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How To Make Qualified Clients Come To You, 24/7

Mindy Tyson McHorse provides some social media “best practices” for attracting new clients.

Stand Out From the Crowd With Social Media

Find out the purpose behind each social media platform and how you can build a foundation to promote your business instead of just making chatter.

How Rebecca Matter, Pam Foster, and Facebook Helped Me Land a Big Web Client

Steve Roller explains how talking advantage of AWAI’s resources can help you land clients and increase your project fees.

How to Measure the Return on Investment of Social Networking for You and Your Clients

Discover useful tools you can use to track the return on your Social Media investment.

Unlock The Twitter Traffic Tempest – 5 Traffic-Getting Tactics For Your Money-Making Website

Roy Furr explains how to use Twitter to drive traffic to your money-making website.

Everybody Is an Expert

Herschell Gordon Lewis explains how controversy in marketing is worthwhile. In his session at Bootcamp Herschell will discuss “social media” vs. conventional Web marketing.

6 Secrets to Facebook Success for Freelancers

Web Copywriter, Henry Bingaman shows you how you can use to successfully get clients for your freelance copywriting career.

Get Clients to Come to You … Without Ever Leaving Your House Or Making a Single Phone Call

Social networking is an effective way to find new clients for your freelance business – without leaving your house or making a single phone call.

Inigo Montoya Was Right About Social Media Too

Sid Smith explains the real meaning of social media and social networking and how to use both tools to make money.

Social Media Marketing: Proven or Unproven Method?

Robert Nomura discusses his thoughts on social media marketing and includes a helpful checklist to help you establish a good social media marketing foundation.

5 Things You Should Be Doing On Twitter

Sid Smith shares five things he discovered you should be doing on Twitter to keep up with top copywriters and internet marketers.

Add Social Media to Your Marketing Toolbox

Robert Nomura explains two reasons why you should add social media to your marketing toolbox.

3 Powerful Ways to Grow Your Freelance Business With Twitter – Right Now

Copywriter and social networker Henry Bingaman introduces you to one of the most popular social-networking sites, Twitter, and show you how you can use it to grow your freelance writing business.

How AWAI Member Jim Turner Made 10,000 Friends With a Few Clicks of the Mouse

Jim Turner found a way to use social media marketing efforts to get the majority of his clients. Like Jim, you too can use social media to your advantage and gain copywriting clients.

The Power of Social Networking to Fast-Track Your Success

Will Newman takes a closer look at social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace, and explains how they hold tremendous power for you as a copywriter.

4 Ways to Harness the Power of Blogging to Accelerate Your Success

Will Newman takes an in-depth look at blogging: how easy it is to do and how to find clients who will pay you to blog for them. He also explains why blogging for yourself is an easy and attractive way to build your own career.

Three Hot Areas for Web Copywriters

Will Newman introduces three more opportunities for web copywriters – writing for blogs, podcasts, and social networks.

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