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From the Desk of Rebecca McEldowney
American Writers and Artists Inc.

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It's not! Not if you know how even small copy changes can dramatically increase your conversion rates!

Too often, website owners get caught up in the "more traffic equals more sales" myth, spending all their time chasing more buyers with time-consuming and expensive traffic campaigns.

But by the time you finish reading this letter you will have learned a faster and easier way to increase your online income – in a matter of days…

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If you're planning to make a truly life-changing income of six- or seven-figures with your website, you need quality advice from someone who has ALREADY made their fortune online…

And that's why I'd like to introduce you to Nick Usborne.

Don't be surprised if you've never heard of Nick before. Because this guy is one of those true reclusive Web marketing geniuses.

He detests "guru hype" and self-promotion…

He makes almost NO effort to advertise his services…

…And you will probably NEVER see him take the stage at any of the big Internet Marketing Super Conferences.

Because frankly, he doesn't have to.

For the last 11 years of his 25-year marketing career, Nick's been quietly working behind the scenes with dozens of industry giants to build their online sales, including…

…Growing their sales with his hard-won insights into what REALLY compels web surfers to take action and make buying decisions.

From the webpage layouts and navigation that stop visitors from leaving your site and keep them engaged in your sales process ten times longer…

…To the color of "Buy Now" buttons that he's scientifically proven over the years to generate the highest sales!

…These Fortune 500 companies literally chase Nick, begging for his time, booking him MONTHS in advance, and bribing him with massive royalty checks in the tens of thousands…

All because he's got a reputation for making MILLIONS of dollars for clients who are lucky enough to get him.

Just ONE Of His Secrets Increased A Client's Sales By 992.68% In Less Than 48 Hours…

Of course, the problem has been, until now you needed DEEP pockets to enjoy the million-maker insights of Nick Usborne.

He's been way beyond the reach of the average Web business owner.

Because with results like 992.68% sales increases for his clients, it's no surprise he asks for -- and gets -- any fee he demands.

…And that's why I'm excited to announce, after more than four years of conference calls, negotiation, and no small amount of pleading on my part, American Writers And Artists Inc. (AWAI) has gained the exclusive rights to publish Nick's ONLY guide to online marketing…

It has just been released publicly for the first time EVER.

And now we're proud to present it to you…

His Most Closely Guarded Secrets, Now In Print…

Most programs that teach Web marketing, design, and copywriting spout a lot of "theory" that, in the end, is difficult to apply…

…Not this one.

What makes Nick's "Million-Dollar Secrets to Online Copywriting" so powerful is that you can begin applying the secrets it contains on the very first day

…To see an immediate increase in your sales, opt-ins, and traffic.

In fact, this entire program is jam-packed with literally hundreds of simple tweaks and changes you can make to your website-- many in just minutes -- for an immediate impact on your sales.

For example, you'll discover…

…And these are just 7 simple examples of changes that could add $1,000s in future profits to your business.

Start stacking them onto your website one by one and, in as little as 48 hours, watch as your sales begin to grow exponentially.

Of course, that's just the beginning. Because in Nick's "Million-Dollar Secrets to Online Copywriting", you get much more…

You Get 11 Years Worth Of Tested Website Design Strategies Proven To Attract Maximum Sales!

The foundation of any successful website is the layout, navigation, and design…

…It's the frame for your sales process.

The trouble is, unless your website attracts tens of thousands of visitors every month, you're not in a position to test this frame and optimize it for maximum sales.

Because to be certain your test results are accurate, you need to run at least 1,000 visitors through your doors…

…And this makes it EXTREMELY difficult for most new Web businesses to test more than just two or three simple changes to their websites each month!

That's why, in "Million-Dollar Secrets to Online Copywriting", Nick insisted on sharing over eleven years worth of his most profitable website design, navigation, and layout secrets…

…Simple design tricks he's tested to MILLIONS of visitors over the years on clients' websites, and proven again and again to generate the highest traffic, subscribers, and sales conversions.

For example, you'll discover…

…And we're really just getting started here!

Because Nick will NOT just be handing you a random series of website design tricks. No, much better, he'll be showing you how to design a complete online marketing campaign, from beginning to end…

…Giving you the critical blueprint to closing online sales that 99% of the books on Web marketing fail to provide!

Learn The REAL Secret To Converting Maximum Buyers With Customized Landing Pages…

(If You've Been Driving All Your Traffic Into Your Homepage, This Will Be Particularly Eye-Opening!)

If you're like most Web business owners, you've probably already heard the Internet gurus recommending that you use "landing pages"…

…But it's confusing, right?

