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Fast-Track Your Business with Copy

Anyone who is familiar with AWAI or our products knows that we believe that copy is king. Copy – good copy – is the lifeblood of your business and can take you from good to great in the shortest time possible of any element of your business.

As a marketer, I suspect you already know this to be true. Whether it is SEO copy on your website that drives customers to you, or long form sales letters that you use to sell products, copy is everywhere and can make a huge difference in your business.

Behind the scenes here at AWAI, we have been busy planning our annual Copywriting Job Fair that we hold in conjunction with our Fast-Track to Success Copywriting Bootcamp.

Job Fair is a place where you get the opportunity to:

  • Meet and test drive the best up-and-coming AWAI-trained copywriters who are ready to create engaging copy customized to fit your needs
  • Mingle and network with the Who’s Who in the direct-response copywriting industry
  • Sit in on any of the Bootcamp sessions you’re interested, and more …

And I want to personally invite you to attend, as a marketer and business owner, this coming October 17th in Delray Beach, FL.

Come and mingle with AWAI’s professionally trained copywriters – and other marketers in the same boat as you – and find that person who you can partner with to bring your vision to life with words.

We hold the Job Fair at the Marriott Hotel in Delray Beach, Florida and as our guest, this opportunity is totally FREE to you.

All we hope to gain is the chance to help you find a great copywriter – someone to drive your sales through the roof in 2014 and beyond!

As a bonus for hosting a table at Job Fair, you are able to bring up to 2 people to the Copywriting Bootcamp portion of the conference as our guests (no charge to you). You get the chance to network with other marketers and listen to some of the best copywriters in the business today share their insights and tricks of the trade.

This year’s lineup includes Clayton Makepeace, John Carlton, Carline Anglade-Cole, Bob Bly, Richard Armstrong, Dan Kennedy, Brian Kurtz and many more. These top-notch experts will be discussing the latest copywriting and marketing methods and techniques and all at no charge to you. Plus we are putting together some special opportunities for the marketers to network themselves.

Ric Thompson of the Transperience Network had this to say about a past Job Fair:

“I used the event to create a talent pool of copywriters for internal and external projects. Quick way to build up a list of copywriters in a large number of industries at a large range of experience all in one place.”

The only thing you have to do now is complete this quick online registration form by September 8th.

Job Fair could be the place where you meet that copywriter who can give your business the breakthrough you have been looking for.

I hope to see you there in October!

To a profitable partnership,

Jessica Kurrle
American Writers & Artists, Inc.

P.S. And as always, I am here to help you so please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, copy requests or anything else you may need by sending an email to

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Published: September 4, 2014