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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Marketing Your Freelance Business

Marketing is at the heart of every successful freelance business. Today Nick Usborne shares four mistakes most freelancers make, and their solutions.

The Biggest Opportunity for Copywriters Online Is in the Field of Direct Response

Nick Usborne highlights the many opportunities direct-response copywriters have to work for online companies.

To Maximize Your Income as an Online Copywriter, Broaden Your Skill Set

Nick Usborne shares how online copywriters can boost their income by broadening their skill set.

“I Don’t Do Social Media.” Really? In that Case, You Don’t Do Marketing

Nick Usborne shares why using social media is a critical part of your marketing process.

5 Ways to Make Web Content More Social Media Friendly

Nick Usborne shares his tips on how freelancers can make their web content more social media friendly.

4 Cornerstones of Freelance Success

Nick Usborne shares how taking four simple steps can lead to freelance success.

Explode Your Revenues by Becoming an Online Copywriter and Serving a Single, Profitable Niche

Nick Usborne shows you how online copywriting is a profitable niche and how you can increase your revenues by specializing in this niche.

5 Online Tools You Can Use to Increase Your Value and Productivity as a Social Media Expert

Nick Usborne shares 5 tools that will increase your value and productivity as a social media expert.

Why You Should Choose a Niche for Your Freelance Business, and How to Do It

Nick Usborne shares his tips for choosing a niche for your freelance business and discusses why deciding on a niche is good idea.

Why Companies Online are Desperate for Persuasive Direct-Response Copywriters

Nick Usborne reveals why the online marketplace is hungry for web writers who understand direct response — and shows you how you can fill that need.

The Vast Majority of Freelancers are Trying Hard to Succeed While Sitting on a Two-Legged Stool

Running a copywriting business is more than learning your craft and getting clients. Nick Usborne explains a third aspect – building the business – and why it’s so crucial.

7 Ways to Add Value to Your Next Online Copywriting Assignment With Social Media

Nick Usborne reveals seven ways you can use social media to add more value to your next web-writing assignment.

Which One of These Four Types of Social Media Expert Would YOU Like to Be?

Nick Usborne shares four types of social media experts and how you can become one today.

To Get Ahead As An Online Copywriter, You Need to Develop Your Expertise in Social Media Right Now

Nick Usborne shares how developing your expertise in social media will also help you get ahead as an online copywriter.

The Scary News Is, You HAVE to Become a Social Media Expert. The Good News Is, You’ll Be Glad You Did.

If you are working as a freelancer online, you really should embrace social media. Once you have put in the time to build your social media expertise, you’ll immediately be able to apply your new expertise to develop new and multiple streams of income.

Are You Ready to Profit From the Massive Growth of Social Media This Year?

Social media is here to stay, and will continue to transform the entire marketing landscape for every company and organization on the planet. Nick Usborne explains how social media offers a huge opportunity for copywriters and freelancers.

3 Essential Elements to Achieving your Goals for 2011

Nick Usborne shares three essential elements for achieving your goals, so that 2011 can be your best year yet.

4 Reasons Why I Love Writing My Own Money-Making Websites

Nick Usborne gives us 4 reasons why he loves his money-making website.

Should You Launch Your Freelance Business Under Your Own Name, or a Business Name?

Nick Usborne walks you through the pros and cons of using your own name, or a business name when launching your freelance business.

The Triple-Win Guide to Securing a Profitable Future as a Freelance Copywriter

Follow Nick Usborne’s Triple-Win Guide to successful freelance copywriting, and you will find out that freelancing is always more profitable and enjoyable when you go where the money is at.

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