Joshua Boswell reveals the ultimate self-promotion formula for rapid results.

On August 7, 2010,
You're Invited to a One-Day Experience
That Will Rock Your World.

Why? Because it delivers
what you've been longing for … Results.

We proved it in Dallas last month.

Walk in at 8:00 a.m. with nothing
but your life's experience.
Walk out at 5:00 p.m. with …

  • 50 qualified prospects
  • A proven, hungry niche to profit from
  • Joshua's complete formula for creating six-figures in six months
  • The mental and emotional power of a six-figure copywriter
  • Defeated fear, total confidence, and strategies to stay that way
  • Plus, dozens of other resources and results to help you finally achieve your goals and dreams


Dear Reader,

This is not a "seminar." Nor is it an "event" or a "workshop."

This is an experience. A life-shifting, reality-changing experience.

We will step past "learning" and "listening" to "doing" and "becoming."

The focus is results

We did this in Dallas last month and one person got results in less than 72 hours!

Hi Joshua,

I just closed a $12,000 deal (plus royalties!) using the techniques you taught us Saturday in Dallas (results in less than 72 hours!).


“Mr X” (must remain confidential for personal reasons … )

I'm going there to meet with another small group of fellow copywriters who all have one very important thing in common:

They all want to make over six-figures as a copywriter … this year!

What about you?

Do you want to join us? Do you want results now?

Success Is Easier the Fast Way ,
So Let Me Help You Experience It

The flat-out truth is, the very best way to get to the six-figure mark as a copywriter is to do it fast … I'm talking VERY fast.

“A Simple Plan That
Anyone Can Follow”

I'm very glad I came. Joshua is a powerful presence. And his own story is the greatest testimonial that having a copywriting career is not only feasible, but not as difficult as I thought.

He laid out a simple plan that anyone can follow down the yellow brick road.

Thanks for an incredible and ever so useful day.

Ron Montgomery

You may have already tried the slow way.

It's no fun.

It costs a lot of money.

It's painful.

It's embarrassing.

It causes friction in your marriage and other key relationships.

And, it doesn't produce very good results.

Isn't it time to stop all of that — once and for all — and simply get on with the money-making part of copywriting?

I think so. That is why I'm putting on a one-day, no-holds-barred, results-producing experience in Phoenix on August 7th.

On This Day, My Focus is to Make You Money

To give you a very clear, very easy-to-follow, very powerful system for making six-figures (or more) as a copywriter, in the next six months, or less.

To prove it can be done, I want you to meet one of my coaching students and hear my own story.

First, my own experience and then Jared's …

You need to know that, in fact, you CAN reach that coveted goal of making over six-figures as a copywriter before the end of the year (if you have my ultimate self-promotion formula, that is … )

Look carefully at this timeline of my own personal journey to six-figures …

March 2005: I'm dead-broke, living on welfare, and over $200,000 in debt.

April 2005: Receive letter from AWAI "Retire this year …" I borrow $50 from my little brother to order the first installment of the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.

“Two Days After The Dallas Experience, I Submitted My First Proposal.”

I gained a tremendous amount from this experience.

I have a very clear picture now of where I am going. What's even MORE valuable, I have the tools to get me there!

I had three personal epiphanies during the working dinner – this new knowledge is liberating!

Two days after the Dallas Experience, I submitted my first proposal.

The road map will definitely get me where I have my mind set, and it will do it quickly!

Thanks, Joshua!


May 2005: Receive another AWAI letter … this one about a "selling yourself" weekend with some fellow named Bob Bly. I borrow $5,000 from my father-in-law and register.

June 2005: Bob Bly opens my eyes to a whole new world of marketing and selling myself as a copywriter. I go home with my hair on fire and my spirits on cloud-nine.

July 2005: Prepare website, info packet, call scripts, and other self-promotion materials.

August 2005: My first volley of self-marketing. Results? Zero. (But, I have to confess … I thought I was smarter than Bob and "fixed" his system … big mistake, as you'll see … )

September 2005: I run out of money for direct mailers (stamps and printing cost) and resort to cold-calling. Results? Zero. (Still working on my modified system — kinda thick-headed … )

October 2005: More calls. One client. Sales letter for $1,000, but they only pay me half because they hate my letter.

November 2005: More calls — a lot more. Growing desperate. Picked up one client on a $2,000 monthly retainer.

December 2005: Another client. Big name client at that. $5,000 a month retainer! Joy and rejoicing in the Boswell home … until the client hates my writing and blacklists me. I plunge into bitter depression and sorrow.

