Howard Jones

Howard Jones
Memphis, TN

Copywriter, Researcher, Resume Writer


• As a Philosophy major in college, I would write two to three 10-page papers a week – which were my insights into the writings of renowned thinkers.
• I am the author of a 1992 B2B healthcare “guide” called the Physicians’ Medicare Coding/Documentation Guide. I have been a contributor to, and editor for, numerous B2B healthcare publications.
• I have authored training seminars and conducted them hundreds of times for physicians and hospitals across the country.
• I have worked with clients to EDIT and enhance existing documents, such as government regulations, Employee Manuals, OSHA Manuals, Procedure Manuals, etc.
• I like to do research and write about what I have learned.
• My gift is being able to read something complex and then translate it (or edit it) into language that is easier to understand and a format that is easier to read.
To-date, my niche has been in healthcare.

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