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Be a Much Better Writer by Avoiding the Biggest Mistake Most Good Writers Make

Michael Masterson identifies the biggest mistake writers make and shows you how to avoid it.

How to Write Better Copy by Being Honest

Michael Masterson and John Forde on the importance of being honest in your copy.

An Important Question You Must Ask Yourself About the Product You're Selling

Michael Masterson reveals the different approach you must take between need-to-have and want-to-have products.

So You're a Procrastinator. What Do You Do About It?

Michael Masterson shares secrets for overcoming procrastination and accomplishing more.

Marketing Insight: Michael Masterson on Fear and Greed

Michael Masterson tells you why fear and greed aren't the most powerful motivating emotions in your copy.

Quick Tip: The Envelope Teaser

Michael Masterson on how to write better teaser copy.

Masters Checklist: Elements of a Strong Order Device

Strategies for writing thoughtful order devices that deliver results.

Insights From the Masters … Six Techniques for Jumpstarting Your Creative Engine

Master copywriters like Don Mahoney and Michael Masterson share how they overcome writers block and get moving on a project.

How to Get Unstuck When a Big Job Stymies You

Michael Masterson shows how to overcome writer's block on big projects.

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