From Dan Kennedy

Dear Friend,

I’ve been getting quite a bit of correspondence from AWAI folks.

Some offended by my harshness, in daring to challenge their sincerity about success as an independent full-time, freelance copywriter based on their not registering for The BUSINESS OF Copywriting Academy. But – really – who are they mad at? Me or themselves?

The more enjoyable and interesting letters have come from people telling me how they’re achieving their goals. One, from a woman who broke through to 6-figure income in 2009 and is apace to pass $250,000.00 this year, applauded my comments made on the tele-seminars and in writing, saying that she spent 5 years struggling – insisting to herself it was all about the writing, the craft, then took her huge income leap in 1 year when she turned her focus to the business. You’ll meet her. She’s attending the Academy.

Recently, at a speaking engagement in Phoenix, a young guy cornered me, told me he was setting out to be a copywriter – “just like me” – and wanted to know what he should do. When I started to talk about the process of building clientele, full pipeline of maturing prospective clients, reputation, and business, he interrupted. “I don’t want to hear about that stuff. I want to know how to be a great writer like you … to get big fees like you!””

That same trip, I bumped into an “old hand,” somebody many of you might know. He told me he’d been in copywriting longer than me, some 40 years, was well-known, did solid work, but still lived “feast or famine,” with more famine than feast. He admitted curiosity about why I didn’t seem to. I told him, truthfully, that I did have occasional gaps, but that my feasts were so much bigger than his I had plenty in my cupboards at those rare and brief famine times, and that, more importantly, the difference between us was: he was getting jobs, I had a business. He said he didn’t understand the difference but didn’t really want to – the very idea of having a business bored and frightened him. I said it was past time for him to learn to love famine. (If you won’t do what’s needed to be with the one you love, gotta love the one you’re with!)

Let me tell you, as simply as I can, about two different futures. Picking the one you prefer is what attending or not attending the Academy is about.

In three of the professional fields I’ve operated in for 30+ years, there is a profound, shared pain. Professional speakers, consultants and copywriters create the same “Groundhog Day” bleakness for themselves, in very large number. That is, after 10, 15, 20 years in the field, they are running in place in precisely the same spot they were in after their first 10 months – needing the next job; tomorrow’s job to pay yesterday’s bills, and worrying whether it will come or not. For most, the dollars needed are larger after 10 or 20 years. Bigger house, bigger mortgage. But the place is the same. One of the most famous speakers I know is in his 4th decade, and has two people working the phones, cold-calling meeting planners, to find his next job – to pay his two mortgages, alimony, kids’ college tuition. In truth, he’s just the clerk at the corner 7-11: hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work I go ‘cuz my creditors need the dough. This “next job” thinking and the reality it creates – no, guarantees – may seem okay early. It winds up a heavy burden as you travel on.

Late last year and into the very first part of this one, even I had a s-l-o-w-i-n-g of incoming, and emotionally, I didn’t like it much. But financially, it didn’t matter. I got an extra book written, cluttered file room put in order, took an extra week of vacation. I have multiple streams of income baked into my business, royalties from past writing coming in, and multiple sources of clients – at least one certain to produce even if others are temporarily constipated. The majority living their Groundhog Day realities, must peek from behind their curtains, fearing the wolf arriving at the door before the next job does. I can relax. That’s because I have a copywriting-based business.

Door #1 or Door #2?

There are, you see, only two futures. In one, you are in control, and over a relatively short time you move from chasing money to having money chase you. You build on a solid foundation. In the other, everybody else is in control, you never stop chasing money, your reality stays as it was at the very start, your journey is circular not progressive, and your insecurity gnaws at you more with each passing year. This, by the way, is why the old so resent the new in a field; because they resent their own reality.

Being a highly skilled, perhaps talented copywriter who can produce profitable results for clients has little bearing on which of these futures you claim. Sorry, but it doesn’t. It is merely the price of the admission ticket to the good future. But that’s all. It’s essential for entry, but it is not entitlement.

If you insist on believing that success in copywriting is the entitlement of the good or great copywriter and good servant of clients, I can predict which of the two futures is yours with infallible accuracy. Not based on psychic power, but 30 years’ observation of thousands of colleagues around me in three professional fields. You are walking through Door #2 and locking the door behind you.

