Six design experts want to show you how to be …

Too Busy to Say “Yes” –

Boost your design career to this exciting level in just 3 hours

Dear Reader,

The phone rings. It’s a potential new client who’s sought you out. He offers you a high-paying assignment. A very high-paying assignment.

Six months ago you would have jumped at the opportunity. But you tell him, “Sorry, I can’t do it right now. I’m just too busy.”

What you don’t tell him is you’re busy because you’ve planned a camping trip with your spouse and kids. And after that, you promised yourself you’d work on your latest art installation.

Then there’s the client you’re just finishing up an assignment for. This client has asked you back four times and is already bubbling about a new project.

An Impossible Dream? Not At All.
Six Experts Show You How to Turn Dream Into Reality.

This is exactly where the six design and self-promotion professionals I’m going to introduce you to are right now. They want to show you how to achieve the level of success they currently enjoy … and it’ll only take three hours of your time.

Hello. My name’s Kristin Schwarz, Director of AWAI’s Graphic Design Program. AWAI—American Writers & Artists Inst.—has developed the most highly regarded (and successful) home study programs for writers and artists available anywhere. AWAI has been providing success-boosting resources for copywriters for almost 10 years.

AWAI’s programs have helped hundreds of graphic designers establish … or boost … careers that easily bring in $100,000 or more a year.They have hundreds of testimonials on file—far too many to list here.

The point is this. If you’re looking for a way to get your design career into high gear … and start earning the money you deserve instead of just dreaming about it … AWAI has the perfect resource for learning how.

Here’s how this works. It doesn’t matter how good a designer you are. Or what design tricks you know. Or if you’re an expert with Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign. None of this means a thing to building a successful design career.

Superb Design Skills Mean Nothing … Unless You Get and Keep Top-Paying Clients

That’s where Peleg Top, Ilise Benun, Rob Davis, Sandy Franks, Stephanie Boz, and Lori Haller come into the picture.

These six-figure professionals recently put on three, limited-attendance teleconferences. The hour-long sessions were complete brain dumps of information on how to market yourself to get the top clients—and how to keep those clients asking you back once they’ve hired you the first time.

AWAI is offering you the opportunity to experience this three-teleconference series called Boost Your Design Career in 3 Short Hours as easily downloadable MP3 files. This is your opportunity to learn the insider secrets that propelled these six successful pros to the top of their careers.

Let’s take a look at each of the sessions, the experts who share their secrets, and what you can learn from them.

Teleconference 1: “Start Earning What You’re Really Worth”
Master Presenters: Peleg Top and Ilise Benun

You might not know the name Peleg Top. But you’ve seen his graphic design work. Many places.

It all started in 1991 when Peleg founded Top Design in his garage. And he did it without ever attending art or design school!

Then, based on his reputation for clean, well-thought‑out and original designs, Peleg quickly began to win major music industry clients … clients including the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, The Grammy Awards, and Universal Music and Video Distribution.

Peleg’s work is so highly respected, he was a presenter at the HOW Design Conference in Las Vegas this year. Peleg’s phenomenal success has given him a special type of freedom.

Peleg no longer designs solely for the highest-paying clients. He now chooses to do a good portion of his work for socially minded organizations … such as Toyota’s Community Outreach, City of Hope, The Grammy Foundation, and the Tiger Woods Foundation.

This is because helping others is one of Peleg’s passions. And now he wants to harness that passion to help you attain the same level of success he’s reached.

Climbing to the Top … By Being Fired

Your second presenter for “Start Earning What You’re Really Worth” is Ilise Benun. Ilise’s specialty? Self-promotion. She’s called the “Guru of Self-Promotion,” for good reason. She mentors freelancers … and professionals who want to be freelancers … in how to promote themselves so they’re earning top dollar.

She’s so good at it, she’s been featured in national magazines like Inc., HOW, Nation’s Business, Essence, and Working Woman (in addition to authoring four books on design or self-promotion).

Like Peleg, Ilise didn’t start at the top. Her journey started when she was fired from her second real job! She turned her setback into success … by becoming a self-promotion expert.

How are Ilise and Peleg going to help you get where they are today … at the very pinnacle of success? They’ll do it by sharing …

The 3 Most Important Secrets to Getting Clients

We surveyed successful graphic designers and asked them this question: “What are the most important things designers need to know to start and grow a successful career … or to advance one that’s not moving fast enough?”

Here’s what they all agreed on … the 3 core secrets for growing your career:

Secret #1: Define your market so you can promote yourself effectively to it. That means knowing …

  • How to introduce yourself so prospective clients want to know more about you and the services you offer.
  • The 5 essential tools for promoting yourself.
  • The most effective strategies for working with prospective clients who don’t respond to your messages immediately.
  • Enough about your client’s dreams, hopes, beliefs, wants, or problems … or do you think all they need is a designer? (A huge mistake.)

