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Living Proof: Peter Fogel Reveals How Copywriting and Acting Can Combine for a Profitable Career

Why be a struggling actor or a starving artist? Here, Peter Fogel shares how combining creative fields can lead to greater success in both worlds.

Living Proof: Author Pat McCord Reveals How Copywriting Boosts Her Bottom Line

Fiction writers often need to “keep their day job.” Pat McCord found she can pay all her bills by combining book writing with copywriting for the best results.

Living Proof: AWAI Member Steve Coombes on His Writer’s Life

Steve Coombes built a successful six-figure career as a copywriter to spend more time with his family. See how he did it and how you can follow in his footsteps.

Discover How Meditation Makes You a Better Writer [video]

Write better copy, boost confidence, overcome obstacles, fight writers block and unlock creativity with this life-changing practice.

Richard Armstrong’s “Pitch Perfect” Keynote Speech - The Secret of Singing in Your Customer’s Key [video]

Richard Armstrong's speech at Bootcamp is something all copywriters should see, so Katie has made it available to all ... free of charge. Watch here!

Kathryn Aragon on the “Secret Handshake” to Your Success [audio]

In an interview with Joshua Boswell, AWAI member Kathryn Aragon says Circle of Success is the “secret handshake” into the copywriting industry. Listen here

Money or Abundance? How to Get Both.

If you’ve ever felt any anxiety or fear about becoming a professional writer, meditation can help you focus on building a long-term, profitable career.

Peaceful 3-Step Process to Overcome Procrastination

Procrastination is one of the biggest obstacles for writers to overcome. This 3-step process helps to push past distractions and tame procrastination for good.

A Backwards Way to Unleash Creative Potential

This simple trick helps you soar past mental and emotional blocks you might sometimes face, and frees you up to pursue a long-term career as a paid writer.

From Cluttered Mind to Powerful Copy

If you want to write well, and write things you can get paid for, you need to know how to calm and access that tremendous inner resource – your mind.

How to Be a Wiser (and Richer) Writer

This valuable tool is for anyone who wants to get the most satisfaction out of their career, their personal life, or anything else that’s important to them.

The Antidote to Unemployment?

Check out why running a freelance business beats a full-time job in almost every category.

Let’s Schedule a Meeting

Katie Yeakle extends an invitation and a special offer to attend AWAI's 2012 Bootcamp.

ATTN Info-Marketers: Best Practices for Hiring a Copywriter

Katie Yeakle shares the best practices for hiring a copywriter, including what to look for, where to find them, and what to do once they’re hired.

Your 4-Part Success Springboard

Katie Yeakle reveals her four very best pieces of advice for living a life of freedom and independence as a well-paid, in-demand copywriter.

If Paul Can Do It...

Katie Yeakle tackles three of the most frequently asked questions about AWAI's Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.

21 Gems for Persuasive Writers

Katie Yeakle shares part of a memo she sent to the AWAI team after she was inspired by Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People.

Benefits and More!

Katie Yeakle goes through all the perks and benefits that you’re entitled to with AWAI to help you move down the path to living the writer's life as a copywriter.

Your Questions Answered

Katie Yeakle tackles one of the most popular questions asked on how to live the writer's life. Why, of all the opportunities for writers to make money, should I consider copywriting?

Announcing AWAI’s “Got it Done” Challenge

Starting today … and for the next 7 days … write down every action you take that has or will have a positive and forward-moving impact on your writing career.

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