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The Fifth Secret of B2B Marketing

Brian E. Whitaker shows you some ways to learn from your clients to make your copywriting stronger.

Where's the Safety Net?

Brian E. Whitaker finds safety in planning.

The Fourth Secret of B2B Marketing

Learning about the product is essential in copywriting, and Brian E. Whitaker has some great ideas to help you access that information.

The B2B Marketer's Third Little Secret

Brian E. Whitaker is here to help you inject new life into the marketing of your clients, and how to set your copy apart from the rest.

The Secret Upside of B2B Copywriting

Brian E. Whitaker defines the three audiences a B2B copywriter has to address to be a truly great copywriter.

The B2B Marketer's Second Little Secret

Brian E. Whitaker demystifies the B2B marketer, and how you can use that information to add value to your B2B copywriting services.

B2B Marketing's First Little Secret

Knowing your clients is essential in the writer's life, and Brian E. Whitaker spent years on that side of the field. Now as a B2B copywriter, Brian illuminates many of the driving factors behind marketing managers decision.

The Five Secrets of Great B2B Copy

Brian E. Whitaker brings in some outside knowledge to shed light on some of the obvious, but possibly untapped, ways B2B copywriters can bring value to themselves and their clients and write the best copy possible.

The Balancing Act

Brian E. Whitaker explains how he is finding work/life balance in the writer's life.

Cracking the Marketing Nut – Part 2

Brian E. Whitaker explains his marketing and website stats, and how to read them to increase the effectiveness of campaigns.

Cracking the Marketing Nut – Part 1

Brian E. Whitaker details some of the ways he is marketing his new site.

Finding the Website Way – Part 3

As his website nears completion, Brian E. Whitaker finds the value in tooting one's own horn.

Losing the Website Way – Part 2

While trying to launch his website, Brian E. Whitaker is learning how much it pays to know your limitations.

Losing the Website Way – Part 1

Brian E. Whitaker wades through some muck as he tries to build his website, and reminds us that it's often a small price to pay for the results you are looking for.

Edit the Old Habits from Your Story

As he fully dives in, Brian E. Whitaker is quickly learning that the writer's life is nothing like corporate life.

Old Comforts Die Hard – Part 1

Brian E. Whitaker talks candidly about leaving his corporate job to pursue the writer's life.

Becoming the Life of the Party on LinkedIn

Brian E. Whitaker offers practical steps for engaging with prospective B2B clients on LinkedIn.

Breaking the Ice: Using LinkedIn to Connect to B2B Marketers

Brian E. Whitaker explains how to use LinkedIn to connect with potential B2B clients.

Finding ROI in the Most Buzzed About Social Media Site

Brian E. Whitaker reveals a social media site perfect for finding prospective B2B clients.

Finding the Best B2B Prospects at a Fortune 500 Company

Brian E. Whitaker outlines his best tips for finding the best B2B prospects at a Fortune 500 Company.

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