Isn't your homepage your "landing page"? Shouldn't you be driving all of your traffic into your homepage?

And if not, HOW and WHEN do you drive traffic into these so-called landing pages?

In "Million-Dollar Secrets to Online Copywriting", Nick will be removing all the mystery from this confusing topic, showing you step by step how to build custom marketing campaigns…

…From driving highly-targeted traffic to writing custom emails and landing pages to closing sales, you'll finally understand how to laser-focus your Web marketing like the "Big Guys" do!

For example, you'll discover…

…plus much, much more!

"The Best I've Ever Seen!"

"Nick has this amazing capacity to cut through the clutter and get to the essence of what needs to be communicated…in a way that really hooks people in. This is true copywriting brilliance in motion, and the best I've ever seen!

- Gabriella Goddard
Author of Gulp!
Goddard International Ltd.

Of course, Nick's techniques for stacking simple change after simple change onto your website for an exponential increase in sales is just the beginning…

…Because next, Nick is going to teach you his little-known secrets for writing high-impact salescopy!

Little-Known Copywriting Secrets, Already Proven To Be Worth MILLIONS In Sales…

Sure, you could try to hire a copywriter to create your website's sales pages using the same techniques you get in "Million-Dollar Secrets to Online Copywriting "…

…But do NOT expect the same results Nick's copy generates.

And prepare yourself for a whopping bill of $4,500 to $15,000+!

Because frankly, in my experience, fewer than 1 in 250 copywriters have been exposed to the same "in the trenches" test results as Nick…

…With 1,000s of copy and design tests to literally MILLIONS of people, in almost every industry you can imagine!

And those copywriters who have one-tenth Nick's knowledge charge DEARLY for it!

That's why you'll want to pay close attention as Nick begins sharing his insights into writing million-dollar copy for the Web.

Because you'll be hard pressed to find these priceless gems anywhere else…

…And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Because next, Nick goes on to share his secrets for crafting Web copy that search engines like Google absolutely LOVE!

"The Must-Read Bible of Web Copywriting!"

"Too many copywriting courses are focused on writing hard-sell, hype-filled long-copy landing pages to sell e-books and other information products, as if that's the only thing being advertised on the Web today.

If you want to write Web copy for conventional companies, and not people selling 'get rich quick' and business success courses, you should study Nick's AWAI Web copywriting program as if it were the 'Bible' of Web site copywriting… which it is."

- Bob Bly
Internationally Recognized Copywriter & Author

Attract 1,000s of Fresh Buyers Using Search Engine Copywriting Strategies That Google LOVES!

If you've been confused by terms like "search engine optimization", "keyword density", "meta tags", and "title tags" in the past, pay close attention!

Because in "Million-Dollar Secrets to Online Copywriting", Nick strips away all the jargon and theory that makes this topic so confusing and gives you the straight goods on writing Web copy that will attract stampedes of FREE traffic from the BIG search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN!

SEO companies will charge you anywhere from $5,000 to $30,000+ to create a custom traffic campaign using these secrets.

But with Nick's no-BS, step-by-step approach to this topic, you'll be primed to build campaign after campaign that attracts 1,000s of fresh buyers to your website every month…

…And it won't cost you a dime!

You'll discover:

…Plus much more!

The Fastest Way To DOUBLE Your Sales Without Driving Any More Traffic…

Whether you're a beginner or a veteran Web marketer, you'll sigh with relief when you see Nick's crystal clear, step-by-step guide to writing custom email marketing campaigns that get results.

From writing subscription offers that attract maximum opt-ins to emails that drive stampedes of buyers into your sales pages, he shows you…

How to TAKE CONTROL of your Web marketing, and stop passively waiting for random website traffic and repeat visitors to generate sales!

For example, you'll discover priceless email secrets like:

…Plus much more!

"Nick Usborne gets it!"

- Seth Godin
Author of Survival Is Not Enough

His Most Advanced Copy and Design Secrets Released For The First Time Ever…

Nick has held nothing back…

…Every strategy, tip, and technique he's learned for writing compelling web copy and designing webpages, search engine campaigns, and email campaigns that SELL are revealed in this comprehensive program.

It's a compilation of eleven years of testing and research, with millions of buyers in hundreds of markets, all boiled down into one concise, easy to follow guide.

More million-dollar Web marketing strategies you'll discover include:

…Plus much, much more!

Because absolutely everything Nick knows about selling millions of dollars worth of product on the Web has been included in this guide!

From the most basic design tricks to advanced copywriting secrets.

It's all here.

"Instantly increased sales 300%!"

"We had a great product that no copywriter seemed to be able to sell. I asked Nick to write a sales page…and it instantly increased sales four-fold. Amazingly, 18 months and many tests later, it is still our control!"

