“Today I Fired My Boss”

‘… And I feel happier and more excited about my future than ever before’

Dear Friend,

My name is Mark Dresner and I’m a corporate refugee.

The most inconceivable thing happened a few years ago at the Fortune 500 computer company where I worked in sales.

Layoffs. Massive Layoffs. Followed by a “merger” with another company.

The result was predictable. Lots of people lost jobs. Just like what’s going on today.

Crazy thinking guy that I am, I actually believed job security was solely based on performance – in my case making sales. Boy was I ever wrong. No one is immune.

We all wondered who was next on the corporate chopping block. Then it became crystal clear my job was at risk.

Does this sound stressful? Oh yeah, to top things off, my paycheck was our family’s only source of income. And we had a monthly mortgage payment and two small kids at home.

Guess how I felt about all this?

Actually … fine. Just fine. No problem whatsoever.

In fact I went on the offensive. I marched right into my boss’ office and told him – “You’re Fired – I’m done with this place.”


Let me tell you how I got to this position of strength (and courage).

A little bit of preparation goes a long way

Once the layoff rumors started flying I took action. After all, you know what they say, “where there’s smoke there’s fire.”

Here’s what I did. First I imagined what my dream job would look like. We’ve all done that before. Right?

Well my list looks like this:

How’s that for a list? Sound impossible?

Fact is I did it. I created my own dream job. And it wasn’t luck or good fortune that got me here. Others have done it – and now you can too.

I discovered a new calling that uses all of my previous work experience, hobbies and interests in exciting new ways. I was also able to quickly use freshly acquired skills – and make money – almost immediately.

Best of all I was able to learn everything I needed at my own pace from leading experts in the field. And when I was done I never looked back on the drudgery of a nine to five existence again.

My Discovery Revealed

What was this new calling I discovered? Copywriting. The ability to put together words that make people want and desire to take action. It’s a skill that is ALWAYS in demand.

It was incredibly easy to learn the secrets of copywriting from a unique program offered by American Writers & Artists (AWAI). They’re famous for training some of the world’s best-paid and most sought after copywriters.

Previous writing skills and a big-word vocabulary aren’t needed at all. Actually it’s much better and easier if you have little or no previous formal writing experience.

Now the idea of writing letters (like this one) for money may seem strange or impossible to you. I can only offer this one piece of advice. Take the few minutes needed to read through the rest of his letter. It may well be the most important and life-changing thing you ever do.

As for me, for the first time in my life I am doing the work I love and enjoying all the benefits I listed on my “ideal job wish list”.

But don’t just take my word for it.

Read on and my pal Paul Hollingshead will tell you exactly how to take the same path towards independence I did.

Maybe soon you’ll even want to fire your boss too!

Happy trails.