Listen, this is no April Fool’s. And nothing to be fooling around with. We’re talking about the way you want to live your life. Everybody thinks they’ve got all kinds of time. A guy walking on the beach a couple weeks ago got killed by a small airplane falling out of the sky. If you want to be a self-employed, freelance copywriter with a high, stable, reliable income … respectful clients providing interesting work and good opportunity … control over who you work with (and choose not to), where you work – follow the sun if you wish, or lease an Aspen cabin for the winter, and when you work … prominence, prestige --- patiently waiting won’t get it.

So, here’s the thing: there is no other pro copywriter earning 7-figures, who’s never earned less than 6-figures; who has used copywriting as the key ingredient in a very solid foundation; who has created the first future as his present (not the second); who actually has a reliable methodology for creating a copywriting business – not ideas and opinions; reliable methodology … who is offering to peel back the curtain and let you see it all. Nobody. This is it. (Respond by Monday, April 12th, no later.)

One of my most concrete of success principles is that you can’t transcend association. Our public education system failure, (pardon pun) criminally high recidivism among convicts, poverty – all ills of association. Association can imprison. Association can liberate and elevate. Sadly, people more often let it do the former than the latter.

A Story of Wisdom and Courage

A couple weeks ago, I had a meeting with a top literary agent, now my new agent for a new project. A few years back, she lost her kids in a horrible car accident. She told me of going to the support group for mothers who’d lost their sons and daughters. Everyone sat in a circle, each told their story of loss, grief, pain, guilt, all commiserated. Next week, everyone sat in a circle, each told their story of loss, grief, pain, guilt, all commiserated. The third week, she asked a woman telling her story again when she had lost her son. 9 years ago. My agent said she got up, excused herself, hurried out of there never to return – she had seen the future to be created by that association and did not want it to be hers, 9 years hence.

If your association in this field is with writers who believe as their religion that getting good and better is everything and the business will take care of itself … or with people who harbor negative emotions, fears, angst about the pursuit of money, wealth, influence, success – or at least have no evidence of being able to produce it … or with people living the ‘next job’ reality … . you can see your future. You can’t transcend such association. If your association is with ideas of lack, limitation, ‘starving artist,’ jobs as hard to get, good fees even scarcer … ideas of business that are negative, unwelcoming, ill-formed … you can see your future. You pick Door #2.

My Door#1 leads to a very different place – starting immediately. The future is now.

So the decision you’ve not yet made, to attend my BUSINESS OF Copywriting Academy … .or the decision you have made, not to attend, because – whatever reason; can’t afford, poor timing, not ready, too inexperienced, too experienced, annoyed, whatever … is NOT a decision simply about some seminar. If not attending, pretending that’s all it is may be comforting, but untrue. This is a Door#1 or Door#2 decision. This is the choosing of a particular future for yourself.

If the timing’s poor, tough. Opportunity does not knock at your convenience. To the contrary, it usually comes around at the most inconvenient times, daring a person to rise to the occasion. If the fee is daunting, and you’re over the age of 21, and believe you have valuable skills, that ought to compel your attendance, not stop it. (I just saw a TV news report in Cleveland about a guy who started out 5 years ago with a pooper-scooper, cleaning up peoples’ dog poop filled yards after the last snow melts in the Spring. Today he has eight trucks, a crew, covers five counties. No excuse not to do well in America. None.) If you question whether or not this is for you, now, just let your ambition be your guide. Which of the two realities do you sincerely want to create for yourself? (And, remember, there is a guarantee.)

Still, I know not everyone has serious, significant ambition. And that’s fine. You ARE receiving this in error, and, well, let not your heart be troubled. If you haven’t stopped reading before this, I can’t imagine why, but now is a good time to stop. Every writer owns wastebaskets. Get this out of your hands before it irritates you more than it already has. I’ve been asked who the Academy is for, and that’s my answer: copywriters with serious, significant ambition.

This is the last time I’ll be writing to you about this. We have an excellent group coming – based on their questionnaires and correspondence – and I’m looking forward to working with them. Whether we add any more or not is of little consequence to me, so I’ve reached my limit for invested effort in making the case different ways, to motivate you.