January 2006: Bitter depression and sorrow continue. Hardly any marketing calls or efforts.

February 2006: My beloved and the cries of my starving children kick me into gear. I resume marketing … but it's different now. Something has happened. I've mentally entered a "New World" — the world of a six-figure copywriter. Results? Zero … but a different kind of zero. (I'll tell you about that "new zero" in Phoenix … very interesting.)

March 2006: Corel agrees to have me try out a project. $8,500 for one project! More joy and rejoicing … and they LOVE my work. (But, of course, I'm in a "New World" mentally … how'd I get there? In Phoenix, all is revealed … )

April 2006: Corel wants more of me. We sign a $32,000 deal that takes me eight weeks. I land Sony and sign a $28,000 deal that takes me nine weeks. Rejoicing turns to mass hysterics of excitement. These are big checks coming in, folks.

May 2006: Toshiba, AWAI, Google, and Sage Software all call and want me to do projects for them. The "financial fire hose" is open and money is gushing into my bank account in droves.

Results? I meet and exceed my dream of being a six-figure copywriter.

Jared's Story

Jared, from the Salt Lake City Utah area, was the proverbial "info junky" when he came to me this past November. He had just about every book, seminar recording, manual, and system on his book shelf. He'd spent thousands on info products — much to the frustration of his wife.

But despite all of this, Jared was not better off than when he started.

“The Single Most Empowering Event That I Have
Ever Attended”

The message was powerful and highly effective.

It was the single most empowering event that I have ever attended.

Josh Boswell has to be the most sincere speaker that I have ever heard. Certainly, no one is more sincere. When Josh says that his main goal with "The Dallas Experience" is about helping other people, not about putting money in his pocket, you can take that quite literally, he means it.

The Dallas Experience was a turning point in my career and in my life. I learned how to make better use of everything that I have already learned AND what I will learn in the future.

The value of this experience cannot be measured in terms of money.


Daniel Ball

Actually, he was worse because of the debt he'd piled on to learn all those "secrets."

And, to be sure, much of the info was excellent. But, inside, despite consuming all of that, Jared had not yet become a six-figure copywriter. And, this was what was stopping him.

So, we got to work. We first worked on his head, then on his heart, then on his bank account. The transformation was rapid and intense.

Using my "ultimate self-promotion system," Jared picked up his first client in January and by March was bringing in over $10,300 a month … or an annual income of $123,600! November, December, January, February, March — just five months!

"Overnight Success" Is a Myth

Now, you might be tempted to look and say that Jared and I pulled off an "overnight" success. I mean by February, 2006, I had made less than $10,000 as a copywriter, after marketing myself for over seven months.

Then, in the following three months, I cranked in over $93,000 in revenues.

How did that happen? Well, it was not overnight (and that's the good news for you, as I'll explain in a minute … )

There was a lot of preparatory life-lessons and head-fixing.

But, all of that would have been in vain if I had not had the ground-breaking experience that threw me into the "New World."

You see, it was at the end of January of 2006, when I began to see things differently. I gained some new skills. My eyes were opened and I finally "saw" all those clients as they really were, for the first time.

And, when I clearly saw them, from the perspective of my "New World," it was relatively easy to go out and lock them in.

It was even easier to get them to pay me massive sums of money to solve their needs.

The Secret to "Overnight Success" Is Your Past.
But … You Must Build a Bridge

“Useful, Practical Direction For Getting Past That Barrier Of Uncertainty”

I got some very useful, practical direction for getting past that barrier of uncertainty about whether we can offer value to clients just coming out of the gate as newly-trained copywriters.

Way to go Josh, this was everything I anticipated!

Jerry Bures

Your life's experiences may be similar to mine … or maybe not … but the fact is, if you've been breathing all these years, you have been putting "money in the bank" … you maybe just didn't know it.

Let me explain …

These life experiences hold the two secrets that will unlock the key to your "overnight success":

Secret #1 — Just like in mine and Jared's stories, the experiences … good and bad … that you have lived through have been preparing you for something amazing. They are the building blocks of your "Bridge" … your foundation stones, your immovable steel towers, and the graceful cables. When you put them all together, they will create the bridge to your new life.

“You Delivered
Everything You Promised …”

… I left with a sense of "I can do this." I have already started the 25-week plan — nothing says you have to take a whole week to do any of this — we are on Week 3 at this point.

