In his LOOK OVER MY SHOULDER monthly program on copywriting: •the power of borrowed influence  •how to use analogy-anchors to gain ready acceptance for any idea •5-Step Formula for placing copy into a frame of Personal Relevance for the reader •the power and hazards of Leadership Position Copy •how to use the Declaration Of Agreement •4-word opener for instant rapport •5-Step Price Presentation Copy Formula  •9 Ways to improve readership  •case history: $75,000.00 in 3 days from an ELEVEN PAGE e-mail (yes, long copy works online)

In his MARKETING YOUR SERVICES letter on the business of copywriting: •why “where do I find clients?” is the wrong question – and the more productive question to ask and answer  •10 Smart Questions to ask every new client about his customers – that demonstrates your value  •Project Control: 6 Different Tests to build into copywriting assignments, to multiply your chances of success  •How to achieve conversational credibility with clients – 3 keys  •Copywriter-At-Work: THE List to make before you write  •Can you get rich writing copy? Yes – and here’s how • The Little Lecture to give clients about Offer-Strategy   •How to erase fee resistance before it comes up 

“There’s something you will take from Dan’s Look Over My Shoulder every month… something that, when used properly, can’t help but lead to thousands of dollars in extra income – whether it’s higher royalties because of a copy tip you’ve used… or extra money you’ve earned by better “managing” your client.”  

– Paul Hollingshead, Co-Founder, AWAI

From Dan Kennedy

NOT New.

NOT Improved.

STILL Guaranteed.

Sure, it’s the norm to yell “NEW AND IMPROVED” in advertising – especially at people who’ve ignored a product or offer before. 

But I have no such thing to yell about.

LOOK OVER MY SHOULDER – the unique, unprecedented opportunity to literally look over MY shoulder, at raw, first draft, evolved and final copywriting work commanding high 5-figure and 6-figure fees…in a variety of fields, product categories and media…with IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS of what’s done and why… and even get results, good, bad, ugly… is…

 UNCHANGED… just as it has been, raising the prowess of copywriters, equipping copywriters with “Magic With Which To Attract & Astound Clients”, for more than TEN YEARS!!!! 

And some top-flight copywriters, some direct marketers have stayed as subscribers that entire time. In fact, this highly specialized Letter has the lowest subscriber exit rate of any newsletter I know of, and I consult with - or have consulted with - publishers of over 300 different newsletters.

If you’ve NOT been on-board, you’re missing out on “techniques revealed” - EACH AND EVERY MONTH - that can dramatically strengthen your capability to get results for clients.

I’m so sure you’ll be blown away, I’m gifting you over $500 worth of resources – FREE, yours to keep even if you decide to cancel your subscription. Which you can do, anytime, month to month.

Also, NOT New or Improved: my MARKETING YOUR SERVICES – FOR FREELANCERS LETTER, all about “Client-Getting”; about THE BUSINESS OF freelance copywriting, writing and consulting.  No reason to change this either. And you get it right along with LOOK OVER MY SHOULDER.

Here are all the details….

Of course, this is a limited offer …

Elevate Your Insight, Skill, And Ability
To Get And Optimize Clients And
Boost Your Income As A Copywriter -
In Just One Evening A Month

Because you’re with AWAI …
I’ll give you over $500.00 in FREE GIFTS directly relevant to your success as a copywriter just for saying “MAYBE” to my complete offer …


My name is Dan Kennedy.

Two to three days most weeks, I make the 5-minute commute with brief stop at the “Starbucks” i.e. coffee machine in my kitchen, downstairs to my spacious subterranean office, put brain in gear and fingers on keyboard, and produce the “copy that sells” for my clients … for which I am routinely paid from $50,000.00 to $150,000.00 per project and more plus royalties … totaling well over One Million Dollars every year.

THE SAME KIND OF INCOME AND AUTONOMY is well within reach of any copywriter ‘worth his salt’ as a writer – if he understands the same writing, speed of writing, client-getting and client management strategies, which I lay out every month.