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An ‘Odd’ Invitation

My friend, the late Jim Rohn, his departure a great loss for tens of thousands, used to urge people to “take a millionaire to lunch.” The poorer you are, he would say, the more urgently you should hunt for a millionaire and offer to take him to the finest steakhouse in your city, ply him with its most expensive wines and top-of-line steak, keep him as long as possible, and ask him as many “GPS questions” as you can. He said most poor people were outraged at this idea. Why on earth should I, a guy barely making ends meet, barely keeping the wolf from the door, (worrying over my next job), spend my money buying an over-priced lunch at a fancy restaurant for some millionaire? He has all the money. He should be buying my lunch! And that’s the thinking – the outrage, actually – that keeps the poor, poor, and, incidentally, cannot be cured with political chicanery.

A version of this exists in every profession, every business, every field. People who remain “poor” – meaning distanced from their goals – because of their own fundamental choice. Not for lack of valuable, marketable skill. Not for shortage of opportunity. Choice.

For 3 days in May, a small group of writers will be taking this millionaire to lunch and getting reality-based, experience-based, practical answers to every imaginable GPS question about the copywriting business. Will you be at that table?

(GPS questions, incidentally, are of the ‘how do I get from here to there?’ variety.)

Door #1? Door #2?


Dan Kennedy

PS: Every last available discount ends absolutely and forever on Monday, April 12th. And I am conducting this Academy one time only, exclusively for AWAI. There is no “do it later” or “next time.”

Register online or call Debbie, Jackie or Barb at AWAI, 866-879-2924.

All road-warriors, which I once was, know the story of the weary traveler off delayed and re-routed flight, arriving at airport hotel without reservation and being told there are no rooms.

“I’ll give you this $20 bill just to answer two questions with complete honesty - If the President of the United States unexpectedly arrived and needed a room, would you have one for him?” The desk clerk grudgingly admitted he would. “And if the actress you think is the sexiest in all of Hollywood unexpectedly arrived and needed a room, would you have one for her?” The desk clerk grudgingly admitted he would. In this case, the punch line’s not the point, but for closure’s sake, the traveler said, “I have it on good authority they aren’t coming. Give me one of their rooms.”

So. I got a letter from one AWAI Member about how much he wanted to come and knew he needed to be at the Academy, but couldn’t, because only a week or so before, his wife would be giving birth to their son. While I respect his right to his decision and acknowledge that many, maybe most would accept it as proper, I’d ask him: if you were offered the dream job of all jobs that would guarantee your family financial security and give you precisely the opportunity you’d hoped for, for years, but had to be cross-country at an interview on May 6th  … or you won the right to compete for a million dollars on a TV game show but only on May 6th and never again  … if you were a pro baseball pitcher counted on to pitch in the World Series (inexplicably re-scheduled) on May 6th  … where would you be on May 6th?

Now we know the real seriousness and sincerity of your ambition. I mean no critical judgment. Just accurate judgment. In speaking of great tragedy, Rev. Robert Schuller wrote “Even the day after his wife’s death, the farmer must milk the cows.” When I consider great opportunity, there’s usually a legitimate, often compelling reason not to respond to it. For every great goal I’ve accomplished, there’s been a ‘moment of truth’ – a turning point, when it would have been infinitely easier or less embarrassing or frightening or complicated or costly not to act, and it was unaffordable or extremely difficult or angst-producing to act. When others around me preferred I not act and disapproved of my acting. These times are called ‘moments of TRUTH’ for good reason. They reveal a person’s truth.

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How you'll be empowered by the Academy …


  • Traditional and NON-Traditional and Hidden Sources of Clients
  • How to “create” your own client “out of thin air”
  • How to turn business owners not now using copywriters into clients
  • How to create MAGNETIC STATUS for yourself, so clients come to you
  • Where and how to create MAGNETIC VISIBILITY
  • How to position yourself as MORE IMPORTANT than a copywriter
  • The two situations when taking on a client and project with NO FEE, paid only on results, makes good senseand how one of those situations can be found right now, right where you live, and turned into thousands or tens of thousands of dollars of cash in less than 30 days
  • Getting and keeping ‘the Milk Cow account’ that pays the bills
  • How to “leapfrog” and use “category of one tactical positioning” – so you are target clients’ only choice

    Powerful lessons from  … a retired dentist who makes $50,000.00 mailing simple letters anytime he likes (working from his motor-home)  … the most tried-and-true marketing method known to successful real estate agents moved to copywriters  … Ogilvy and his peers of the ‘Mad Men’ golden age of advertising, my friends Gary Halbert and Jay Abraham and me – about attracting clients  … the “secret” few know about Donald Trump  … much more. PLUS: Case History Examples: where my clients came & come from.


