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Using Testimonials for Maximum Effect

Michael Masterson shares tips for making better use of testimonials.

Accomplish the Unthinkable: Write Well Every Day This Year

Michael Masterson takes you step by step through the goal setting process he uses to achieve more of his important goals.

How to Create an Effective Business Card

Michael Masterson reveals a better way to make connections at networking events than handing out business cards.

Recommended Reading: “The Man Who Carried the Drum”

Michael Masterson recommends a book by a former AWAI bootcamp attendee.

The Well-Read Life

Michael Masterson explains how you can benefit from reading widely.

What My Speech Coach Taught Me About Success

Michael Masterson shares success tips from his speech coach.

Raise and Resolve Your Customer's Main Objection

Michael Masterson shows you how to address and overcome objections in your copy.

Market to the Person Your Prospect Wants to Be

Michael Masterson explains the importance of knowing who your audience wants to be.

All Great Writing Has One Thing in Common. Can You Master It?

Michael Masterson reveals what makes good writing good.

Appeal to Your Customer's Heart and Brain (in the Right Order)

Michael Masterson reveals one of the most important secrets behind persuasive writing.

Today's Action Plan

Michael Masterson gives you a guideline to help you get more done toward achieving your goals.

Quick Tip: How to Improve Your Writing by Making It Simpler

Michael Masterson shows why simplest writing often makes the best sales copy.

14 Characteristics of Successful People: How Do You Measure Up?

Michael Masterson shows you 14 traits that successful people possess and shares how you can cultivate these traits in yourself.

How to Decide Where the Promise Should Be in Your Copy

Michael Masterson reveals the most powerful placement for promises within your direct marketing copy.

Direct Mail Debate: Should You Disguise the Envelope – or Not?

Michael Masterson discusses whether or not to disguise your envelope.

Boost Your Sales by Having a Contingency Plan

Michael Masterson shows you how a contingency plan can boost your sales.

Your Most Important New Year's Resolution

Michael Masterson reveals how to set your number one goal for the New Year.

Quick Tip: The Power of Positivity

Michael Masterson reveals how, in copy, positive statements are more powerful than negative ones.

Secrets of a Master: Why This Headline Works

Michael Masterson explores why short headlines tend to work better than long ones.

Always Put Your Prospect's Interests up Front

Michael Masterson gives you insight on how keeping your prospect's interest at the forefront can help your career.

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