at the detail there! Without GPT, it would have taken me a full day on Google to figure out what people were interested in, Plus all that detail within each category. It’s like Christmas came early!

I can now take any one of those topics and ask for more detail. Or maybe ask for another five ideas.

Like I say, it’s like having a brainstorming buddy at my side. And a “buddy” who happens to be a freaking genius, and seems to know everything about pretty much everything.

#2: I use ChatGPT as a research assistant

This is similar to its role as a brainstorming buddy, but more about the details of a topic I might be researching.

Here’s my research question:

3 chatbot3 MoneyMakingWebsiteAIExample

And here is the answer:

4 chatbot4 MoneyMakingWebsiteAIExample

It took me a few seconds to type my questions. And maybe five seconds in total for ChatGPT to provide an amazingly thorough answer.

Imagine if I tried to do that research the “old way,” with Google.

On all my Money-Making Websites, I invite readers to submit questions. It’s a great way to involve your audience. They ask me questions and I provide the answers. And, of course, each question and answer becomes a new page on the website, which is great for search engine traffic.

But … it can be a lot of work. Particularly if I don’t happen to know the answer to that question. Honestly, there were times when I have ignored a question simply because I didn’t have the time to do the research and write an answer. Bad me!

I don’t have that problem anymore. If I don’t know the answer to a question, I simply ask ChatGPT. Often I don’t have to do much in the way of edits, but will always add a line or two of text at the beginning to give it a personal touch.

#3: I use ChatGPT to write content for my websites

Now for the big one.

One of the challenges people face is that it takes a long time to write page after page of great content for a website. This is particularly true when you are starting a new website.

You KNOW having 20 pages isn’t going to cut it. And you know you can’t afford to write a ton of short, low-value pages. You need quality … AND you need quantity.

Well … ChatGPT to the rescue!

Done right, ChatGPT can multiply your website content production by maybe five or 10 times.

First of all, the brainstorming and research we do with ChatGPT is going to save us a ton of time at the front end.

Then, when we sit down to create the page, we can ask ChatGPT to do the heavy-lifting for us.

I might start with a prompt a little like this:

5 chatbot5 MoneyMakingWebsiteAIExample

Here’s what I got back:

6 chatbot6 MoneyMakingWebsiteAIExample

Not bad, right?

I can now use that as an outline for writing the page. And maybe I’ll tweak the headline and make a few edits.

Or … just in case ChatGPT hits it out of the park, I could try this prompt …

7 chatbot7 MoneyMakingWebsiteAIExample

And here are the first few lines of the article it wrote for me …

8 chatbot8 MoneyMakingWebsiteAIExample

That’s just the first few paragraphs of the full article it wrote for me.

Now that ChatGPT has done the hard work, I can go in and edit this.

I’ll want to make sure all the information provided is accurate. And I’ll tweak the language in places to make it feel more human and friendly.

But even if I take 30 to 40 minutes on edits, I’ve still saved hours on the creation of this page.

I can even ask ChatGPT to write some supporting social media posts!

That said, this isn’t a magic bullet. Sometimes the output from ChatGPT is way off what you were hoping for. Most of the time it’s great. Other times … not so much.

The Big, Fat Caveat …

As you can see, I love using ChatGPT.

But long story short … sometimes AI is NOT the answer you’re looking for.

In fact, I’ll never use it for ALL the content of my Money-Making Websites.

ChatGPT writes really well. The grammar is great. The structure of the content it creates is great.

But the voice and tone are generic. AI systems have zero emotional intelligence. They don’t feel empathy. The style feels a little like a Wikipedia entry.

As a result, if you use AI-generated content too much, your website will feel bland and characterless. And that’s not good. The “killer app” of any successful Money-Making Website is YOU … your character, your personality and YOUR VOICE.

In other words, you need to keep things in balance.

Yes, I use ChatGPT as a brainstorming buddy and for research. Every single day.

And I use it to write full-page content sometimes, but on a limited basis.

Summing Up …

ChatGPT and other AI tools are a game changer for anyone creating a Money-Making Website.

Being a solo creator used to be a big disadvantage. There is only so much one person can do. And that can sometimes make it hard to compete with websites that have bigger teams.

But not anymore!

The playing field has been leveled by AI. As individuals, using ChatGPT, we can create more content and better content. It’s one more way we can use to beat the big guys!

Just keep the balance right. YOUR voice should always dominate.

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Published: February 22, 2024

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