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Quick Tip: The Smart Designer's Bookshelf

Two books that every designer should have.

How to Design for Optimum Readability

Kammy Thurman relays tips for increasing the readability of your work.

Quick Tip: Hold a Self-Promotion Contest … With Yourself

Kammy Thurman shares a fun way to promote your design services

Harness the Psychological Impact of Colors for Maximum Sales Impact

Kammy Thurman reveals how you can use color to increase the impact of your designs.

Quick Tip: Conquering Quotation Marks

Kammy Thurman shares how to format quotation marks correctly.

For Maximum Success … Avoid Playing It Safe

Will Newman looks at what you might miss if you play it safe.

Quick Tip: How to Use Clip Art Like a Pro

Kammy Thurman reveals how you can integrate clip art into your professional designs.

Control-Beating Secrets from Magalog Master Rob Davis

In an interview, graphic design Rob Davis shares the secrets he uses for record success for his magalog designs.

Quick Tip: Control the Way Prospects Feel About People in Photos

Kristin Schwarz weighs in on how you can up the emotional impact of your photos.

How to Make a Big Impression with Your Practice Exercises and Real-World Projects

Mike Klassen shows how you can turn your Graphic Design Success practices exercises into stand-out portfolio pieces.

Quick Tip: Get Control of Your Fonts with a Free Font-Management Utility

Discover a free tool to manage your fonts.

Roger Parker's 3 Commandments of Effective Design

In an interview, Roger Parker reveals the three rules he uses for every design to make sure his packages are effective.

Congratulations to Cassandra Hooter!

Congratulations to Cassandra Hooter for winning the ATS Logo Design Challenge.

Quick Tip: Quick Typography Shortcuts to Improve Response

Discover typography shortcuts that will make your designs look more consistent.

Quick Tip: Taking the Emotional Temperature of Color

Discover tips for making more effective use of color.

Quick Tip: Mastering Type with InDesign (and Other Layout Programs)

Find out about a valuable resource that can help your designs look more polished.

How to Turn a Project Proposal Into a Powerful Self-Promotional Tool – an Interview With Peleg Top

Kammy Thurman interviews Peleg Top about how you can write stronger proposals that also promote your services

Quick Tip: How To Get Free Paper Samples

Find out how you can get free samples of paper

Quick Tip: A Free Resource for Adding Power to Adobe Products

Discover a resource for getting more out of your Adobe programs.

7 Core Secrets of Building a Highly Profitable Design Business

Discover Lori Haller's recommendations for keeping your design business on the right track.

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