Ginger Walton

Secret #2 — Among your private store of life experiences, you have a few gems … sort of like diamonds in the rough. They are the key to your rapid success, but you are so familiar with them, you don't even realize you have them. For example, a key to Jared's success was an innate ability to get people to instantly like him. He did it naturally and didn't even realize it, until I pointed it out. Once he recognized it, we capitalized on it to create rapid results. You have something inside and we are going to pull it out, polish it up, and give you the power to capitalize on it.

I am going to help you build your "Bridge" to the "New World" of successful copywriting — making over six-figures in six months and giving you the life-changing secrets you need to experience your own "overnight success."

Let me emphasize something about this experience …

It is not a seminar.

It's not a lecture series.

It's not even a workshop.

It is different from all of those, because I am going to help you actually become a six-figure copywriter … not just tell you how.

You've been to seminars and workshops where gurus stood on the stage and poured ideas into your head faster than you could take notes. So have I.

Don't get me wrong, most of those events have been great learning experiences. I always come away bursting with energy and my brain full of great ideas …

But this event in Phoenix will be different — exponentially different. Instead of only leaving with ideas in your head …

You Will Leave With
Solid RESULTS in Your Hand …

“I Understand
The Power Of A Niche Now”

I am so grateful to find myself here … and now … to be given access to this kind of help at the time when I need it so much.

This day of intense descriptions, explanations, exposure, exploration, and clarification is what I needed to clear the fog. I have been floundering, trying to break through in a sort of flip flopping way like a fish on the sidewalk, not knowing how to figure out what was wrong.

This really isn't rocket science, and I can do this.

I understand the power of a niche now, how to appeal to the needs of a prospect through my own passion, how to keep up with who I have approached and how to follow up.

I WILL BE a six-figure copywriter in six months.

Thank you for caring so much to help people like me break through.

Cyndee Davis

The focus will be on taking action … doing the things you need to do build your "Bridge" to success and change your life.

I will guide you through taking the action steps you need to do to walk away with:

Picking a Niche. A specific niche you can focus on that is proven to be profitable and needs more copywriters. (Researchers will be on hand to help you find the relevant data.)

Qualified Prospects In Hand. A list of 50 or more highly-qualified prospective clients in your chosen niche.

A Website Up-and-Running. A website up-and-running — at least the structure — if you don't already have a site. You will receive a complete, detailed set of instructions on formatting and integrating copy and content. Site will include all vital elements needed to land clients.

A Full Website Critique. If you have a website, you will get a site critique, telling you what needs to happen to fix it up. This review will be BRUTALLY honest.

"Bridge" Build … Plus Building Skills. A complete set of "Bridge-building" skills and an emotional level experience of how to connect your past victories, failures, mistakes, and success to your current dreams

Proven Six-Month Road Map. A proven road map with what to do every week for 25 weeks in order to achieve a six-figure income laid out for you.

Complete Information Packet. A plan with complete details on developing an information packet to be instantly perceived as a professional — even if you've never been hired before.

You Will Leave Having Become Someone Different …
A Six-Figure Copywriter

“I Have Never Met Anyone
As Motivating, Inspiring and
Yet Down To Earth
as Joshua Boswell”

I have never been to an event like this before where the focus was completely hands-on vs. all-day lectures. The combination of the two made this one of the most powerful experiences I have ever had.

I walked away (more like soared away) from the event with a better understanding of who I am, what I want, what I can do, and what I need to do.

My ROI from this event will be off the charts.

Thanks for everything.

Murray Beaulieu

While I am going to help you do a lot more in one day than you may think is possible, I am also going to be teaching you skills that you will continue to use constantly to grow and expand your business.

At the end of the day you will know:

Advanced client finding and attraction strategies that can be done on little or no budget.

Simple, but highly effective, strategies for closing clients.

How to write query letters, land spots in magazines, get radio interviews, and other "expert" creation techniques. 90 days is all you need to be renowned expert in your field. I'll show you how.

Where and how to best find lists of potential clients.

Social media tactics and what to do about the new media.

Video marketing tactics.

Bridge-building strategies that allow you to take all the years of pain, frustration, and experience and harness them to help you become successful.

And, perhaps most valuable of all …

You Will Leave With 7 Exclusive Strategies for Overcoming the Mental Demons of Doubt, Despair, and Depression

The common theme with all of these people is that they were able to take action after working with me.

More than that … because of the new thoughts and new actions they were taking, they were able to actually become someone different.

Or, in other words, they entered a "New World" of copywriting … a world that before we worked together, was invisible, mysterious, and scary to them.