I do this, incidentally, while also having time to write at least two books every year (there are 19 currently on bookstore shelves), write seven paid-subscription newsletters each month, churn out syndicated articles and other content, have active entrepreneurial interests, occasionally speak, split time between two homes, and watch over my stable of harness-racing horses — even drive professionally myself in over 150 races a year. But it’s the first paragraph that’s important to you, the one about the 5-minute commute, the million-dollar income. About it, I want to put three questions to you …

First Question:

Do you think, if you were invited into my “cave,” to peer over my shoulder, to see how I pull my raw material, research, and thoughts together … to see the actual copywriting work I do, in every stage — first drafts, final work … to quiz me and get in-depth analysis of the “Why” behind the copy — the psychology, the choice of stories, the structure of the headlines, a thorough anatomical dissection of the work, in some cases line by line, item by item … were privy to results, both good and bad … if you were “inside” seeing copywriting that earns me a million-dollar income and produces over $50-million in an average year for my clients — would that sharpen your copywriting power?

Before you answer, also consider the shoulder you’re looking over is attached to a copywriter with 40 years’ experience. Yet I’m as current as that tweet you got a minute ago. ‘Cuz I’m showing you work being done for — and making, as my old friend Gary Halbert often said, “mucho fungolas” for my clients — right now, this minute, with every media. I’m NOT a teacher of theory and “ideas” or of ancient history and distant memory. I’m on the firing line today.

And before you answer, let me mention one other thing: SPEED. Not only am I the highest paid copywriter I can find, I’m almost certainly the fastest. And that second thing makes the first thing possible. I don’t spend weeks and weeks puttering around, producing an ad or a sales letter. What takes most pro copywriters a month to finish and deliver, I do in three days. But I’m not some mutant freak. I have trained and conditioned myself for this just as an athlete trains, plus I have and use “shortcuts” and “reliable re-cyclables,” and I have a particular approach to work, all of which makes prolific production at high speed possible. You might be interested in this, too.

So, now, that first question: do you think actually looking over my shoulder and seeing my work progress through stages and in various stages and having me dissect and analyze it for you would be valuable to you? (How could it not?)

Question Two:

Do you think, if I showed you how I attracted clients (“then” and now) … how I attract truly outstanding clients, how I’ve set up an “assembly line” that brings new ones to me regularly, how my “feeder system” works, how I handle the beginning of the relationship so I have control, how I structure and easily get top compensation, how I diagnose what offers best chances of success rather than just writing by assignment … how I make my money as a copywriter — could a true “inside look” at that boost your income, get you to where you want to be in this business faster?

You might ask: why on earth would I reveal such information to competitors? You skeptic you. Well, over 85% of all my clients return to me at least from time to time, some every year like geese returning to our near-by lake every spring, or stay in on-going relationships, so I’m pretty booked up. In 2014, for example, I’ve taken on only four new clients and turned down nine. And I’m deliberately cutting back year to year on work, and bluntly, could stop earning any more income now and not run out of money for the rest of this lifetime and maybe the next. So, I’m just not worried about competitors. Never really have been, which is why I’ve often invited other pro copywriters and marketing consultants into my events to speak, into my publications, given them exposure to my primary ‘client pool’. No, I have no need to hold anything back nor any hidden agenda. In fact, I enjoy presenting my business methods. There’s quite a bit that I do that’s very different from anything you’ve been told about the getting and keeping and optimizing income from clients, and I actually resent the fact that high-skill people who could be of great help to clients and to the economy as a whole, and could easily achieve their dreams of top income and liberty and status as writers are sabotaged by “b.s.”. I get a kick out of revealing what really works. Of course, to be completely frank and blunt, most people who claim great desire for top incomes and prestigious, rewarding careers as copywriters aren’t really willing to do what it takes to make that happen, so I know full well that I can hand out the treasure maps in big quantities and have very few ever make their way to the gold mine. The few that do are welcome — there’ll still be more than I could ever want.

Anyway, here’s Question #2 again: do you think being let in on my business methodology as a copywriter can lead you to client-getting, income, and status breakthroughs? (Hint: if you’re ready for truth, if you can handle the truth, if you are sincerely committed to a great income and great lifestyle based on being a high-paid copywriter, the answer to this question is a resounding Yes. But to be fair, I’m presenting advanced information absent any sugar-coating or dumbing-down, so if you’re merely a casual dilettante or someone who prefers pleasant delusions to truth; if you refuse to approach copywriting as a business, then the answer’s probably ‘not for you’.)

