Meet AWAI-Trained Writer:

Sara Kennerley

Sara Kennerley

Location: Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Professions: Copywriter, Resume Writer, Grant Writer
Specialties: Christian, Fundraising

Professional Background:

I am currently working as a freelance content creator through my own business: 3C Content Creation.

I'm a skilled wordsmith; an author and co-author as well as an avid blogger.

I have experience writing resumes and creating content within multiple genres and using varying tones/voice.

I have a professional and ethical work style, and I'm actively looking to grow and expand my impact in the world of written content creation.

I have a diploma in Medical Office Administration, which I earned high honors in. My specific areas of interest within this program were Business English and Communication and Medical Terminology.

Having a background in faith and a heart that burns for benevolence and meeting practical needs through love, my current niche is the Christian market and non-profits as well as cause marketing.

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