-- Michael Lovitch
The Hypnosis Network

An Unusual, Yet Profitable Opportunity

So now you may be wondering…

“Why would a company with a ten-year track-record of training direct-response copywriters want to teach me how to write my own web copy?”

It's a good question, but not really…

Writing for the web is still a new art, and there just aren’t that many copywriters around who can write effective online copy yet. (Heck, the “Bible of Web Copywriting” was only just published this year!) And that limited supply means a HUGE price tag for you.

Chances are you don’t have the budget to hire a ‘big gun’ copywriter to do the work for you. And many of them (like Nick) won’t even take on a project unless it comes with a 3-month retainer.

So here is your opportunity to master the most important part of your online business – writing copy that turns visitors into dollars.

And of course, once your business grows, you’ll have the cash flow needed to hire a professional copywriter to do it for you, if you so choose.

Because frankly, most of the successful web entrepreneurs I know would rather be relaxing by their pool, or out playing a friendly round of golf on a weekday afternoon than locked in their office, slaving at a computer!

Backed With A 100% Money-Back Guarantee, So There's No Risk For You…

Best of all, you won't pay tens of thousands of dollars to Nick (plus royalties) for these secrets like Microsoft, Disney, and others…

You won't pay $5,000 to $30,000 to search engine optimization experts…

And you certainly won't spend $4,500 to $7,500 on Web copywriters who know a small fraction of the secrets that Nick reveals in this program.

Because for a limited time, as part of the very special launch celebration for "Copywriting 2.0: Your Complete Guide to Writing Web Copy that Converts", we're giving away copies of this comprehensive program for the extremely reasonable investment of just $497.

More than fair when you consider that just ONE of the secrets in this program could be worth a 900% increase in sales for your business.

Almost laughable when you calculate the exponential increase in sales and traffic your business will enjoy as you begin to stack on strategy after strategy, snowballing your online income!

…And of course, there's absolutely NO RISK to you because I'm pleased to offer you a no-risk 100% money back guarantee.

If you review this program and decide it's not for you, and not worth potentially $1,000s in future profits to your business, just send it back in the next 30 days and we will happily refund your money.

No questions asked. No hassle.

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"FREE Ticket To Join Me On A Live Teleconference With Nick…Where You Can Ask Him Your Toughest Questions!"

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Booking Nick for a private consultation is nearly impossible -- and costly!

He's already booked solid months in advanced by "Big Guys" like Microsoft, Disney, and Yahoo, who hand over large checks in exchange for his personal Web marketing advice.

That's why I'm excited to announce, as part of our very special launch celebration for "Million-Dollar Secrets to Online Copywriting" Nick has very generously agreed to host a live teleconference…

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Just one idea from Nick can be worth tens of thousands in future profits for your business, so you won't want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime teleconference!

But to qualify for a FREE Ticket, you must be one of the first 500 people to claim your copy of "Million-Dollar Secrets To Web Copywriting"!

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Claiming your copy of Nick Usborne's "Million-Dollar Secrets to Online Copywriting" is easy.

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Spend the next 30 days reviewing Nick's million-dollar copy and website design secrets…applying as many as you like to YOUR business.

If you aren't absolutely blown away by your increase in sales…If you aren't convinced beyond doubt this program is going to snowball your Web income over the next 365 days…I insist you send it back to me for a full refund.

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So go ahead. Click the button below to get your copy now.

SPECIAL UPDATE: Please be warned that there are now just 500…421 seats left available on Nick's live Q&A teleconference.

This will likely be your ONLY opportunity to speak with him 'live' and get personalized ideas and advice for your business.

So be aware, if you wait and miss out, there's nothing we can do!

Yes! Please Ship My Copy Immediately!

And if you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us at 866-879-2924.

To Your Success!


Rebecca McEldowney
VP and Director of Online Marketing
American Writers & Artists, Inc.

P.S.  Don't forget, there's absolutely no risk in claiming ”Million-Dollar Secrets to Online Copywriting" because this comprehensive program is cheerfully backed by our no-risk 100% money back guarantee.

Spend 30 days applying Nick's website design, copywriting, email marketing, and search engine optimization secrets to your website.

... Then send it back and we'll issue you a complete refund, no questions asked.

Frankly, though, I don't see this happening.

One of Nick's clients enjoyed a 992.68% increase in sales using just ONE of the secrets you'll discover in this program.

So just imagine what these million-dollar Web marketing secrets could do for YOUR business.

You can find out by claiming your copy now.

Yes! Please Ship My Copy Immediately!

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