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How to Make Progress When You’re Busy, Sick, or in Transition

Cindy Cyr reflects back to before she was living the writer’s life and shares a significant thing you can do to make real forward progress towards the writer’s life.

Show & Tell and the Law of Writing Gravity

Cindy Cyr shares her final tips for writing great copy that engages your readers.

Never Run Short of Story Ideas

Cindy Cyr shares how freelancers can be more productive and write more when they have an idea factory to fall back on.

Learn to Grab Your Genius

Cindy Cyr shares her tips on how freelancers can learn to grab their genius by moving past their roadblocks and capturing their best writing.

How to Add Selling Power to Your Direct Mail and Web Copy Using Metaphors

Cindy Cyr shares ways that freelancers can use metaphors to add selling power to their copy.

Create Vignettes to Write Articles Faster

Cindy Cyr shares how creating vignettes can help you write articles faster.

Ten Minutes to Better, Faster Writing

Cindy Cyr discusses how to get better - and faster - at your writing through techniques like Object Writing.

How to Liven Up Your Copy and Connect with Your Reader on a Deeper Emotional Level

Cindy Cyr shares her tips on how to connect with your readers on a deeper level through your copy.

What I Learned From Dan Kennedy About Price Strategy

Cindy Cyr shares the valuable lesson she learned about pricing projects in her freelance business.

How to Be a Quitter Faster

Cindy Cyr shares how you can achieve your goals of becoming a full-time freelancer faster.

How to Create a Pricing Structure that Builds Consistent Income

Cindy Cyr shares tips on how to create consistent income and the secret to creating package plans.

How to Bring Your Writing Game Up a Notch

Cindy Cyr shares tips on how to take your writing - and freelance business - to the next level.

How to Make Sure Your Self-Promotion Succeeds

Cindy Cyr shares that you don't have to be perfect to ensure success in your freelance business.

Who Needs Samples? Creating Mini-Stories to Land as Many Clients as You Need

Cindy Cyr explains how creating mini-stories can be just as good as samples – if not better - when it comes to landing clients.

How to Create Breakthrough Moments

Cindy Cyr shares her Bootcamp experiences and how you can achieve the same success when you attend.

How to Shed Working Guilt

Cindy Cyr shares how you can get rid of your work guilt and celebrate instead.

A Work-at-Home Environment that Promotes Success

Cindy Cyr shares how you can create a work-at-home environment that promotes success - and helps others become your biggest supporters.

A Powerful Source of Motivation that's Right at Your Fingertips...

Cindy Cyr shares how you have all the motivation you need right at your fingertips – and shows you how to use it.

Eliminating Behaviors that Hold You Back

Cindy Cyr shares how certain behaviors can hold you back - and how to avoid them.

12 Tips to Limit Distractions and Get More Done

Cindy Cyr shares 12 tips that will help you get more done every day.

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