Affiliate Update:
100% Commission in May
for The Barefoot Writer

Happy Spring!

Hopefully you took advantage of April’s special offer and sold some Accelerated Copywriting Programs to your subscribers. But if you missed it, then you will love what I have for you in May.

AWAI has been testing a new promotion for our very popular product, The Barefoot Writer and it has been converting so well that it is now our control promo.

So I wanted to get your spring off to a bright start by giving you a wonderful opportunity.

Not only do you get to share AWAI’s most popular newsletters, The Barefoot Writer with your subscribers but for the month of May 2014 we are offering you 100% of the commissions from the sale of any Barefoot Writer newsletter subscription.

Plus you now have access to our brand new video promotion and new copy to do it!

That means each time you get someone to sign up, you will earn $49 for your pocket.

Find just 10 people to join and that is nearly $500 of extra money to put towards a Summer vacation.

Find just 20 and that is nearly $1000 … . well, you get the idea.

Now you know that this is a good deal for you, but why is it a good deal for your subscribers?

Let me tell you a little bit about the magazine so you can see for yourself …

The Barefoot Writer opens the door to the world of paid writing opportunities. Your subscribers will read about ways to dramatically improve their lifestyle as a writer — for the better. Fascinating projects … luxurious lifestyle … inexpensive ways to get up and running, fast. Rewarding writing exercises. A community of supportive, like-minded writers. Ways to let their imagination and creativity soar.

No, they don’t have to be rich, or even have a degree to enjoy a dream lifestyle as a writer. The Barefoot Writer shows your subscribers that all they need is to be pointed in the right direction to appreciate all the writer’s lifestyle has to offer.

And that’s not even talking about all the specific benefits a “Barefoot Writer’s Club” member is entitled to like:

  • 12 issues of The Barefoot Writer’s Club Letter …
  • Notes From the Beach …
  • and 5 free “Barefoot Writing Opportunity” reports:
  • “Copywriting 101: Secrets for Launching Your Million Dollar Writing Career”
  • “The Secret of the 1-Hour Work Week”
  • “The $500 Email Secret”
  • “Get Paid to Surf the Web”
  • “The Lazy Writer’s Path to a Six-Figure Income”
  • “Get Paid to Eat, Travel and Stay at Luxury Resorts”

Plus, they’ll have access to our password-protected “Barefoot Members Only” website, where they can contract us directly with questions … get updates on new opportunities … see which writing “niches” are currently paying the most and are in the highest demand … access all back issues of The Barefoot Writer’s Club Letter … see all the Notes From the Beach we’ve sent out … and a whole lot more.

Doesn’t that sound like something your audience would benefit from hearing about?

To make this job easy for you, I am providing you with a few different options to promote The Barefoot Writer.

Of course you have the three e-news ads that you can place in your newsletter or on your website which can always be found on the ad copy page but I am also providing you with a solo email and one brand new ad that you can use to send out to your file, adapt as a blog post or post as an ad on your site.

As always, you can find that copy here.

To a profitable partnership,

Jessica Kurrle
American Writers & Artists Institute

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Published: May 6, 2014