Finally, my third question: fully considering your answers to question #1 and question #2, will you give me just one evening a month to sharpen your skills and ability to get maximum results for clients AND empower you to attract the clients you need to earn the income you desire as a copywriter? If you seriously study each month’s LOOK OVER MY SHOULDER and you do the same with each month’s MARKETING YOUR SERVICES, you will invest a few hours. The equivalent of an evening. And everybody on American Idol  or Dancing With The Stars will get by without you watching.

So let me give you the details …

If you act now, you can get in at a nicely discounted, AWAI exclusive rate – and get MARKETING YOUR SERVICES – FREE!

LOOK OVER MY SHOULDER is sometimes 8 pages, sometimes 20, occasionally 50. I never know until I assemble it each month, because it comes 90% from actual copywriting work I’m embroiled in at the moment; new projects, projects in progress, finished projects … for my clients and for businesses in which I have an interest. Each LOMS contains actual EXAMPLES of the work in raw, down ‘n dirty draft stage or finished or somewhere in between, sometimes merely there to study with general comments, other times dissected like a frog in biology class with each piece analyzed in microscopic detail. One way or another, I don’t just show you what I did — I tell you why I did it. And most importantly, this is NOT like any number of “newsletters” where some fresh-faced kid right out of college and appointed editor is “reviewing” ads and websites and direct-mail campaigns. This is the guy doing it and getting paid big money to do it showing ‘n telling what and why.

Along with the Examples and specific analysis, I also “teach” almost every month, talking about what’s going on in my copywriting life, and extracting principles, strategies, even handy checklists from the work. Now and then I show you somebody else’s work or stuff from my personal archives, too. You also see the “mistakes” — not just the home runs.

Admittedly, the whole thing is pretty inconsistent. It’s definitely not a polished ‘n pretty newsletter with fancy graphics and pictures and pastel colors. I prepare it myself on my Mac, print it out, attach the Examples, and it gets copied just like that. And the content, as I said, varies based on whatever I’m working on — and to a degree, my mood. It’s a lot like coming to my workplace for a few hours, pawing around in my work-stacks and maybe even trash cans, and saying “Hey, what’s this?” and getting me talking about some of the work. There’s nuthin’ else like it, that’s for sure. Which is why it’s NOT “new and improved.” 

So, why haven’t you already been on-board?

Maybe you didn’t know. Fixed now.

Maybe the money? Well, about the investment: it’s not “Wal-Mart priced.”  It’s value is too great.  Different people are paying slightly different rates – based on membership status in different groups, private client status with me, getting LOMS “bundled” with other publications and so on. What AWAI has worked out for you is THE LOWEST net fee anyone is getting. Thanks to your connection with AWAI, you invest just $87.00 a month.

Is that a lot? Or a little? If it’s a tough pill to swallow financially, you probably need it, urgently. If you’re a pro or damn serious about being one and gag at $87, something’s very seriously wrong. I smell a rat: voiced ambition but little commitment.

Obviously, if you somehow managed to go a whole year and extract only one “trick” you only used once to get better results for and thus keep or get referrals from just one client, and a not very good client at that, LOMS would earn its keep! It’s an enormous bargain for the right person, although over-priced for the wrong one. If the fee “bothers you,” you shouldn’t question it — you should question your commitment to success and excellence as a copywriter. They don’t call me ‘the professor of harsh reality’ for nothing. It’s $2.90 a day. Can’t park at Starbucks and send tweets for that.

But, as we say, wait ‘cuz there’s more!

I provide a second Letter every month: MARKETING YOUR SERVICES, in which I focus on the getting, care ‘n feeding of clients; your marketing of yourself; your compensation; leverage of client relationships. Business. Money. This Letter – MYS – will come to you right along with LOMS.

As long as you’re an LOS subscriber, thanks to your AWAI connection, you ALSO get MYS each and every month.

MYS alone could “SET YOU FREE”!!! – it could liberate you from poor, too-small, too-dumb, argumentative, unappreciative clients … liberate you from scrounging and begging for work … liberate you from low fees and wrangling over fees … lead you to ‘the promised land’ of good, financially strong, respectful clients who honor and value your work.

