December 2004

Our Goals For 2005

You achieve more when you have goals—see the goals other copywriters set for 2005.

Save Your Files Right … Make Your Client Happy

Understand file formats and keep your clients happy.

AWAI Member Jim McGovern Tells How to Use Your First Assignments to Build a Strong Portfolio

AWAI member, Jim McGovern shows how he turned his restaurant assignment into a professional package.

Quick Tip: Busting Through Creativity Roadblocks

Quick ways to get your creative juices flowing.

Mastering the Insurance Maze, Part 2: How a Health Savings Account Can Save You Thousands Next Year

Patrick Stevens explains the ins and outs of health savings accounts and how they can save you money.

The Best Places on the Internet for Health Research

Great websites for researching health promotions.

Mastering the Insurance Maze: How to Choose a Health-Insurance Plan

Patrick Stevens explains how to navigate the maze of information when choosing a health insurance plan.

Getting It Right: Increase Your Credibility With Scientific Names

The rules for proper formatting of scientific names.