Affiliate Update:
Campaign Your Way to Higher Sales

Today I finally reveal a secret that AWAI has been keeping from you … one that could make a big difference in your own business.

As always, my goal as your Affiliate Manager is to make you a successful affiliate.

That means that we at AWAI are committed to helping your business succeed. Even if it means we have to reveal our own success secrets in the process.

Last month we talked about how starting and growing a list of email names is the best thing you can do to catapult your sales.

Hopefully by now you have either begun the process of doing so or have already implemented the change.

Because once you do have that captive list of names, you can start enticing them to buy by using the "Campaign method”.

The Campaign

Once you decide the right product to promote to your email list, blog or website, there are a number of ways you can go about doing so. You could:

  • Send a dedicated or solo email message consisting of advertising to your list.
  • Run articles with content that supports the big ideas of the product, product features, product results or features the author of the product.
  • Insert text advertisements for the product within the body of your e-newsletter.
  • Promote the product via social media mentions through outlets like Twitter and Facebook.
  • Place graphical or text based ads on the home page of your blog or website.
  • Include links to the product in a free e-book that you give out on your website or blog.

Most of you are probably familiar with the famous quote by Aristotle, "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Truer words have never been spoken and apply to the campaign method as well.

Execute each of the above mentioned actions individually and you will have varying levels of success depending on many factors. But to increase the likelihood of success, why not take Aristotle's advice and combine some or all of these elements into a short, concentrated time period to achieve maximum results?

Depending on how often you publish content, take a week or two or even a month and focus on the on topic of the product you want to promote only. Let's use the topic of Copywriting and the product Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting as an example.

During the time allotted to your "campaign,” you could:

  • run articles on the copywriting opportunity.
  • feature success stories of those who have earned high incomes in the profession
  • offer tips and techniques of how to write effective copy.
  • lace your newsletter with text based and graphical banner ads for the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.
  • run a few dedicated/ solo emails for the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.

And this is just an example of one way you could do it.

Keep in mind that the key to successful sales is to give more than you get. If you take the time to really educate your reader (in this case on the craft and opportunity of Copywriting) and give lots of great content and information while weaving in the sales and product messages, you will have a greater chance to making the sale.

To help you launch your own campaign, a great place to start is with the AWAI article archives. You are free to use any of our articles as long as you include attribution.

You can find the article archive here:

And instructions on attribution here:

The campaign method is successfully used at a number of top information publishing companies and AWAI is no exception.

Rebecca Matter, AWAI's Co-Managing Partner has this to say:

"We do it in our own business, and have seen the success of our campaigns increase greatly.”

So I highly recommend that you implement this technique today.

As always, I am here to help you so please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, copy requests or anything else you may need by sending an email to

To a profitable partnership,

Jessica Kurrle
American Writers & Artists Institute

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Published: April 19, 2012