  • Why and how to conduct your business as a Strategic Advisor (not a copywriter): THE BIGGEST STATUS & INCOME BREAKTHROUGH
  • Inside looks at my actual client relationships, contracts, correspondence  … control and feeding of clients  … examples, examples, examples
  • Identifying the “GE-SPOT”  … the Good-Enough Spot for each client and each situation (hint: each one is in a different place!)  … to be a much more efficient and productive copywriter
  • The fine art of Project Definition  … The income strategies of Project Layering  … and Sequential Project Lock-In
  • Compensation Structures  … Getting Paid  … Benchmark Payments  … Royalties, Performance/Results Bonuses, Royalty Buy-Outs, Licensing/Use Fees, Use Renewal Fees

    (Note: differences between wealthy and poor folks: (1) wealthy get paid before work, poor get paid after work; (2) wealthy get paid for who they are, never just what they do; (3) wealthy share in upside gains from their contributions, poor never do.)

  • Presenting and gaining acceptance for your recommendations and compensation (without resistance or stress) – 3 KEYS  … and why you should NEVER “do a proposal”
  • Creating permanent client relationships: you have far less worry about getting clients when you get the right clients in the first place, create growth and expansion of need for your services, and keep them for life
  • How to “mold” the copywriting assignment so YOU have the best chance of producing a “WIN” – and how to avoid being stuck in a Can’t-Win Situation.


  • 15 Best ‘Beat The Control’ Tactics
  • Breakthrough Idea Discovery PROCESS – where to look for the leverage even the client doesn’t know he has, to dramatically improve results from his advertising/marketing  … examples, examples, examples; checklists
  • Efficiency (For Speed): The 12 “Boxes” To Collect and Organize Information and Ideas In, so Writing Copy for any particular project happens at Lightning Speed
  • Copy Intel: Where to get the “intelligence” you need to craft the most compelling copy for the client  … and how to make HIM do most of the work fetching and assembling it
  • Creative Traps, Time Sucks, Hazards to avoid


  • Multi-Media Integration and Systems (= more need/work for you)
  • Multi-Step Systems (= more need/work for you)
  • Lead Generation Systems vs. 1-Step Selling
  • 20 Critical Decisions: Pros/Cons, Key Questions
  • How to unearth and exploit Stored-Value in a client’s business – including products without marketing; products applied to only one to few distribution channels; under-utilized lists  … how to AMAZE & ASTOUND CLIENTS by seeing what they’ve been blind to
  • TRANSFORMING YOUR ROLE: never writing to assignment  … participating in marketing strategy  … defining your own projects  … bringing enormous added value to each client  …

    Fiction, yes, but in it, Sherlock Holmes billed himself as ‘the Consulting detective’. Similarly, you want to be ‘the consulting copywriter’, not just a writer. As a writer you are at the end of a process, paid as a piece of it. As a consultant-strategic advisor, you are an integral part of the entire process from inception to end, thus valued and paid far better.