If you read DM NEWS or other trade journals, you will see ads in the back pages offering ‘free copy critiques’ or free consultations by copywriters with 10, 20, even 30 years’ experience, some “big names” – and that IS SAD. To be cruel, it’s pathetic. Why would these pros need to do this? Shouldn’t they have a “bank” of clients and a waiting list and abundant referrals by now? In saying this, I pass no judgment on their skill as copywriters. But I will say, in “business development,” they have to suck. I stopped doing free consults my 2nd year. 38 years ago. I won’t even have lunch with anybody free. I stopped doing “pitches” to prospective clients free my 2nd year too. Even big direct-marketing companies like Weight Watchers and Amway and Mass Mutual Insurance had to pay my daily fee for me to visit with them and “pitch” them. I have never run ads offering free copy critiques or consults and would never recommend the practice – it’s demeaning. To each their own, but I promise you, there are much, much, much better ways to attract high-value clients, whether you’re a beginner or veteran. And I reveal those “better ways” as we move along month to month with MYS.


Since you are paying as we go, by the month, with no year or two-year commitment and no payment in advance, well, you take no risk. Every month I crawl out on a limb over a cliff and you can saw it off if you decide to. You can cancel your subscription at any time with zero hassle. You can play Trump, point and say DAN, YOU’RE FIRED! No forms to fill out, no tele-marketer to talk to, no questions asked. Just say: stop. (By the way, we don’t even have any staff. I write these and my friend, Pete Lillo, known far and wide as Pete The Printer, prints it, puts everything in a nice package and sends it to you. If you need something or decide to yell “Stop,” you’ll be simply sending a fax to his little home office where either he or his wife will pick it up and handle it. So don’t worry about ever being browbeat about anything by anybody.)

But as long as you’re an LOMS subscriber, you’ll be getting MYS.

Oh, and if you do decide to FIRE ME, the $500 in Free Resources are yours to keep – FREE.

Here’s a run-down on those Resources….

Your friends at AWAI have arranged for something else – a big basket of nifty goodies handed to you like a welcome-to-your-new-home basket. As soon as you join up, you’ll be sent:

1: The transcript of a Roundtable of Master Copywriters Discussion that I conducted, previously doled out to LOS subscribers over months. John Carlton participated. David Deutsch participated. More. I probe ‘em and get to what they do to consistently produce maximum-results copy.

2: A special newcomers’ edition of Marketing Your Services, which will set the stage for us going forward — and includes a powerful article about how to educate a client about proper testing, so you expand your writing assignment (and increase your fee), while multiplying your chances of creating a big success for the client. This alone is worth the whole price of admission! (Read this issue three times and click your heels like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz and watch, magical things’ll happen — it’s that powerful.)

3: The ‘Best Of’ Collection, which includes five previous editions of LOS, which I’ve selected personally — to give you the most amazing bag o’ tricks. At regular subscription rates, by the way, this one is worth about $500.00. This Manual also includes — for the first time — my ‘Bookshelf List’, which tells you about the reference books on my top shelf that I rely on most, 20 books I believe any copywriter worth his salt must read, even websites and other resources you need to use.

4: My Special Report: How To Command Respect As A Copywriter: Five Things The Client Must Know. This is only available with this offer.

5: A unique audio CD, titled ‘This Writing Life’, in which Katie Yeakle and I discuss a far-ranging variety of topics about making a great living by writing.

6: A copy of one of my “NO BS SERIES” BOOKS that shows you how I “make my case” to prospective clients.

You get the whole welcome-basket … worth considerably more than $500.00 at publisher’s pricing, but potentially worth a huge pay-off for you in income, fulfilling elusive career goals, liberty … ALL FREE. And it’s all yours to keep no matter what. You could “stick us.” You could subscribe, stay for just one month, holler “stop” and grab all these resources given to you as your welcome-gift for keeps. I’m betting — based on experience — you won’t. I’m betting you will be so impressed with LOMS and MYS that you wouldn’t leave no matter what. The most common comment made about me is: “every time I give Dan Kennedy money, I make a lot more.” I’m proud of that. Very recently, at a seminar, I asked everybody who believed they’d spent at least $10,000.00 with me to stand up and of the 200 there, over 150 stood. I asked those who’d spent over $50,000.00 to stay up and about 60 did. At $100,000.00, it dropped to about 30, but then quite a few in the room were young. (I call that ‘the principle of demonstration’, incidentally.)

