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Good Marketing: Keep Chewing Your Project

Brian Whitaker explains why rumination is essential to quality, and three areas to focus on to deliver good marketing.

Good Marketing vs. The Review Wars

Brian Whitaker outlines a six-step feedback review process to prevent endless and conflicting customer reviews and protect good marketing.

Bringing Your Client From Bad to Good Marketing

Brian Whitaker discusses the reasons for bad corporate B2B marketing, and offers five tricks of the trade that make good marketing.

What is “Good” B2B Marketing Copy? – Part 2

Brian Whitaker defines what is good marketing from the perspective of B2B managers and how to recognize effective messages.

What is “Good” Marketing Content – Part 1

Brian Whitaker defines the two types of B2B marketing and what is good marketing from the perspective of B2B managers.

My Obstacles: Unmasked

Brian E. Whitaker examines his eight key self-created obstacles and action plans to overcome them.

Obstacles on the Inside

Brian E. Whitaker recognizes the obstacles he’s creating himself and designs an action plan to change.

Sideways Thinking About Obstacles

Brian E. Whitaker is faced with external obstacles that threaten his productivity.

Reputation Counts – Part 6

Brian E. Whitaker focuses on the importance of right action, and ask his clients for help building his reputation.

Reputation Counts – Part 5

Brian E. Whitaker discusses the importance of staying connected both with clients and other freelancers.

Reputation Counts – Part 4

Brian E. Whitaker shares a great way of keeping track of clients to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward every time you talk.

Learning From the Best

When learning a new skill or trade, learning from the best is obviously the road to take. Brian E. Whitaker tells you where you can find the best to learn freelance copywriting from.

Meeting New Friends that Help You Grow

Breaking the isolation of freelancing is a tough tasks, but Brian E. Whitaker gives some of the benefits of finding a group to be a part of.

Working Past Worry

Brian E. Whitaker discusses many of the common fears associated with becoming a freelancer.

Cutting the Cost of Getting Started

Are you looking for lower-cost ways to kick off your transition? Brian E. Whitaker has been researching some ways to set up as a freelancer while saving money.

Finding Your Excitement in Opportunity

Like a kindergartner on the first day, Brian E. Whitaker talks about the excitement, and nerves, that come with starting as a freelance copywriter.

New Clothes for Your New Career

Brian E. Whitaker recounts the switch from the corporate life to the writer's life to help you better understand the transition.

Reputation Counts – Part 3

Continuing on the theme of one's reputation, Brian E. Whitaker talks about how you present yourself in your copy can affect the way you are perceived by clients.

Changing Like a Kindergarten Kid

Brian E. Whitaker helps put the major life change starting a freelance copywriting career into perspective and make it a reachable goal.

Reputation Building: Exceed Expectations

Brian E. Whitaker dives into the murky idea of "reputation" and how to improve yours in the eyes of your clients.

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