Meet AWAI-Trained Writer:

Zoe Nauman

Zoe Nauman

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Specialties: Health, Self-Help, Web/Internet

Zoe Nauman has completed the following verification and training to the satisfaction of AWAI’s Board of Advisors, with expertise in:

AWAI Verified™

Zoe Nauman is AWAI Verified™. The AWAI Verified™ seal indicates that a copywriter has …

  • Studied AWAI’s world-class The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting, which covers the fundamentals of persuasive direct-response copy.
  • Passed AWAI’s robust test and demonstrated an understanding of copywriting principles and best practices.

Professional Background:

Creative conversion copywriter making your websites wow and sales pages sassy.

SEO and keyword specialist that gets your copy in front of the right eyes because the Google gods love it.

Over 20 years as an editor and journalist for some of the most high profile publications in the world means I can nail your USP and tell your story.

Focusing on health, wellness, and lifestyle brands, creating copy for you that makes your clients and potential customers connect and fall in love with your brand, product, or service.

Lover of great food and good wine, as well as a fitness fanatic, and marathon runner.
And, I have a penchant for chihuahuas and cheese (not together of course!)

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