  • Ghost-Writing. SECRET: many clients use (could use) books, entire courses, online courses, articles, etc. that need to be carefully crafted either as disguised sales letters or as stealth-promotional tools. If they hire ordinary writers to do this work, it totally misses the mark. I’ll tell you how to attract these clients – locally, with a simple prospecting letter or even a postcard (!)  … or nationally, with a simple, low-cost lead generation ad  … and by non-overt methods as well. Local clients can produce per-project fees upwards from $3,000.00 to $5,000.00, “bigger in scope” clients from $15,000.00 to $25,000.00 and up. I’ll show you actual examples. Give you the blueprints.
  • Audio, Video, Online Presentation Scripts: SECRET: many clients use (could use) audio CD’s, DVD’s, Webinar, Online Video, etc. presentations but don’t – or bungle them badly – because they don’t know how to create the properly structured, persuasive script. I’ll send you home with ACTUAL SCRIPTS I’VE WRITTEN for these purposes, STRUCTURE NOTES, as well as pointing you to these clients and telling you exactly how to interest them in having these scripts written for them. I’ll also give you “script secrets” from TV infomercials that apply to any of these formats. EXTRA CONSULTING SECRET: I’ll equip you to help clients obtain celebrities they can afford, to host these presentations. INCOME STRATEGY: go from Writer to “Producer” of these projects.
  • Speech-Writing/Group Presentation Script-Writing: SECRET: many clients use (could use) public speaking or their own seminars to promote their businesses or outright sell their products and services but don’t – or fail – because they lack the right scripts. I’ll send you home with ACTUAL SCRIPTS I’VE WRITTEN for these purposes, STRUCTURE NOTES, as well as pointing you to these clients and telling you exactly how to interest them in having these scripts written for them.
  • Implementation Training: SECRET: Many clients have trouble getting their salespeople, distributors, franchisees, staff “on the same page” with the marketing projects and systems you write copy for  … and can be induced to pay you to come in and sell their own people on supporting the project and train them on related implementation. You don’t have to be Tony Robbins to do this. I’ll give you the OUTLINES for this kind of training, too. (One of my very first clients, a local chain of real estate offices, paid me $2,500.00 over and above my copywriting fees to present the campaigns to their own agents  … small group presentations in five of their offices – and that was in 1974, when $2,500.00 was real money. Not long ago, a computer software company I wrote copy for paid me $18,000.00 to come to their headquarters and do the very same kind of presentation. You can make a very good income doing in-house trainings for clients. PLUS, there’s another type of training opportunity ideal for most copywriters, easily good for $3,000.00 to $5,000.00 a month like clockwork. I’ll give you that one, too.)
  • Referral Commissions: SECRET: great copy implemented in successful advertising and marketing campaigns exposes and creates need for other services that you don’t provide, but your client needs help in securing. With full disclosure (nothing sneaky!) I routinely earn referral fees this way, in some years, tens of thousands of dollars’ extra income with no work. You can too. I’ll even send you home with my private Rolodex® of key providers you can hook up with.


  • How to RETAIN RIGHTS AND SYNDICATE YOUR WINNERS – take one successful copywriting project and license it to others
  • How to BUILD “PROPRIETARY” COPYWRITING PLATFORMS you can re-use repeatedly – and use to attract and “wow!” clients
  • Advanced Multiple-Compensation Structures and Partnering With Clients to create continuing income, share in upside, even share in the client’s exit strategies and sale of his company (without taking on risks or liabilities of business ownership)
  • SPECIAL FRI. EVE. SESSION: WHY & HOW TO BE YOUR OWN CLIENT – as an information-marketing entrepreneur. I’m credited as a Father of an entire info-marketing industry, in which people with smarts and writing ability create solid, secure, steady 6-figure incomes (and more) for themselves with online/offline media, niche-target markets; books, newsletters, online courses, home study courses, reports, more. This is important to you for 3 reasons: one, you’ll pay yourself better than any client ever will*  … two, income security, controlling your own destiny  … three, demonstration, that attracts clients. Gary Halbert held me up as one of the few copywriters “who puts his own money where his mouth is” and succeeds with his own products, promotions and projects, and he was right. And that fact gives me great credibility with clients. I’ll show you the SIMPLEST, FASTEST WAYS TO CREATE INCOME AS AN INFO-MARKETER.

    (*I’ve written over 100 different sales letters and ads that have each produced more than one million dollars. Most were written for clients, and earned me fees and royalties, as little as $15,000.00 to as much as $150,000.00. Only the ones I wrote for myself and my own products have made me millions.)

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Five Ways This Academy Is PROFOUNDLY DIFFERENT Than Any Seminar, Workshop,
Boot-Camp Or Other Training Event
You’ve Ever Invested In

How This Academy

EVERYTHING is fully supported with actual, contemporary examples. Nothing here is a “made up for the seminar” idea or example. No b.s.

AMPLE OPPORTUNITY FOR YOUR QUESTIONS – but done in a way I invented for my intensive trainings, that minimize time-wasting.

ADVANCE PREPARATIONS – You’ll complete a detailed Questionnaire. Receive a recommended reading list citing specific chapters, even pages in different books. And if you register immediately, be invited to two Pre-Academy Tele-Classes.

THE TRAINS RUN ON TIME – The Academy is a workplace for serious people working on the most important thing: their lives. Breaks are brief. We start on time regardless of stragglers.

