Jim Mahannah

Jim Mahannah
West Kelowna, BC




I’m a career professional engineer, having spent over 25 years building businesses in technical fields – I’ve worked in air quality treatment, water and wastewater treatment, recycling, manufacturing, construction and power generation. I’ve engaged in design, technical sales, marketing, business development, operations and project management. I’ve produced for large regional and multi-national companies, as well as start-ups (my own, and others). I’ve seen a lot over the years…

I share this because my career path provides me a wealth of experience and insights into technical subject matters, and is a natural segue into writing for cleantech companies. Such businesses are up to important work, and I consider it a high calling to engage with them to help elevate their success.

Your cleantech company offers wonderful technologies and/or services - allow me to assist you in getting the word out via case studies, white papers, articles, press releases, web content and more.

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