Secret #2: Promote yourself so clients will choose you instead of the other guy … and will choose you again and again. Strategies such as …

  • The 7 “things” you must have in your portfolio to ensure your chance of landing a client or project.
  • Which marketing tools are the most powerful to use for specific situations.
  • How to be perfectly clear about your professional image … how you want people to see you … and how to present yourself most effectively.
  • How to break down your self-marketing plan into small, actionable, easily achieved steps.
  • 7 sure-fire networking techniques for landing clients at networking events.

Secret #3: Price your work so that you’re earning the maximum you can … without pricing yourself out of a job. Specifically …

  • How to determine the objective value of the work you’re being asked to do.
  • How to know what your prospect is willing to pay.
  • How to ask for a job with confidence.
  • The 3 things you must do when presenting an estimate. Knowing them will help you land the job … and close the deal.

Do you have a few gaps (or even gaping holes) in mastery of these secrets? Don’t worry. Many of your competitors are in the same place, too. But, the good news is that you now have the perfect opportunity to leap ahead of them … on your own personal fast track to the top.

Teleconference 2: “Delivering the Goods: How to Keep Clients Happy”
Master Presenter: Rob Davis

Rob Davis is the kind of guy you like within five minutes of meeting him. No, make that one minute.

The reason he’s so easy to like (besides his captivating personality) is he’s the type of person who loves sharing his ideas, strategies, and design secrets. And he’ll share them with you in the second Graphic Design Success Teleconference: “Delivering the Goods: How to Keep Clients Happy.”

Rob Davis is also …

The Designer Who Doesn’t Have to Market Himself

How successful?

Rob’s clients include Boardroom, Rodale, Agora, Time-Life, and Phillips Publishing. He regularly teams up with million-dollar copywriters like Gary Bencivenga and Clayton Makepeace.

Rob’s so successful that he doesn’t have a website. And he doesn’t carry business cards to hand out … at least not anymore.

You see, Rob doesn’t market himself in traditional ways anymore because he gets all the business he can handle by referral, word of mouth, and return clients. He gets far more inquiries than he can handle. He sends many potential clients away.

How would you like your business to be that successful? How would you like to be able to have clients seek you out … and to pick and choose the ones you want?

And to charge $10,000 to $15,000 per package … with a fat bonus when it mails repeatedly?

This is exactly what Rob’s graphic design life is like. And he wants to share the secrets he’s used to build it to the success he enjoys today.

Avoiding Pitfalls and Potholes on the Way to the Top

When I talked to Rob about being the presenter for the second Graphic Design Success Teleconference, he stressed that he wanted to talk about how he got started. His false starts. His mistakes. His struggles.

He wants to tell you how he was down to his last $10—while working at a bank—before making a discovery that propelled him to a life where he now earns more than most bankers even dream of.

If you’re a freelancer just starting out, an agency designer looking to go out on your own, or an experienced designer wanting to boost your income and success … what Rob has to tell you about his beginnings will hit home with you.

The Secrets to Having Clients Seek You Out

Rob wants to tell you the secrets he’s developed over his 18 years in this business, secrets that mean lopping a big chunk of time off your rise to success. Here’s what Rob is going to share with you …

  • Secrets of client-pleasing communication—These secrets get top-paying clients begging for Rob to work for them … and they can do the same for you.
  • What to do when the client asks for yet another change—and how to turn their requests into another, bigger payday.
  • How to steer clients in the right direction when they’re headed the wrong way—saving them money, saving the package from certain failure, and making you the “hero” they’ll never forget.
  • What never to say to a client or potential client—avoiding this trap can make yours the most worn-out card in the client’s Rolodex®.
  • Why you need to establish deadlines for other members of the team … and how to do it successfully. You know how important keeping deadlines is for you, but you may never have thought about how to keep other members of the team on time so everybody looks good.
  • Secrets for overcoming project-destroying “ego”— Rob doesn’t mean just yours. The biggest project-buster is often the client’s need to be “right.” He’ll tell you how to slice through that problem quickly so everybody wins. And when everybody wins, everybody gets a bigger payday.
  • And lots, lots more …

Teleconference 3: “An Insider’s Look At Working With Clients”
Master Presenters: Sandy Franks and Stephanie Boz

Who’s the most important person in your professional life?

Without a doubt, it’s your client’s marketing director. Everything about a promotional project feeds into this central person. And like a well-balanced hub, she keeps everything moving forward.

The marketing director is the one who keeps everyone on time and on task. And ultimately, she sees that you get paid … and recommends you for more projects.

But most designers are woefully unsure of exactly how important this person is … or how to develop a positive, career-boosting relationship with her.

