Affiliate Update:
The Value of a Last Chance

If someone said to you, “this is the last chance you have to get this warm, chewy, buttery chocolate chip cookie,” do you think you would want it more? I know I would. At the very least, it would make me stop and consider the offer.

Getting someone to stop and consider your offer is an important step to getting a sale. And that’s why this month, we are going to talk about the power of a last chance.

In last month’s newsletter, I revealed how adding the “Campaign approach” to your marketing toolbox can maximize your chance of achieving success with your affiliate marketing.

I exlained how AWAI and numerous other large international information publishers incorporate this very technique into their everyday operations with great success.

And I even gave you a strategic plan – broken down into exact steps of how you could apply this very same strategy to your own business.

Since you have been so diligent in applying this concept to your own business (kudos to you!), I feel you are ready to tackle the next step in the campaign approach.

The Last Chance Offer

If there is one trend that stands out the most against the backdrop of sales data that we collect each and every day here at AWAI, it is that people often need a motivating factor to take action.

As a consumer, we see so many communications each and every day – whether it be from email, TV, snail mail, billboards, etc. that it is really easy to say “I like what I am reading but I will file this away and do it tomorrow.” You might even be doing that right now with this newsletter! It is so familiar a refrain that it almost becomes the background noise in our life.

But as we all know, direct response is not about tomorrow, it is about the NOW. Getting a direct, immediate response from our prospect to our message.

And one of the best ways we have found to do that is to top off a campaign with a “last chance offer.”

You can plan your own last chance offer by doing the following:

  1. Set a deadline for when you will no longer offer the discounted price, product itself or bonus offering along with the purchase of your product. We find that a week from when you announce it works best but you can certainly ratchet up the urgency and only give a few days. It all depends on how your audience has responded in the past.
  2. Make sure to include a sentence about this deadline and last chance offer in all of your campaign messages about the product. Emails, articles, advertisements in your newsletter, banner ads, social media mentions, etc. Maybe something simple like this: “But hurry – this special offer only lasts until midnight on May 23, 2012. Click to get details now.”
  3. Stay true to your word and remove the offer, product, or bonus on the correct day.

In a two email campaign, we have found that the last chance email almost always doubles the response of the first mention. So get busy planning your own last chance offer today!

New Promo Added!

This promo is for your audience if they:

  • Like to travel and take photographs
  • Want to get paid for doing so
  • Want it to happen in 30 days or less, guaranteed.

If your audience craves the thrill of seeing their photos splashed across a billboard or on the pages of a glossy magazine … the joy of having their hobby not only pay for itself, but also pay for the mortgage … the pride (and security) in creating a residual income that is virtually recession-proof … then selling stock photography might be right for them.

Share this opportunity with your readers today and tell them about The 30-Day Stock Success Program.

You can find The 30-Day Stock Success Program promo listed under the Additional AWAI Product Library Program under the Links & Tools page in your affiliate dashboard.

As always, I am here to help you so please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, copy requests or anything else you may need by sending an email to

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Published: May 17, 2012