The Great AWAI Blog-Off Competition

Congratulations to the five finalists in the “Great AWAI Blog-Off” Competition:

  • Ann Jordan-Mills
  • Robert Nomura
  • Sid Smith
  • John Torre
  • Isabel Viana

These five finalists will now compete for the grand prize by writing one blog entry per week for the month of May.

Based on the amount of comments and votes received, the AWAI Web Team will select one winner, who will be named AWAI Web Division’s New Official Blogger and receive a monthly retainer to write a weekly blog for Wealthy Web Writer. The winner will also be eligible for other web-writing assignments for AWAI’s Web Division.

Be sure to check back here each Wednesday in May to see the latest blog entries and comment on your favorites!

Now the fun begins …

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Make Your Business Your Compass

Isabel Viana shares what her four business directions are, and how she’s using them to improve her own personal and professional life.

Beliefs, Relationships, and the Secret to Success

John Torre discusses the biggest asset that you can develop for yourself to earn the kind of money and lifestyle we all want to make from our profession.

Poor Man’s SEO: How I Got on Google’s First Page

Robert Nomura explains how he ended up on Google’s first page without having a website or any online property.

Inigo Montoya Was Right About Social Media Too

Sid Smith explains the real meaning of social media and social networking and how to use both tools to make money.

Words. Actions. Thoughts.

New copywriter, Ann Jordan-Mills encourages you to take advantage of every writing opportunity no matter your lack of experience.

Stick-to-it-ivity and the Tale of Two Brothers …

John Torre shares an example of what copywriters can learn from Walt Disney to be successful.

What a PR Agency Can Teach You About Writing Blogs

Robert Nomura shares his personal tips from working at a PR agency and how they can help keep a blog from turning stale.

Home Run Lessons From the Web Marketing Dugout

Sid Smith shares three things he learned from internet marketing gurus that you can apply to your own information business or to work with clients.

Obsessions or Passions: Which to Go for?

Ann Jordan-Mills explains her personal approach to preparing for any piece of writing as well as much of her personal decision making.

So Your Site Is Up – Now What?

Isabel Viana provides three things you can do to boost your online traffic.

Social Media Marketing: Proven or Unproven Method?

Robert Nomura discusses his thoughts on social media marketing and includes a helpful checklist to help you establish a good social media marketing foundation.

5 Things You Should Be Doing On Twitter

Sid Smith shares five things he discovered you should be doing on Twitter to keep up with top copywriters and internet marketers.

In Search of the Magic Bullet

Ann Jordan-Mills answers a new copywriter’s burning question about how to accelerate the AWAI Copywriting Program and launch his copywriting career this week.

Launch Your Online Information Business

Isabel Viana shares an opportunity for copywriters to make extra money.

Social Proof … Springsteen … and the Men’s Room

John Torre takes a little detour in this week’s blog to talk about something that is coming of age in the marketing world.

Follow the Money If You Want the Lifestyle

Sid Smith shares his advice for freelance copywriters in search of writing gigs.

Copywriters – Let’s Get Going!

Ann Jordan-Mills gets inspired by Joshua Boswell’s Monday Morning Jumpstart and shares how you can take action with your copywriting career today!

Put Joy in Your Heart and Cash in Your Wallet

Isabel Viana provides three steps for you to reach the kind of copywriting success that nourishes your hear and your wallet.

Meet the New Breed of Online Buyer

John Torre shares the single most important element that’s common with all web copywriting opportunities.

Add Social Media to Your Marketing Toolbox

Robert Nomura explains two reasons why you should add social media to your marketing toolbox.

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