Minenhle Mbokazi

Minenhle Mbokazi
Durban, South Africa


B-to-B, Web/Internet



Looking for someone to help you or your clients with persuasive copy for landing pages, e-mails, articles, blog post ...any marketing piece...

...Someone easy to work with and dependable...

...Able to communicate persuasively, in the language of your prospects and customers ...that gets them to take action...

...Action that will ultimately lead to building your business and increase bottom line?

You've found the right profile!

Whatever your needs may be, here's more about the person you'll want to hire.

What are your qualifications as a copywriter?

I've trained in and studied direct response copywriting through AWAI. And am a member of Professional Writer's Association.

My mind, knowledge and perspective is shaped by my qualifications and work experience.

How do I put you to work?

That's easy!

To see my samples, see below:
minenhle@Minenhle Mbokazi.com
+27 (0)79 136 4628

I'll write your assignments. And you'll be delighted!

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