Ask the Masters

Ask the Masters:
Don Mahoney & John Forde

QUESTION: “My big problem is directness. I’ve taught school for 18 years (Special Education and Chapter I K-12). I repeat the same things many times and don’t do much explaining. Although this works great for my teaching career, it’s interfering with my copywriting. My question is: How do I get over being so direct? I find I have it all said in a few sentences.”

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Matt Turner Answers Your Questions

QUESTION: “What’s the difference between plagiarism and copyright infringement? How much can I ‘borrow’? As a copywriter, what do I need to know to protect myself?”

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Tips for Interviewing Experts

QUESTION: Recently, an AWAI member wrote us to ask how to go about calling experts and interviewing them. He said, “Being new at doing this kind of research, I’m a little shy and unsure of exactly how to present myself. If I were a journalist, it would be easy. But introducing myself as a direct-mail writer? I think most experts would be reluctant to cooperate.”

We asked Bob Bly and John Forde how they approach experts for an interview.

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AWAI Board Members Answer Your Questions

QUESTION #1: After submitting several spec assignments – and not hearing back from the client – an AWAI member wrote us to ask, “When you don’t know the client personally, how do you follow up?”

QUESTION #2: Another AWAI member asked, “How do you deal with it when a client rewrites part of your work? Should you try to explain the reasons why it was done that way – or simply agree to his changes since it is his product?”

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