Affiliate Update:
Special Offer for November

In last month’s newsletter we talked about the top 3 frequently asked questions I receive along with the helpful resources I normally recommend to find a solution.

In it, we discussed:

  • How can I generate more traffic to my website or blog?
  • How do I find my voice in my newsletter, blog or website so that I can begin to establish a relationship with my readers where they know, like and trust me?
  • I don’t have an opt-in email list now. How do I build one?

Hopefully you had the chance to read through the resources and put some of the suggestions to work for you.

This month we are going to do a Special Affiliate Offer – the $17 Test Drive for our most popular product, The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting. The expiration date is November 29th at midnight – Black Friday.

Your subscribers have the opportunity to test drive AWAI’s Flagship product at a fraction of the cost for the following 30 days. If they decide during that time that they would like to keep it, they are simply charged an additional $330 bringing the total price up to just $347. That’s $150 off the normal price you have been offering up till now! Should they decide that it is not for them, all they have to do is call AWAI within the 30 day time period and cancel their order. They will get every penny they paid back.

You can use this deadline to your advantage in a few ways:

  • Give your readers the whole month to take advantage of it by posting a message on your blog or emailing your subscriber list.
  • Offer a 24-hour “Flash” sale from the 28 – 29st at midnight.
  • Give a week deadline with a last chance offer.

    • To do this, send your first mention (preferably in a dedicated email message) on 11/22 letting them know that the offer expires on 11/29 at midnight. Then send a second email or mention on the deadline date of 11/29 (preferably in the morning) saying the offer expires at midnight and that it is their Last Chance to take advantage of it.
  • Give any amount of time leading up to the 11/29. deadline – a 72 hour sale, a 48 hour sale etc …

You can find a dedicated email that you can use to promote this offer here. You can glean copy from this for an ad or for a blog posting. Feel free to edit at will but make sure you keep the offer section the same.

I not only manage the Affiliate Program here at AWAI but I also handle much of our new customer acquisition and I have seen this $17 offer do very well with our partners and outside lists. I encourage you to try it out yourself!

And remember that I am always here to help so if I haven’t addressed your question here or if you would like to suggest a topic to cover in a future newsletter, please write in to and I will do my best to get you an answer.

To a profitable partnership,

Jessica Kurrle
American Writers & Artists Institute

P.S. To find the Affiliate Special Offers, simply visit your Affiliate Dashboard and select “Links & Tools” from the top menu. There you will find a program added to the drop down menu called “Special Affiliate Offers” and you can grab your link from there.

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Published: November 11, 2013