The Competitive Edge Few Designers Will Ever Enjoy

But if you understand the importance of the marketing director—and what she needs from you to make her job more productive—you’ll have an upper hand when it comes time for the marketing director to call with a new job.

Our third teleconference—“An Insider’s Look At Working With Clients”—is a conversation with two professionals who’ll give you the insider’s slant on what makes marketing directors and clients successful … increasing your own career success and profitability.

Ultimate Insiders Share Their Secret Perspectives

The first presenter for this teleconference is Sandy Franks, Senior Marketing Executive for Agora Financial Publishing. Under Sandy’s guidance, Agora has pulled in hundreds of millions of dollars in sales.

Sandy has developed her keen perspective on the “care and feeding” of clients from the inside. With over 15 years of experience in all aspects of direct marketing, she knows what keeps clients satisfied. And she draws on this experience to reveal secrets of working successfully with clients … secrets to help you and the client profit together.

Our second presenter is the perfect complement to Sandy’s expertise. Direct-response design specialist Stephanie Boz has worked closely with Sandy on many successful projects for over 15 years.

While Sandy will give you her personal, insider’s perspective on developing successful client relationships, Stephanie will give a clear, detailed look on exactly what that means in your life as a designer.

Unique Perspective From
Someone Who’s “Been There”

As an added bonus for you, Stephanie brings two areas of valuable experience that can boost your career whether you’re a freelancer or in-house designer. Stephanie worked 15 years with Agora as an in-house designer herself before establishing her own company, Cat Eye Creative – Design with Vision.

During this time, Stephanie has worked directly with Sandy Franks on some of Agora Financial Publishing’s most successful packages. Stephanie knows intimately how to work profitably with marketing directors both as an in-house designer and as a freelancer.

This dynamic pairing means you learn secrets you need so you can develop a winning relationship with clients from two knowledgeable insiders … secrets many industry pros don’t even know.

Here are a few crucial secrets Stephanie and Sandy cover in this “An Insider’s Look At Working With Clients”:

  • How to get chosen as the graphic designer and when you should become involved in the creative process.
  • Who decides on the design … and what direction and background information should you get from the client so you can get started quickly and on the right track.
  • How to approach your client if you don’t get exactly what you need. Don’t worry, your client won’t feel you’re nagging if you use strategies perfected by Sandy and Stephanie. In fact, you’ll look more professional and more concerned about your client’s success … always a good thing.
  • How to work with the entire team … and how to keep everyone on track so you and the client both look good.
  • How the best marketing directors like to work with designers. In this part of the conversation, you’ll learn exactly how the creative team works and develops concepts together successfully … and how to do it with total professional (and personal) confidence.
  • What needs to happen at every step in order to produce a winning package—a “control”—that wins every time it’s tested and mailed.
  • How to be a real winner for your marketing director so that you stand out from the pack … and get hired the first time and keep getting asked back.

The Most Dynamic (and Friendliest) Name
in Graphic Design Keeps Everyone on Track

Lori Haller is one of the most successful direct-marketing graphic designers in the industry. She makes $150,000 to $200,000 a year as a direct-mail graphic designer. And she earns that part-time.

You see, Lori works from home, sets her own hours, and has plenty of free time for what she loves doing most: raising her three boys.

Lori has a special role in all three teleconferences in the series. She’s your host … but she’s far more than that as well.

Having a graphic design genius like Lori Haller as your host means you’ve got a knowledgeable advocate in your corner. Her vast experience means she knows the questions that need to be answered. And during the recording of these teleconferences, she asked them if no one else did.

How Much Is Success Worth to You?

If you tried to guess how much a single graphic design teleconference like any of these three might cost, you’d be out of luck. There are no teleconferences of this quality … with graphic design and self-promotion superstars like Peleg, Stephanie, Rob, Ilise, Sandy, and Lori.

In fact, there simply are no graphic design teleconferences of any type at all.

So, if you had the time, you might decide to go to one of the better-known design conferences. You could choose a session you hoped would give you the insider secrets you’ll get from this dynamic teleconference series, Boost Your Design Career in 3 Short Hours.

If you chose this route, you’d expect to pay $300 per session … or more. Plus air fare. Hotel accommodations. Food. And all those extra expenses. You couldn’t get out of there for under $1,000.

But don’t worry. You won’t have to pay anywhere near $300 for the complete three-teleconference series. I’ll tell you in a moment what the series costs. But first let me tell what you need to do to own the teleconference series … and about 5 free gifts we have for you.

Simplicity Itself … With Life-Changing Impact

When you sign up for the series, you’ll be directed to a password-protected link via email. Once on that page, you’ll be instructed on how to download individual MP3 recordings of the three teleconferences.

