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Why Professionals Get Paid Better Even if They Don’t Write Better

Think you have to write better than other copywriters to get paid better? Think again! Today, Joshua Boswell gives you a simple secret to turn your thinking around.

What it Takes to Get Great Clients

What does it take to get great clients? Joshua Boswell introduces you to his 12-point checklist for landing more and higher quality clients.

The Core Offer: The Key to Long-Term, Easy Writing Success

No one can break down complicated, crucial success strategies into simple, easy-to-accomplish steps better than Joshua Boswell. Today: His success secret of the core offer.

What Does it REALLY Take to Win ... and then Enjoy ... The Writer’s Life?

If you’re looking for someone who exemplifies the writer’s life, there’s no one better than Joshua Boswell. Today he gives you his 12-point system for claiming that life for yourself.

Ask These 3 Questions and Watch Your Income Soar

When you control the conversation, you also control your destiny. These three questions put you in the driver seat of living the writer’s life.

Use This 7-Point Checklist to Get Clients to Say, “Yes”

Finding clients to hire you to write for them is easy as long as you’re using this proven 7-point check list that answers their most pressing questions.

Your Success Lies in Finding the Ideal Client

The first step in being a sought after copywriter is choosing the right company to write for. Find that company and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you succeed.

A Secret Formula for Landing High Paying Projects

There’s one thing you need to do when working with a client that could easily mean the difference between one project or multiple ones: Ask a lot of questions.

Why the Best Way to Generate a Steady Stream of Income is Having ONE Client

The secret to making the most money as a freelance writing is working with the same client and getting one project after another. The most profitable marketing work you will ever do is with the clients you already have.

How to Automatically Get More Clients

Three powerful ways you can create an automated client flow system that lets you attract clients for a lifetime, giving you what you really want... the writer’s life.

How to Get Clients to Chase you Down and Get Paid Lots of Money

Follow these three steps to become a unique expert in your copywriting niche and clients will beg you to take on their writing projects, while paying you handsomely.

Tapping Into What’s Most Important to Your Prospect

The secret to all good marketing is to know your clients well enough to know what is most important to them. Here’s how great copywriters stimulates the prospect’s desires, wants and needs.

The Hidden Secret of “Known Demand”

The secret to living the writer’s life, one that has built many great copywriting careers is to know your personal strengths and then match them up with a profitable niche. This simple system shows you how.

What Archimedes Knows About Living the Writer’s Life

A breakthrough system for getting clients willing to pay you handsomely so you can enjoy a lifestyle where you have plenty of income and time to use that money for important things. It's a proven he system developed by one of the country's premier copywriters.

The Ultimate Secret Sauce for Becoming a Winning Copywriter

There’s a secret ingredient to landing high-paying clients and making it big as a writer. It’s already within you. You just have to activate it.

How to Be a Professional in the Eyes of Your Clients

Clients want to work with professionals. Even if you’re a newbie, you probably have the characteristics they’re looking for… know-how and dependability.

How to Choose Your Best Marketing Method

Discover three ways to approach potential clients directly and convince them to hire you. They include direct response and expert status.

How to Be Sure You’re Offering Clients What They Want

Now that you’ve chosen a niche and you know who you’ll be talking with, it’s time to figure out what to offer. Make a list of “known demand” services.

Wanna Succeed As a Writer? Start Here…

Get started on your writer’s life journey now. Here’s the first step for building a super-solid foundation for your copywriting business.

Do Your Clients Have a “Power Core”?

If you master this key indicator, you can identify golden clients… attract them to want to work with you… and create blockbuster copy... all at the same time.

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