Now, many of them have clients and are making money as copywriters. I'm going to help you do the very same thing.

But There's One Minor Problem …
A Limited Number of Ambitious Copywriters Can Attend.

In order to make good on all these promises, I have to seriously limit the number of people that can attend this event.

Just a handful of copywriters will be able to come, build their "Bridge," enter the "New World," and mentally and emotionally become that six-figure copywriter.

I want you to be one of those … but to be sure, you need to get registered today, before it fills up.

Because of that, now is not the time to let "Paralysis by Analysis" set in.

Even with a limited number, I am going to be scrambling to give each of you my personal attention. Remember, you will actually do all of these tactics, strategies, and lessons, not just learn about them.

How Much Will You Invest to
Become a Six-Figure Copywriter?

Let me cut to the chase and tell you what the event will cost, now that you know some of what you'll be receiving and have a peek inside your "New World" …

Today, I'm one of the more expensive copywriters out there. Right now, my minimum fee for working with a client is $20,000. Just to get a project started costs clients over $8,500 to come sit in my office and tell me what they need.

And, my consulting time for businesses is not cheap either. To fly me in to your office for a day is $12,000, just for the trip — first class airfare and all the other expenses are on top of that. And, of course, if they want copy, that is negotiated separately.

My personal coaching with copywriters like you is a little less … it's only $12,000 for the year.

So, to be fair, I have decided that I'm going to charge $1,097 for this watershed event. And why not? If you land just one small client from this event, you could instantly triple your investment.

Here's Where Margie Sat Me Down …

But, the truth is, you're not going to pay $1,097 to come and spend the day with me … or enter your "New World."


Because Margie sat me down and gave me a "talking to." Margie, as you know, is my wife and the best business counselor known to man. She's incredible … but, I'd better not get started on that now …

Margie suggested that I give each of you a free gift of $200 because times are tough … and because so many people have given so generously to me over the years.

I agreed with her … so, if register today, I'm going to give you $200 off the event price.

You'll invest just $897 to enjoy this rare experience to mentally and emotionally become a six-figure copywriter.

Order Today!

Special Bonuses Just for Attending

I believe in rewarding action. Those that can be decisive and take responsibility for their life and success should be given an extra edge in life … they deserve it.

Because of that, if you register today, you will be rewarded with my Quick Action Bonus Package, which includes these five incredible bonuses:

Post Event Support Like No Other

Every time I've been to a learning event, I've always had one of those "V-8 Moments" on the way home or within the next day or two.

You know what I mean … you slap yourself on the side of your head and say, "Dang it! I wish I had asked Joshua ______!"

I've got you covered.

After the event, you'll get:

A free follow-up teleseminar for those unanswered questions.

An audio file of the entire day … you might be too busy to take notes

My brand new newsletter "Total Prosperity" for three months

By now, if you haven't already registered for this life-changing experience, you might be wondering …

"WOW! That is a LOT of stuff to pack into one day. Joshua, can you really deliver on all these promises?"

Of course I can. I never promise anything I can't deliver.

And Here's my Personal Promise and
Unflinching 3-Part Guarantee:

I personally promise you that I will do everything in my power to help you build your "Bridge" into the "New World" of six-figure copywriting during this watershed event. I will pull out all the stops to get you to take action and actually mentally and emotionally become the six-figure copywriter you've been dreaming of.

If I don't make good on that promise, you must come to me and demand a full refund. Just tell me where I have let you down and I'll cheerfully give you a full refund.

Plus, in addition to putting my personal integrity on the line, I am going to offer you this event guarantee …

I guarantee that you will walk away with these three things …

A proven niche to focus your marketing efforts on

A list of qualified prospects in that niche to contact

The mental/emotional skills you need to enter your "New World" where clients find you and money flows easily

If you don't have these results in hand by the end of the day, come to me personally and tell me you didn't like the experience. I'll have AWAI process a full refund, no questions asked.

How Long Have You Wished and Prayed
and Waited For an Experience Like This?

How long are you going to have to wait for your chance to finally break free from debt, frustration, and getting nowhere as a copywriter? How long have you been dreaming of capturing that elusive six-figure prize?

How long are you going to sit in your "old world" of doubt and despair, staring across that chasm between you and your "New World" of wealth and success, wishing for a bridge to get over there?

How long are you going to keep searching for clients that don't even know you exist?

How long are you going to keep dreaming about your goals instead of actually taking action to achieve them?

Regardless of whether you just started yesterday or if you've had that AWAI program on your shelf collecting dust for the past 10 years, now is the best time in history to finally — once and for all — build your "Bridge."

