Michael Gartland

Michael Gartland
Sumter, SC

Copywriter, Researcher, Resume Writer

Catalog, Christian, Financial, Fundraising, Health, Web/Internet


Mr. Gartland has 21 years of experience in researching and documenting history with the United States Air Force, bringing delinquent history programs up to date, deploying to document USAF participation in contingency and war, and documenting USAF base openings and closures in combat zones. He is an expert in researching, capturing, and presenting unit history using the Micrsoft Office Suite and other applications, conducting historical research interviews, deriving security classification, and processing USAF heraldry using CorelDraw. As a previous USAF master instructor, he trains deploying historians on researching and writing contingency histories. As senior historian in the United States Air Forces Central Command history office, he provides functional advice to his civil service historian customer on managing up to 13 offices in combat zones, leads four contractor and two deployed civil service employees in the production of the USAFCENT annual history, develops SharePoint applications to streamline production, research, and workflow processes and provides oversight to repository and workflow management.

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