She Said, “We Don’t Need To Be Rich,
I Just Want To Be Comfortable
and Pay Our Bills on Time.”

Those were the words my wife said as we sat at the kitchen table looking at yet another “Make-Money-From-Home-Opportunity” promising to make us rich for little or no effort.

I knew she was right. But what could we do? Most of my life I’d tried to get to the next dollar, the next big thing, the next promotion but it still left me feeling like something was missing. I always fell short. Why? What was missing? Then … I got a letter like this one in the mail. It was different. It didn’t promise riches or techniques, it offered a solution.

Dear Frustrated Friend,

Imagine you walk to the mailbox and there, you receive a bill in the mail. But, instead of cringing at the sight of another payment and due date you simply smile, go inside and write out a check or make an online payment immediately.

Sound Far fetched?

For most Americans it is. With our larger homes, more expensive cars, mobile phones, cable and satellite bills and monthly memberships of every kind, we just can’t seem to get ahead. In fact, sometimes it’s hard just to keep up.

When Things Get Complicated, Get back to the Basics.

There is a quietly growing, almost secret, trend in America of getting back to the basics. A trend that allows people with an eye to the future to work from home by providing real services. I’m not talking about overpriced lotions and potions or anything to do with talking to friends and family. No---this is a rebirth of skills-based services.

All around you neighbors, friends and family are moving back to the “farm” in record numbers. By “farm” I mean that people are growing their paychecks right form their own homes. Think about it, have you been out during the day to a crowded mall, restaurant or coffee shop and ever asked yourself, “What do all these people do for a living?” They’re working from home. Take a look at these stats reported by the National Association for The Self-Employed:

Sources: U.S. Census Bureau; Home Base Business Facts; Small Business Administration Frequently Asked Questions; IDC Survey; Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy

Skills-Based Services are the Future …
and The Foundation of Every Economy.

Every civilization from Babylonia to America is built upon the skills and efforts of individuals. In the past the skills needed were labor intensive so that we could build the infrastructure of our countries. Today technology rules and new skills are needed every day. But throughout time, only one skill has remained in constant need with ever growing demand.

A “Financially Valuable Skill” That Always Has Been …
 … and Always Will Be in Demand.

By now, you’re wondering and wanting to know what this skill is. Do you have what it takes? Can you learn the one skill that is needed by every single business in the world? A skill that, as best-selling author and multi-million dollar businessman Michael Masterson says, is “a financially valuable skill”.

But first, you’ll probably want to know just how valuable is this “financially valuable skill?” What can it really do for me and my quality of life? Well, That’s up to you and what you need to be comfortable.

However, I know that’s the same question I asked when I received a letter like this one. So, before you discover this financially valuable skill, let me share with you what some average people from all kinds of backgrounds are doing with this financially valued skill.

What Makes You Financially Comfortable?