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I Must Say, You’re Cutting This Very Close!

It's not too late to sign up for Ben Settle's new program. See how easy it can be to have your own business, working just ten minutes a day, AND make up to half a million dollars!

Making Hard Choices as a Web Writer

Sometimes you get in a situation where making hard choices is what you have to do to move a project forward. Here’s how to make the best of it.

Is it Time to Simplify Your Copywriting Business

If you’re feeling overwhelmed as a freelancer, it may be time to simplify your copywriting business. Here are some tips to help.

Rescuing a Project That’s About to Go Off Track

Sometimes projects get off track. Rescuing a project that’s in trouble means learning to recognize the warning signs and knowing what to do with them.

Copywriter Success in the Personal Development Niche

Freelancer finds copywriter success and lands top projects in her ideal niche, personal development.

An Editorial Calendar: A Must-Have Tool for Web Writers

An editorial calendar is a powerful tool for web writers. It can help you take your blog from dream to reality and make you more valuable to clients, too.

7 Strategies to Make Your Client Pay What You’re Worth

If I charge too much, the client won't hire me. If I charge too little, I won't be paid what I'm worth. Here are Steve Slaunwhite’s strategies for avoiding this common dilemma.

Ditching the 9 to 5 for Freelance Copywriter Success

Danielle Vick was able to find personal and career fulfillment, as well as copywriter success, in a new career as a freelance writer.

What to Do When the Client Says “Change This”

Every time you send copy off to a client, you want him to say, “This is perfect.” But that almost never happens. Bob Bly offers 4 foolproof answers.

When Being Invisible is Golden …

What does achieving the writer’s life as a successful copywriter have to do with umpiring Little League games? Let master marketer Brian Kurtz tell you.

Seven Savvy Ways to Structure Your Web-Writing Business

When it comes to your web-writing business structure, you have a lot of options. See seven of the most common here.

Package Your Copywriting Services in 8 Simple Steps

If you don’t know how to price your services right, you'll sink into the pit of “desperation pricing.” Follow 8 steps to package your copy services.

The Unusual and Rarely Used Free Investment that Magically Builds Your Web-Writing Business

Investing your skills in your freelance web-writing business is a great way to leverage what you know to bring in more business and make more money.

Setting Fees for Web-Writing Services: How to Overcome Your Own Sticker Shock

Learn how to overcome pricing fears when setting fees for web-writing services, especially your own sticker shock.

The #1 Financial Mistake Freelance B2B Copywriters Make

Whether you’re a new or experienced copywriter, you may be making a big financial mistake when negotiating your fees. Here’s what to do to avoid it.

Take Your Business Global: How to Work with International Clients

You’re not bound to work with local clients. Or even clients in the same country as you. Use these tips to work with international clients.

How to Get New Work from Existing Clients in Three Easy Steps

Getting new work from existing clients will give a boost to your bottom line. Improve your odds of repeat business by doing just one thing differently.

Why Loosening the Niche Knot Makes You a Better Writer

Do you struggle with picking a niche? Fear might be the reason. Learn about common niche fears and how to overcome them.

How Much Should I Charge? The Industry Expert’s Answer May Surprise You

Members’ most frequent questions are about finding clients. The second most frequent? How much to charge? Industry expert Ilise Benun provides some surprising answers to both.

The Mechanics of Getting Paid: A Freelancer’s Guide

You landed the client! Now, what’s the best way to get paid? Here are several options for freelancers, and the pros and cons of each of them.

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