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Reputation Counts

Brian E. Whitaker gets into one of the hardest parts of getting clients to overcome: your likability.

Honey Attracts Bees, and ... Attracts Clients?

Brian E. Whitaker is finding the ups in the writer's life, after a week of experiencing the downs.

Getting Derailed By Bad News

Brian E. Whitaker talks honestly about setbacks and their cumulative nature.

Dropping Food and Clients

Brian E. Whitaker talks the ins and outs of dropping a client.

The Power of Camaraderie

Brian E. Whitaker has some great tips for finding like minded copywriters to help you get the most from the writer's life.

Reluctance to Market

Marketing yourself is often a tough job, but Brian E. Whitaker explains it can be easier than you think.

The Power of Full Commitment

Brian E. Whitaker is all-in and you should be too.

Five Ways to Make Space in Your Head

Brian E. Whitaker talks about taking responsibility and how it can help grow both yourself and your copywriting business.

The Power of Stories Transforms

Brian E. Whitaker recounts the talk Ed Gandia gave at the B2B Intensive and how it taught him to break through his self-imposed limits with insights, skills, and good old-fashioned hard work.

Making Room for Transformation

Brian E. Whitaker discusses the life changing transformation that starting the writer's life requires.

The Power of Habits

Brian E. Whitaker talks habits, both good and bad, and how they can transform your copywriting career.

A New Productivity Technique

Brian E. Whitaker turns to a tried-and-true technique that boosts productivity and increases focus.

The Power of Big Work

Brian E. Whitaker wants you to tackle the big work on your schedule.

Rebuilding the House While Living in It

Brian E. Whitaker recounts the decision to take on multiple projects, and how to value multitasking's worth.

Minding Your Mindset

Fear can take you out of reality and into the nether realm of "what-ifs." Brian E. Whitaker brings his mindset back to the real world, and realizes it isn't so scary.

That Thing is Evil – Part 2

Brian E. Whitaker is discovering that stretching yourself professionally can lead to great flexibility in future endeavors.

That Thing is Evil – Part 1

Brian E. Whitaker is looking evil in the eye. Learn how he’s tackling a new daunting project.

The Competition Doesn’t Matter – Part 2

Owning your persona, being who you are, is what will set you apart in your freelance writing career. Brian E. Whitaker talks about how he personally learned this lesson.

The Competition Doesn’t Matter – Part 1

Brian E. Whitaker answers one of the most asked questions in the freelancing world: how do you price your services?

The Fly-Fishing Epiphany

Brian E. Whitaker gets a little perspective on fishing and the writer’s life.

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