November 2013

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Go From Busy to Productive in 3 Easy Steps

Become more organized and more productive with these 3 great tips from Michele Peterson.

Companies Can’t Keep up with Copy Needs…

Times are changing! With the explosion of blogging and social media, marketers are constantly creating more and more sales and content pages.

The Writer Every Company Needs

Companies don’t understand how important good copy is – or how much it can boost revenue! Copywriters like you are there to educate and show them the value of good copy.

“Magic” and the Art of Copywriting

Avoid clichés and empty words in your writing. Your reader shouldn’t feel like they’re being sold on something, your job is to keep them engaged and wanting to know more.

Full-Time Marketing Copywriter Needed for Thriving Business

Are you ready to exercise your copywriting muscle? If so, apply for this copywriter position today.

The Ultimate Gift You Could Give

Give yourself the ultimate gift this year, the writer’s life. The gift that so many others have already found. Do what you love, on your own terms…live the writer’s life.

Explore the World with the Writer’s Life

The writer’s life allows you to go wherever you want to go. Choose where you live, where you work, which projects you take – all while making a very comfortable living!

Giving Back with the Writer’s Life

Why do you love the writer’s life? Will Newman loves the freedom the lifestyle gives him. Having the time, energy, and financial freedom to give back is a huge benefit.

5 Rules to Follow When Asking to be a Guest Blogger

Kellie Craft helps you create a winning proposal for landing guest blogging gigs.

The Purpose-Driven Writer’s Life

Flexibility is one of the deeper benefits of the writer’s life. Having flexibility means doing what you need to do in emergency situations, like taking care of a loved one.

Two AWAI Members Win a Major Contract with Clayton Makepeace

Two AWAI members have earned that chance to be mentored by Clayton … as well as a contract for $12,500 plus royalties. Read on to learn about how they earned the opportunity of a lifetime.

What The Writer’s Life Really Means…

The writer’s life has many benefits. Of course there’s the money…but some deeper benefits are flexibility, the ability to give back, and being able to travel as you please.

Live: The Barefoot Writer November Issue

The current issue of The Barefoot Writer packed with advice from tips to improve your writing to questions to ask first clients.

Are You a Good Fit

Freelance copywriting takes a certain kind of person. Not everyone is successful. Answer these 11 questions to see if you're a good fit for the freelancing lifestyle.

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