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Top Ten Reasons To Be At ‘Bootcamp 2010’

If you’re serious about jumpstarting your success in the direct response industry, you don’t want to miss AWAI’s Bootcamp 2010. Here are the top reasons to be at this year’s event.

Q&A With Dan Kennedy: Must You Talk So Much About Money?

An AWAI member asks Dan Kennedy why he focuses so much on money.

Dan Kennedy on Writing for the Web vs. Print

Dan Kennedy on the differences for the freelancer focusing on writing for online media versus those of who focus solely on print copywriting.

How to Transition From a Full-Time Job to Full-Time Copywriting Biz

Ed Gandia explains how to successfully transition from a full time job to a full-time copywriting business, and answers questions on how to make the leap.

What Color Belt Are You?

Michael Masterson is thinking of starting a of belt-ranking system for copywriters, like the one in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. What do you think about this?

The Two “Real Reasons” So Many AWAIers Succeed Because of Bootcamp

Katie Yeakle shows the reasons why so many AWAI-members succeed because of Bootcamp. Learn how Bootcamp can launch your copywriting career, too.

Be a Hero to Your Clients … As a Desktop Marketer

Katie Yeakle introduces you to the perfect career, if you like wearing many hats.

Make Money Without Any Clients

Learn about the information publishing business, where you can hire yourself to create and sell your own products about any topic you’re passionate about.

What Does the Current Economic Crisis Mean to Your Future?

Learn how you can actually benefit from the current state of the economy!

“Glicken” Keeps on Coming

Find out how the AWAI Accelerated Six-Figure Copywriting Program helped AWAI member, Lynn Schlumf sell her home in one week!

Bootcamp Success – And So It Begins …

Learn what to expect at AWAI’s Bootcamp from past attendees.

Behind the Scenes … How AWAI Staff Copywriters Improve Their Writing

A look behind the scenes to see how AWAI’s staff copywriters work on improving their writing. This exercise is easy for you to do at home too.

Success Story: How Ed Gandia Made the Transition from Over-Worked Salesman to Six-Figure Copywriter …

Freelance copywriter Ed Gandia offers some tips on getting a copywriting career started.

Words of Copywriting Wisdom … Private Conversations with Your Prospect

Katie Yeakle passes on an explanation from Jeff Laurie about how a sales letter is like a private conversation between you and your prospect.

A Concerned AWAIer Asks … “Doesn’t more copywriters mean more competition?!”

AWAI Executive Director Katie Yeakle answers a program member’s question about the demand for copywriters in the direct-response industry.

Words of Copywriting Wisdom … The Importance of Writing and Designing for “Scanners”

Katie Yeakle talks about the importance of understanding how people read, and writing accordingly.

How to Get Hired by One of the Country’s Top Financial Publishers

Mike Palmer, who heads up the writing team at Stansberry & Associates, Agora’s largest and most successful publishing franchise, reveals the qualities he looks for when hiring copywriters.

What Bob Bly Looks For in the Writers He Hires …

Bob Bly reveals the qualities he looks for in the copywriters he hires. Keep these in mind the next time you approach a prospective client.

You’re in Good Company…

Katie Yeakle talks about people who have gone on to great success after starting as copywriters.

How to Avoid "Business Opportunity" Scams

Katie Yeakle shows you how to recognize and avoid a “business opportunity” scam.

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