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Living The Writer's Life: Bob Sands

“Momentum is much easier to steer than it is to start.” That quote from Bob Sands does a fine job summing up his go-after-it attitude. He’s one of those gems of writers whose career is flying forward at warp speed, though he remains cheerfully approachable and down-to-earth. If ever there was a new writer to learn from, he’s the one. Enjoy his story …

April Issue: Is Writing the “Cure All?”

Just released, the April issue of Barefoot Writer!

March Issue: Mess With Your Brain the Smart Way

Just released, the March issue of Barefoot Writer!

“Bend Time” to Create Your Future Copywriting Success

With a new year comes new goals ... and a new way of achieving them! Our in-house copywriter Tim Matassa listened to a recent Inside AWAI webinar. Check out his take on advice from Barefoot Writer's Executive Editor Mindy McHorse - on accomplishing your goals in 2018.

How We (and You) Beat the Odds

AWAI’s programs and services are never one-and-done. As the industry evolves, our programs keep pace ensuring you have the latest and best information.

[Exclusive VIDEO] 9 Month Pregnant AWAI Member Reveals How She Is Not Letting Travel Restrictions or A “Sold Out” Bootcamp Stop Her From Attending the Copywriting Event of the Year...Video Tells All

Because Bootcamp is the Copywriting Event of the Year it sells out quick! But you don't have to miss out...find out how you can still be a part of this career-changing opportunity - virtually, from the comfort of home.

Living Proof: Mindy McHorse Finally Finds Fulfillment With Copywriting

Bored at work, desperate for a new job. Don’t hop from one job to another start living the writer’s life now. It’s easy with AWAI Circle of Success resources.

Want to Finally Write Your Book? Here’s How …

Writing a book can bring big benefits to your business. But not knowing how to publish and promote your book are common problems. Learn to overcome them.

AWAI Across America Destination — Albuquerque, New Mexico

Christine Butler tells the story of Mindy McHorse, and how sometimes a special commitment can make all the difference.

Introducing … The New Editor of The Barefoot Writer: Mindy McHorse

AWAI is happy to announce that Mindy McHorse is the new editor of The Barefoot Writer.

2011 $10K Challenge Winner

Last week at AWAI’s 2011 FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp, copywriter Mindy Tyson McHorse was named AWAI’s latest $10K Challenge Winner.

FREE EVENT Proven Strategies for Turning Bootcamp into a Money-Making Opportunity

Join this free event to learn how to turn your bootcamp experience into money-making opportunities.

Staying Motivated

Rebecca Matter shares her best practices for staying motivated while on your way to becoming a freelance copywriter.

Rugged Individualism or Group Support? The Key to Maximum Success

Steve Roller discusses the different approaches to achieving your goals as a copywriter, how to reach out for help when you need it, and the journey to becoming a better copywriter.

Congratulations … New Mom Mindy Tyson McHorse is Latest Addition to AWAI’s Wall of Fame

Earning $80,000 part-time, new mom Mindy Tyson McHorse is latest addition to AWAI’s Wall of Fame.

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