So, here’s what to do:

You can read the further introduction of me from Mark Ford that immediately follows or click on ENROLL NOW, zip over to the Acceptance Form, and get back to Mark’s note afterward. Either way, just fill out the simple ACCEPTANCE FORM and click SUBMIT when you’re done for instant processing.

Your big welcome basket will be on its way to you within days. Remember, everything that arrives in that big box is yours to keep, no matter what you decide about staying with me. It’s yours, no strings attached. All you’re committing to now is a “definite maybe”!!! – then each and every month you get to be my judge and jury and decide if I’ve delivered, in every sense of the word.

There is just one teeny-tiny lil’ “catch” to all this. Just one.

Exclusively for AWAI, for this brief time only, I’ve built a very, very, very generous offer. It is “over-built,” like putting a 460 horsepower V-8 engine in a cute little SmartCar. So, it can’t last.

If you want LOMS at THE preferred AWAI rate + MYS tagging along every month + the big welcome basket of goodies free + pay as you go with no commitment, no advance payment, and option of canceling any time you like … you need to enroll RIGHT NOW.

You know, when most copywriters hear – from me or told to them by somebody else – of my giant project fees, my top income, my secure position with a great stable of repeat and on-going clients, my lifestyle including two homes, travel by private jet, three collector cars, racehorses … of the demand for my services … most envy me, a few resent me. Some think it crude to wave it like a flag as I just did here. I don’t mean to be Trumpish though. I mean to be inspiring. And for the record, I have a high school education — no college; I’m a self-taught copywriter and marketer – no apprenticeship, mentor, years in somebody else’s agency. I made this from a lump of clay on my own. I have A LOT to give and share and reveal, and a genuine desire to help people get what they want out of life – and if that’s as a copywriter in whole or part, try and find a better “guide.” So, hey, please don’t resent me or envy me. Join me. CLICK NOW FOR ACCEPTANCE FORM


Dan S. Kennedy

P.S.: Recently a guy who has – himself – written eight different sales letters that have each produced over $1-million for his company still hired me to write a direct-mail and online marketing campaign for him, paying a fee of $68,000.00 plus royalties. Wouldn’t you love to have the level of skill and “attraction” to get such a client? To play at this level? And imagine NEVER having to worry about where work might be coming from? See yourself living ‘the copywriter’s life’ … have laptop, work anywhere you like … Secure in your abilities to get and keep clients and produce results for them. This is waiting for you behind the LOS+MYS door.

P.P.S.: There’s always the temptation to WAIT. For what? Most can’t really spit out any sensible, rational reason. They just hem and haw and mull and ponder, until the impulse to move forward dissipates. This is how so many stay so stuck. If you aren’t going to get SERIOUS about your ambition now, well, when? And what will it take beyond one of the most successful copywriters in America offering unique “back door” insight into both his copywriting and business methods with zero risk, at a cost roughly equivalent to a Starbucks run a day??? (By the way, I own Starbucks stock, so, by all means, keep going to Starbucks. But don’t let the price of a double latte stop you from becoming the copywriter you can be and having the copywriting career you want.)


P.P.P.S. – a few words from LOS subscribers …

“The interview between the Dan and Katie is worth the price of admission, but reading just one past issue of LOOK OVER MY SHOULDER also triggered inspiration for a headline I was working on; another showed me how to re-position a product with copy to create a new business … I can’t list everything I’ve gained so far.  Then there is the Marketing Your Services Letter, with his 3-part formula … instantly broadened my horizons …” 

– Cathy Chapman

“I’m an original, charter subscriber — I’ve had the richest years for my marketing company (working with the dental profession) thanks in part to examples right out of L.O.S. For example, following your tips on lead generation in one issue, I wrote one letter that brought in $120,000.00. Another letter based on concepts presented in L.O.S. brought in $300,000.00 at 76% net profit.

– Jerry Jones,
“Loyal follower since 1997.” Jerry Jones Direct

“One idea from L.O.S. helped me rake in $220,000.00, for a new product I’d never sold before — in my old business. Now I study each issue intently, to turn around and create great marketing for my clients as well as my own companies.”

– Deam Kilingbeck, GetCustomersNow

 … and about Dan Kennedy’s copy strategies …

“I’ve been using your ideas for 2 years … with a direct-mail campaign that sends over 750,000 pieces a month to homeowners … carefully implementing your advice has resulted in a 300% increase in profits.”