Register Today!

It's Time For You To Act … Now.

Look, I've done all I can. I've explained exactly what you're going to get and who you can become at this event. But, I can't click that link for you. You're the only one who can.

So, do it now.

It is the first action step toward your "New World" of wealth and success.

Register Today!

Welcome to the World of Six-Figure Copywriting,

Joshua T. Boswell

P.S. Don't think too long about entering your "New World"! Here's something to help motivate you even more … The first 25 applicants get a $1,000 bonus in the form of a full one-hour, live consulting session with me. On the call, we'll focus on further implementing your new skills and find ways to bring in even more clients.

P.P.S. I just figured out how to give you another special gift … A lifetime alumni group will be formed. Your alumni group will have its own forum and private conference call number. Members can arrange calls, mastermind meetings, and discussions. A group leader will be elected and receive lifetime membership to Monday Morning Jumpstart Platinum as a reward for serving.

Register Today!

Answers for Things I May Not Have Made Clear …
and Other Such Questions:

Q. If I'm new at copywriting and haven't even read the AWAI program, is this event for me?

A. Yes, you will launch your career with a success mind-set.

Q. If I'm a seasoned copywriter, is this for me?

A. Yes, because this "experience" is designed to take new writers to the six-figure level — or seasoned writers that have been moonlighting on the side.

Q. If I want to be a web writer, is this for me?

A. Yes, absolutely. Web writers are in demand and need to know how to find clients or have clients find them as much as anyone.

Q. How long is the event?

A. We will be at the hotel from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., plus an optional working, no-host dinner afterwards. Lunch and snacks are provided.

Q. What is the format of the event?

A. This is an extremely 'hands-on' workshop. Come prepared to learn by doing, not just listening and learning. Come prepared to work with all your energy and focus. You will get results in one day, if you do.

Q. Where is the event?

A. Phoenix, Arizona, location to be announced.

In Case You Need More …
Here's Some Extra Praises For Joshua
and His Result-Producing Efforts …

"Focused and Practical"

" … your presentation Monday on how to get business was outstanding. It was the right focus with practical content that dealt with the heart of the issue. Great job."

— Frank Wilkinson

"Most Bang for the Buck"

"The amazing thing was that you were able to take your laser-like focus and formulate a great strategy and actionable marketing projects for my business all in the space of a 30-minute call. Your ideas were truly insightful and helped me get a firm handle on where I needed to focus my efforts to get the most bang for my buck, as the saying goes."

— Susanne

"Seeing Great Results"

"Joshua, I really appreciated you taking the extra time to chat with me about time management and getting clients. Your insights were invaluable and very practical. I put them to use ASAP.

"Also, I had to share them with another of our fellow AWAI members … she LOVED the extra information. She's already implemented your suggestions and is seeing great results, too. Thank you again!"

— Jean Balko, NJ, AWAI Member and Copywriter

"10,000 New Customers"

" … more than just a great copywriter, but a genuine and caring human being.

"I had just landed a great opportunity to write press release copy for a major web design and marketing house. The challenge: I didn't have much experience writing press releases.

"I turned to Joshua for help …

"He immediately … got me up-to-speed on both how to write a compelling press release, and also how to 'talk the talk' with the client.

"The end result? The press release got picked up by The design house and their client were beyond being pleased when the release resulted in 10,000 new customers in the next month alone.

"Without Joshua's expert coaching and quick response, there's no way I could have done so well for my new client."

— Bill Zoch, Parkland, FL

"Tripled Client's Business in 90 Days"

"Joshua Boswell is a machine.

"He's a copywriting machine — he cranks out persuasive words with speed and skill.

"He's also a learning machine. He came into my three-month coaching program one month late, tripled his client's business in 90 days, and walked away with the top prize as the #1 student in the class.

"A year later, he's my new Content Czar, beating out 18 other applicants.

"He doesn't just provide copywriting but a comprehensive understanding of sales processes, web traffic, market research, and customer psychology. A top pick."

—Perry Marshall,
Chicago, IL — Author of
"The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords"
and "Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords"

"It Started With a Simple Email"

"Following your advice, I recently sent an email to my friends and extended family explaining that I am now working full-time as a copywriter and what I do as a copywriter.

"Amazingly, I started getting responses back with requests for press releases, press packages, bios, website help. And, all this from one simple email to close friends and extended family. I can imagine what the responses will be when I send a letter to my business contacts."

— Jacqueline E. Peters

Register Today!

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