NO DISTRACTIONS – NO cell-phones, laptops or assorted gizmos permitted in the room. We are in a full-service hotel high on a hill, isolated from any walking-distance shops, restaurants or entertainment facilities.

  1. It’s being presented by a real 7-Figure Income, working Copywriter.

    I’m not somebody who used to write copy for clients, turned teacher of copywriters. I’m on the bloody battlefield everyday. I earn over a million dollars a year doing it, part-time. I’m not an academic theorist. I’m not a corporate captive, writing for wages, for just one or a few clients. I’m not a factory worker-type copywriter grinding out enormous quantities of work for small fees to add up to a decent living  … as unimaginable as it may seem, there are “names you know” in copywriting, who write for a few hundred bucks to no more than a thousand bucks a “job” and work like wage slaves 8, 9, 10 hours a day to deliver enough such “grind out” work to make $50,000.00 or so a year. Ugh. Listen, if you’re picking a guide to show you how to climb a mountain, do you want somebody who has learned mountain-climbing from a book  … or climbs the “kiddie mountains”  … or has climbed the tallest mountains?

  2. Mine is a very unusual, untraditional, abnormal, contrarian approach to the business of copywriting.

    First, remember this is NOT a ‘copywriting seminar.’ It’s about THE BUSINESS OF. Then, get that my approach is about NOT chasing after clients, NOT giving endless “free lunches” and free advice and making pitches hoping to get work, NOT just getting ‘jobs’, and definitely NOT begging for work. My approach means NEVER saying: Please give me a try. Third, I have an integrated, synergistic business approach that elevates your status, positions you as much more than a “writer”; interweaves multiple income streams.

    I will show you every mistake copywriters make that positions them beneath their clients, as workers doing work that ought be paid for by the hour, page or pound  … and show you how to position yourself above your clients, to be paid accordingly.

    Ultimately, what I have to present focuses on getting high-value clients for whom copy that sells has very high value.

  3. This isn’t a warm ‘n fluffy, lots-o-fun, feel good ‘place’.

    I’m likely very different than anybody you’ve worked with on your business before, too. I’m extremely blunt. I’m not gentle. There’s too much to discuss and too little time. Gentle diplomacy is out. We WORK. You can pee and sleep at home. Actually, I think you’ll find me entertaining enough and we’ll have some fun along the way – but I’m not going to waste your time with endless ‘war stories’ or joke-telling or workshop games. Breaks are short. Hours long. Even the “Movie Night” is built to deliver vital lessons.

    The objective here is to empower you for exceptional success operating a business as a strategic advisor/consultant + copywriter. That’s serious stuff.

  4. This isn’t built for broad appeal to anybody who thinks they’re a copywriter – or is happy playing at it.

    Yes, I’m trying to scare off the casual dilettantes, the too easily offended, the timid. I want serious business-minded people here. It’s not so much about where you ARE at the moment, but about your attitude. You can be a well-established pro who knows his income ought to be higher and clientele more secure by now – or a beginner coming right out of the box. I just need you thinking right. Most freelancers think like “worker bees”, and use the language of workers: getting a job, for example. They tend to think in terms of hours or pages of output. If you are going to cling to that, bluntly, stay home. I am looking for those ready to think like entrepreneurs and business owners, ready to be “YOU, INCORPORATED” – not you, the job-seeker. I don’t want to talk to people thinking in terms of getting jobs – I want people thinking about building businesses.

  5. I stand up for what I have to say  …

"The question of my fees never even came up." Steve Roller saw Dan's presentation at Bootcamp, where he touched on strategy and positioning. Using just one of these techniques, Steve says, "the question of my fees never even came up in the initial conversations with my last two clients. They hired me before they knew what it was going to cost them. I wish I had met Dan Kennedy when I launched my copywriting business 16 months ago!"

“I just wanted to thank you for bringing Dan Kennedy's wisdom and experience into AWAI.

After listening to his teleconference last week, I used some of his advice in two, different pitches to potential clients. Well, I'm happy to say that I just signed the contract this morning (a retainer for several months of work worth thousands of dollars). And I have a follow-up meeting later this week with the other potential client that looks very promising.

This means I met my goal on the AWAI Goal Wall for January and can move on to my goals for the rest of the year!

Please thank Dan for me. That was just on hour over the phone. I can’t wait to see what happens to me after spending 2 ½ days with him.” Melanie Rembrandt

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