Use this Little Goal-Setting Strategy to
Advance into AWAI’s Copywriting
Wall of Fame
in Just Nine Months!

At my first AWAI FastTrack to Success Copywriting Bootcamp,
my new vision of living the writer’s life … and my clarity of purpose …
zoomed into action when I used this incredibly simple tool.

Now it’s your turn to use this secret weapon
and activate your dreams.

Dear Fellow AWAI'er,

As a former cop and firefighter, I never imagined I would become a copywriter.

And before August 2007, I didn’t even understand what copywriting was until I received the Accelerated Program for Six Figure Copywriting in my mailbox. But like you and many other aspiring writers – I was intent on learning this new skill to become an effective marketing copywriter for my own home-based business.

Truth is - I wanted to accelerate my learning curve even faster after receiving my copywriting program. So I immediately put my name on the list for AWAI's FastTrack to Success Copywriting Bootcamp. When my computerscreen read, “Officially sold out,” I was crushed. But fortunately – slots opened up, giving me an early learning advantage.

Little did I know at the time how much my life was going to experience major transformation by just attending this single motivational event!

Bootcamp ignited my Wall of Fame ambition

As you may know, AWAI established the Wall of Fame to highlight the success stories of their members; people just like you and me who are living the writer’s life and earning their living as working, in-demand copywriters. I studied all the profiles in-depth at Bootcamp and knew that’s where I wanted to be.

My early ambition to pursue a spot on AWAI’s Wall of Fame really began with the incredible electric energy of Bootcamp. From the moment I arrived at the beautiful sun-drenched Delray Beach Marriott for registration, I shared hugs with AWAI staff I had forged friendships with over the phone. I was soon exchanging business cards with new friends whose copywriting goals and ambitions were the same as mine (even the shy ones were handing out their cards ;-)

In combination, all of these energetic, ingredient experiences fueled my inner fire recipe for success.

But the real nugget for me was the discovery of this little goal-setting tool – the one Denise Ford revealed to us when she said …

“Please add your name to the Wall of Fame White Board”

On the very last day of Bootcamp, in a chandeliered ballroom setting, it was an exciting moment surrounded by all attendees. This one invitation was the key to achieving my goal in claiming my place as an Honoree of AWAI’s Wall of Fame in record time.

It’s s uch a simple goal-setting exercise that many could have easily overlooked its importance.

But it’s a powerful little method that can lead you to the privilege of sitting among that exclusive group. In fact, just nine months after Bootcamp, I was named an AWAI Wall of Famer, living the writer’s life and enjoying the good company of fellow Wall of Famers and AWAI friends.

Are you ready to learn the secret to making the leap into the copywriters Wall of Fame too …?