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Quick Tip: Designing E-book Covers … Easily

Mike Klassen shares an easy way to design e-book covers.

Working Collaboratively to Produce Top-Quality Work

Lori Haller talks about why copywriters and designers should work together.

Quick Tip: How to Fix Perspective Problems in Photoshop

Will Newman shows you how to fix perspective problems in Photoshop.

Respect What the Copywriter Is Doing

Mike Klassen shares his advice on working with copywriters.

Quick Tip: The Secret Power of Color

Most people react to colors in a similar way—you can use this to influence your reader's mood and affect response.

How Graphic Design Secrets Will Boost Your Copywriting Success, Part 2

Will Newman shares how graphic design can boost your copywriting success.

3 Reasons Knowing Graphic Design Secrets Can Boost Your Copywriting Success, Part 1

Will Newman shares three reasons why copywriters should get familiar with graphic design.

Quick Tip: Kerning Text to Make It Look More Natural

Will Newman shares some tips on using kerning to make your text look better.

The Lift Note: Direct Mail’s Secret Weapon to Boost Response

Kristin Schwarz reveals the importance of a well-designed lift note.

Quick Tip: Better Scanning

Discover tips for getting better document scans.

Visually Proofing Your Designs

Kristin Schwarz reveals her strategies for proofing designs.

Quick Tip: Taming InDesign File Sizes

Kristin Schwarz with a quick InDesign file management tip.

Quick Tip: How to Boost Impact with a Scholar’s Margin

Kammy Thurman shows you how to use a scholar's margin.

How Specialty Stock Photo Sites Can Make Your Photo Quest Easier

Mike Klassen shares his tips for expediting your photo search.

How to Remove Type from Clip Art

Kammy Thurman shows you how to remove type from clip art.

Designing for Visual Impact

Kammy Thurman shares quick tips that can give your designs more impact.

How to Design a Super-Simple Tear-Off Flap

Kammy Thurman shows you how to design a tear-off flap.

FastStone – A Free, Fast Image Browser

Kristin Schwarz shares where you can find a fast and free image browser.

Using Tints to Change the Look and Feel of a Photo

Discover tips for tinting your photos.

How the Latest Postal-Rate Increase Can Boost Your Value as a Graphic Designer

Kammy Thurman shares how graphic designers can use rising postal costs to increase their value to their clients.

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