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Quick Tip: Why You Shouldn’t Buy Adobe CS3 … Right Now

Advice for determining if you should upgrade to Adobe CS3

Two Time-Saving Features in Acrobat

Discover two Adobe Acrobat features that will save you time.

Quick Tip: A Quick Fix for Image Resolution Confusion

Discover a great resource to answer your image resolution questions.

Quick Tip: Digital Color Meters for Figuring Out Online Colors

Find out how to use a digital color meter.

Quick Tip: Be Careful When Saving JPG Images

Tips for working with jpg images.

What Font Is That? Online Systems to the Rescue

Kristin Schwarz shows you how font recognition programs can help with your designs.

Two IFD Graphic Designer Success Stories

Two graphic design success members share their success stories.

Quick Tip: Find the Perfect Photo … Fast

Discover a great resource for quickly finding the perfect photo.

Quick Tip: How to Save Your Client’s Budget on Color Work

Kammy Thurman shows you how to get the most out of two-color designs.

Don’t Let a Poorly Designed Response Device Ruin Your Sale

Kristin Schwarz shares tips on designing successful response devices.

Quick Tip: End Printer Lingo Confusion

Discover what different and confusing printer terms mean.

What You Need to Know Right Now About Trends in DM Design, An Interview with Rob Davis

Master design, Rob Davis, delves into trends in direct marketing design.

Quick Tip: FREE Expert Instruction on Photoshop and InDesign

Will Newman shows you where you can find free instruction in Photoshop and InDesign.

Avoid Time-Wasting – and Expensive – File Bloopers

Kristin Schwarz shows you some of the most common errors when sending files to a printer.

Quick Tip: Make Your Clients Happy With Smaller PDF Files

Kristin Schwarz shows you how to make your pdf files smaller.

Seven Ways to Create a Stylish Image

Kammy Thurman reveals seven things to consider when you are creating a design for an up-scale client.

How to Keep Your Client Happy by Reducing Mailing Costs

Kristin Schwarz shares strategies you can use to help reduce your clients mailing costs.

Quick Tip: Maneuvering the Commercial Printing Maze Safely

Mike Klassen shares great resources for learning about commercial printing.

Finding the Best Resolution for All Your Photos and Images

Kristin Schwarz shares guidelines for setting the resolution for your images.

Using Your Portfolio to Make the Strongest Impression Possible

Mike Klassen shows you how you can design a portfolio that will land you more of the assignments you want.

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