– Doug Hinton, V.P., Seacoast Equities

“… the one idea you gave us has made us the most money ever in such a short time — within 9 weeks, $271,752.34 on a mailing that cost only $11,714.41. Of course, you’ve helped us make money since 1993 …”

– T.J. Rohleder, MORE Inc.

“… two of your strategies increased sales of my mail-order business by 86% …”

– Mal Emery (Australia)

“Dan, you have erased the mystery of writing for me. Never again will I sit with my head in my hands struggling to write my sales letters. I’ll write more now, and writing more means more money in my pocket.”

– Michael Gravette, CEO,

“… huge breakthrough that I must tell you about. I decided to put on a cosmetic surgery seminar. I did a classic Kennedy-style promotion … a tabloid-style, ‘unprofessional’ advertorial in my local newspaper, recycled that ad as a giant postcard 2 weeks later … results: 300 registered! 250 showed up! 140 booked appointments and, so far, we’ve booked over $100,000.00 in procedures …”

– Peter Ursel M.D. (Canada)

From other copywriters …

“Dan is one of the few copywriters who puts his own money where his mouth his, writes copy for his own projects and brings in millions …”

– (the late) Gary Halbert

“There have been great copywriters in the past 25 years that are without peer. After the death of Eugene Schwartz, there are only three left living and you, Dan Kennedy, are one of the three! Your copywriting advice has helped me write copy that makes more than $60-million a year.”

– Sonia Amoroso, marketing executive/chief in-house copywriter, Naturopathica/Skin Doctors Cosmeceuticals

“ … one specific campaign I did for a high-end land developer with your strategies and examples boosted response to their event by 210% from the previous year …”

– Troy White,

“This gold coin is a little gift … every Thanksgiving, I send one to a fellow professional in our industry whose work I’ve greatly admired, and whose unselfish sharing of ideas has helped me and my clients make money. That’s particularly true in your case. Your newsletters, your books have given me so many golden ideas that have helped me and my clients enormously. For all your products, you’ve shamelessly UNDERCHARGED me all these years.”

Gary Bencivenga

“Thank you for being one of three people I credit most with helping me achieve financial independence.”

– Yanik SSilver,
author, ‘Moonlighting on the Internet’.


From: Mark Morgan Ford

Dan Kennedy told me he has dog-eared copies of my books on his “A” shelves, and AWAI’s work in his ‘swipe files’, as I do his books, his work. A little secret I’ll reveal here, one of the top-performing copywriters at Agora right now came “trained on Kennedy.” There’s no doubt, Dan has a razor-sharp marketing mind and an extremely effective approach to writing copy that succeeds. An opportunity to observe him in action as a copywriter – what we’ve arranged for you – is priceless.

But really, no opinion of him or his work matters much, including mine. The proof is in the pudding of the marketplace. There, Dan has made a name for himself, made a personal fortune for himself, and established an unending, ready market for his services as a copywriter… demand that outstrips his willingness to work….that has stood all tests of time. He has succeeded for his clients and prospered himself for 30 years. At AWAI, we know just about every professional copywriter in the entire country and I can assure you, you won’t use up the fingers of both hands listing those in his league, in terms of demand, fees, total earnings or longevity in client relationships. Any way you care to measure, he’s at the top of our profession.

From the standpoint of AWAI, what is equally important is that he got to the top by deliberate design, by systematic approach, with methods anyone sufficiently motivated and disciplined can mimic. He began with no advantages. And even if you do not aspire to his level of success in this field, you can better and more quickly break through the difficulty of early years when clients seem hard to come by….you can better and more quickly sharpen the skills that impress clients, command respect from clients and lead to profitable results achieved for clients…better and more quickly create whatever income you desire as a copywriter by being invited in by Dan, to the ‘behind the scenes’ of Dan, to see and hear firsthand from Dan how he writes copy that succeeds so magnificently so reliably for clients in so many varied businesses and how he has marketed himself and continues to market himself, and position himself, to attract more of the most appropriate clients. Whatever your goals as a copywriter, this should be an opportunity you’d go to extremes to get for yourself. Of course, you need not. We’ve arranged for it all to come to you, at very modest cost, with zero risk. If you are already doing well but want to do even better and raise your client quality or fees, or if you have serious ambition, this is for you, and I’m proud to endorse it.