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3 Key Lessons I Learned Going From Zero to $103,000 in 11 Months as a Writer (Part 2)

Marketers are notoriously busy creatures. Joshua Boswell shares the key to get them to respond and give you more projects.

3 Key Lessons I Learned Going From Zero to $103,000 in 11 Months as a Writer (Part 1)

Accelerate how fast you land clients for your new writing business with this game-changing strategy. It may seem simple… but it works!

Ice: The Grand Secret to Endless, Profitable Client Flow

Learn how to find clients that are looking for a writer like you… by understanding this important key to marketing yourself.

Five Quick Ways to Attract Your Ideal Clients Using LinkedIn

One copywriter thought success came from working harder. He was wrong. Now he focuses on high-leverage activities that take less time to yield big results.

15-Minute Exercise Helps Seven-Figure Copywriter Write 4 Promos a Month

Joshua Boswell tells the secret of a successful copywriter who can barely speak English, yet blows away the competition thanks to a 15-minute exercise!

A Financial Firestorm Your Grandchildren Will Talk About

Life-changing events happen in seconds. A split-second decision changed Joshua Boswell’s life. And it can change yours.

The “Secret Sauce” to Automated Client Flow... Even as a Newbie Copywriter

Finding clients (especially great ones) can be challenging for new writers. But not if you know Joshua Boswell’s “secret sauce” for automated client flow.

The Top 5 (And Most Expensive) Rookie Mistakes

When you’re ready to launch your copywriting career, and aren’t sure how to get started, you may be making these 5 rookie mistakes. Here’s what not to do.

Is My Copywriting Good Enough for a Six-Figure Income?

You’re just starting as a freelance writer. No portfolio and few skills. Are you good enough to grab a six-figure income? Expert Joshua Boswell says, YES!

The Day I Lost $5,000 is the Day My Success Finally Began…

Does rejection drive you into depression and non-action? Or can you turn it into opportunity like Joshua Boswell did?

A Copywriter’s Secret to Automated Client Flow

What do ducks, Joshua Boswell's young son, and an acronym called RAS have to do with your achieving the writer's life?

Just Do These Two Things to Win… Step 1: Slay the Beasties... Step 2: Switch on Secret #1

Many so-called “success coaches” tell you the best way to deal with roadblocks is to push through them. Not Joshua Boswell. He has better strategies.

The Most Powerful Truck in the World Can’t Break Through Mt. Everest

Every writer faces roadblocks on the way to the writer's life. Joshua Boswell warns the worst way to defeat those roadblocks is to "push ahead."

A Rich Jerk Was Starving My 6 Kids When I Found 3 Secrets to Living The Writer’s Life

Master Copywriter Joshua Boswell found 3 Secrets to landing high-paying clients when he was at the bottom of a financial and emotional hellhole.

How to Automatically Get More Clients

This three-point program makes finding clients easy and sets you up with a never-ending flow of copywriting projects.

Tapping into What’s Most Important to Your Prospect

Your brain harbors a system that can make you a successful copywriter… if you understand it. Joshua Boswell gives you the secret to using that system.

Power Your Quest for Copywriting Success with the Secret of Peer Perspective

Discovering your strengths is a crucial first step to achieving the writer's life. How can you discover your strengths? Here’s Joshua Boswell’s answer.

A. T. Stewart & Co. Hidden Secret of “Known Demand”

How can the experiences of a young Irish merchant from the mid-1800s help you understand how to achieve the writer's life? Joshua Boswell can tell you.

Only Failures Win

Today Joshua Boswell tackles a taboo subject about success and grabbing the writer’s life. But it’s so crucial, he ranks this subject among his top 4 success secrets.

How 5 Minutes a Week Can Guarantee the Writer’s Life

How much time a week must you spend to solidify the writer’s life? 5 hours? 10 hours? 20 hours? If you think that, it’s time to read Joshua Boswell’s 5-minute secret.

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