The beauty of having the teleconferences in MP3 format is that you can listen to them directly on your computer. Or download them to your iPod or MP3 player. Or burn them to a CD, and take them with you to study anytime you want.

And you get to listen to them as many times as you want.

5 Gifts for Signing Up

Plus, when you sign up for Boost Your Design Career in 3 Short Hours, you’ll be given the link to 5 free gifts as our way of thanking you … and to help boost your career even more. Our first gift is from self-promotional guru Ilise Benun. She has compiled a special report called Why Designers Fear Self-Promotion.

This special report contains valuable, actionable strategies for attracting and keeping the highest-paying clients. You’ll be able to use these strategies immediately … and over and over.

This special report would sell for $29, but it’s currently available only to you and other subscribers to our Boost Your Design Career in 3 Short Hours teleconference series … FREE for you when you register.

Gift #2 to Reward Your Commitment to Success

We have another gift for you when you sign up for our 3-teleconference series. You’ll be given FREE access to a special web seminar (“webinar” in today’s parlance).

The topic of this first-ever AWAI Graphic Design webinar is “How to Design Winning Packages With a Tight Budget, Quick Timeframe, and Limited Resources.”

During this webinar, Lori Haller demonstrates how to design a sales package she developed for a major client. She walks you through the components and clearly explains the “whys” of her design choices.

She’ll also show you the day-to-day exchange with the client that goes into creating great work under pressure. This webinar is like looking over Lori’s shoulder as she works. And what better way to learn than watching a master like Lori?

The value of this webinar is $49. But it is yours FREE when you register for the complete teleconference series.

Gift #3: Team Building for Greater Profit

Your third gift comes courtesy of Lori Haller. Her special report—11 Design Secrets for Copywriters and Designers—discusses one of her most important personal secrets of design success … the profit power generated when copywriters and designers work together.

In her report, Lori tells how you can increase the success of promotions you design through simple, but very powerful, communication strategies. She credits these strategies with being the keystone for her own personal design success.

This report is an AWAI exclusive. If you could buy it at Borders, you’d probably pay $29. But we reserve it solely for AWAI members and participants in special AWAI events like Boost Your Design Career in 3 Short Hours.

Gifts #4 & #5: Keep Your Clients Happy  …
and Never Be Underpaid Again

As Senior Marketing Executive for Agora Financial Publishing, Sandy Franks gets ultimate choice of who gets to work on Agora’s high-paying assignments.

Sandy developed the fourth gift you’ll receive—a practical tip sheet for designers telling exactly what she looks for in a professional before hiring him. This concise guide gives you a snapshot of how best to work with the most important person in your professional life—the marketing director.

Our fifth gift helps solve a common problem among freelance designers. Often you’ll approach a client without a clear idea of all the stages of production you’ll need to do. You’ve got notes on scraps of paper, Post-its, napkins, and who knows what else.

When it comes time to bill for your time, you’ve lost half those notes and can barely decipher the other half. This means you undercharge.

To keep this from happening ever again, Peleg Top is sharing his “Project Design Estimating Worksheet” with you. Now you can be paid what you’ve earned and what you’re worth … every time.

Neither of these gifts have any stated value because they aren’t for sale. Sandy and Peleg developed them personally for their own use. But they’re generously sharing them with you.

What Does the Inside Track on Success Cost?

Remember the $300 (plus expenses) I told you you’d have to pay for a single session at a large design conference? Well, you can enjoy the career boosting power of our 3-teleconference series Boost Your Design Career in 3 Short Hours for less than half that amount.

These valuable strategy sessions—3 teleconferences packed with knowledge, strategies, and secrets from six masters of graphic design and marketing—will cost you only $129.

Plus you get 5 free gifts worth well over $100 when you sign up. Click here now  …

And If You’re Not Satisfied?

If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of the strategies and secrets you’ll learn in these teleconferences, AWAI will gladly refund your money.

The AWAI Guarantee fully protects you … so you are completely protected when you sign up.

Simply contact Member Services and ask for your money back within 30 days of downloading the MP3 files. We’ll credit your bankcard or credit card with no hassle, no questions, and our appreciation for giving us a try.

Order right now by clicking the link below. You have nothing to lose … and a wildly successful career to gain.

Yours for extraordinary success,

Kristin Schwarz
Graphics Program Director
American Writers & Artists Institute

P.S. ONE MORE GIFT: Stephanie Boz has designed many successful promotions for Sandy Franks that have earned Agora (and Stephanie) lots of money. She’s offered to share one of those winning packages (what’s known as a “control” in the business) with you for you to use a template for your own successful designs.

Don’t put off your own design success another moment by telling yourself, “I’ll do it later.” Click the link below and in three short hours, you will have moved your career in a new, far more profitable direction.